Stephen Sondheim, more than any other contemporary composer, is credited with raising the musical to new levels of complexity and sophistication.

Brexit-supporting politicians have issued their own threats indicating that if the EU doesn’t like what they’re proposing they can lump it.

Rubens got in among our basic desires and our raw physicality and he gave them form

Which are the best comedy shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe?

For three decades of the last century, Jacques Cousteau was without doubt one of the best-known Frenchmen in the world.

Which are the best comedy shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe?

Fashion can be considered frivolous and in some ways it is.

A new theatre production telling the story of the arrest and imprisonment of feminist collective Pussy Riot shows why they are more relevant now than ever.

Safe choices and repetition have put lampooning comedy on its knees

Paul Wang, Dane Baptiste, Imaginary Radio, Geoffrey Brown and Gareth Morinan all took to the stage at the largest arts festival in the world

Our culture correspondent on the ‘earworm’ that has become the soundtrack to the summer

Politicians should remember what lack of sleep can do to us.

Comedians Jan Ravens and Andrew Maxwell both took to the stage at the largest arts festival in the world.

Jess Robinson, Tez Ilyas and Rachel Jackson all took to the stage for Fringe week - the largest arts festival in the world.

Comedians Sara Schaefer, Tiff Stevenson and Pippa Evans all took to the stage at the largest arts festival in the world.

Budapest side Honved produced one of the greatest sides in the world. But all that was destroyed by the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 and they are still struggling under the weight of history.

Parisians might like to claim a link for their city back to ancient Greece. In fact the stronger connection is a Yorkshire one

Lies, damn lies and Brexit: How fabrication – whatever the consequences – has become a viable political weapon and what the fallout might be

The epitaph for the Battle of Passchendaele – as with so much of our understanding of the First World War – came from a British war poet. But what of their German counterparts? We explore the poetry that emerged from the other side of no-man’s land

Five books of remarkable journeys by remarkable people.

From the outrageously expensive flops to big budget blockbusters, we pick four of the riskiest cinema spends

Is Europe’s biggest ever movie Europe’s biggest ever flop? Cult director Luc Besson talks about his new sci-fi epic Valerian

Since Brexit there has been a spike in homophobic hate crime. What are the reasons behind the worrying trend?

One hundred years ago, on July 31 1917, saw the start of the slaughter in that hell they called Passchendaele. Here’s why the battle still exerts such a hold on the national psyche...

Our culture correspondent on Antonio Banderas, the Spanish actor who switched his European career for a Hollywood one.

Richard Porritt, Steve Anglesey and Geri Scott tackle the week’s news and crown another Brexiteer of the Week all from the comfort of The New European library.

Robert Miller, the Brexiteer who keeps writing to us without being published finally gets his say in The New European

The story of the Bosnian War is also the story of its football clubs which were ethnically cleansed along with the population

Infuse cream with cinnamon, cardamon and star anise for an Indian inspired twist on the classic French dessert

That the entire Brexit Project may now lie in the domain of Elmer Fudd would be what Bugs would make us question.

A gin and prosecco cocktail recipe with a spiced, sugary sensuousness

The mid-90s saw the triumph of two very different double acts – Robson and Jerome and the Gallagher brothers.

The new film Dunkirk is one of the greatest depictions of war on screen. But despite its anti-war message it also comes with some pretty heavy baggage

When idiocy and immaturity take over, all a writer can do is blow a literary raspberry

Among the most extraordinary works of art are the Black Pictures of Francisco Goya Here is their story...

Not quite ready to laugh about Brexit? This 1960s comic classic brilliantly captures a sense of the undeniable farce the referendum vote has triggered

Richard Porritt, Steve Anglesey and Geri Scott bring you up to speed on another week in Brexit Britain.

The club in Turin is a football club quite unlike any other - an institution which combines excellence and ugliness

After fundraising curry night in support of the Grenfell victims, our resident foodie gets creative with the leftovers – and some Aperol Spritz

The Vespa and Lambretta are both characterised by style, beauty and the promise of freedom. But they have divided the world into two equally fanatical set of followers.

British broadcasting’s big hitter who is still awaiting his rightful BBC inheritance.

There are encouraging signs for bears across Europe. But for one subspecies – numbering only around 50 – the situation is particularly perilous. Efforts are being made to find out more about this isolated population right in the heart of Italy.

Deep in the Arctic is a vault built to help save the world from disaster. But it may not be as secure as we had hoped


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