Think the north London, Merseyside or even the notorious Old Firm derbies are the pinnacle of footballing rivalries? Europe’s football hooligan clashes will shock you

There is a thriving market for paintings by Adolf Hitler. But if the works are not valued for their artistic merit, just what is the attraction?

The New European and Newmarket Holidays are offering one lucky competition entrant the chance to discover the wonders of Iceland with a prize worth over £1100!

These refugees used freedom of expression take back control

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch should be able to control Sky now that digital players - Amazon Prime, Facebook, Netflix and Hulu - have changed the media landscape

English has been quietly conquering the German language since the end of the Second World War, with sometimes baffling consequences

A series of Michelin-starred European chefs explore how the referendum vote has put Britain’s booming restaurant sector at risk

Warning: this list of snacks, street food and traditional Croatian dishes will ruin any healthy diet you’re attempting

It is the latest self-help craze, but being stoical isn’t as easy as it sounds

The unfailing brilliance of some of Europe’s greatest ever exports: cinematic villains, and villainesses

Innovation in the role of the night tsar is transforming the nightlife offered by European cities

In a land of comfort food, Nutella is king - part of the choc-stained fabric of daily Italian life

From cannabis legalisation to festival drugs testing, European countries are shaping new, progressive drugs policies, and Britain risks being left behind

By now, everyone has heard of Hygge, right? These 60 European words with no English equivalent will excite wordsmiths and fans of unusual phrases

Six Amsterdam coffee shops for a tea or a coffee and a smoke – or even a beer –accompanied by great atmosphere and tasty snacks

6 months after naming The New European as Britain’s Sore Loser Newspaper, what has changed for Vice UK writer Angus Harrison?

Enliven your Christmas dinner by cutting out our Brexit-themed jokes and inserting them in crackers for your Leave-supporting relatives

If you don’t find sweets in your slipper or a festive log that poops presents, then is it really Christmas?

Amsterdam’s coffee shops seem the perfect embodiment of The Netherlands laid back, liberal outlook. But that belies a more sinister reality

Stephane Karo took a Romanian Gypsy band on tour and became a titan of European culture, with a claim to being the continent’s greatest musical mind

Never mind Ode to Joy, Europe’s real anthem is another Beethoven masterpiece, one which tells the story of the continent

How to appreciate the art of camp stove cooking in the Scottish wilderness

There is a lot more to winter sports than skiing and snowboarding. And, far more places to experience them than just the Alps. We pick 10 places for snow and sport

UKIP’s Nigel Farage is everywhere - but does he warrant the exposure the media afford him?

Inspired by an old friend, TNE’s resident food columnist creates a recipe with olives, anchovies and capers

Diversity in the book world is diabolical, but as it turns out, people will pay for books written by people of colour after all.

Print and cut out The New European Christmas decorations for a positively European Christmas

The rise, fall and rise again of one of Europe’s great success stories

Tell us what you think of The New European and be in with a chance to win 48 bottles of wine

Bernard Sumner recounts his cultural European journey, from the early days of Joy Division to New Order’s latest album

Lindbergh’s black-and-white narrative changed the course of fashion photography

Jeremy Clarkson and his Grand Tour cronies built a Brexit juggernaut and blew up everything in its path

Thanks to Brexit, Donald Trump and the Syrian conflict these stories draw frightening parallels to our society today

How a misunderstanding and chance encounter led to a delicious Hungarian recipe

Vile, boring, ludicrous and very predictable: Steve Anglesey reviews the inside story of Ukip & the chaotic Leave.EU campaign

Those in the Leave camp may ‘have had enough of experts’ (thanks for that, Michael Gove) but there are a few things we wish the Brexit battle bus had taught us prior to the EU referendum.

What does Europe mean to you? Here are 16 heartwarming times the internet showed its love for Europe after Brexit

How well would you fare driving around Europe? Put your knowledge of European road signs to the test with this mulitple choice quiz

Hollie McNish is a poet based between London, Cambridge and Glasgow. She has two poetry collections, Cherry Pie and Papers, and an album, Versus. In 2016, Blackfriars published Nobody Told Me. In 2017, Picador will publish her third poetry collection, as yet untitled. Her work is currently being featured on television as part of a national advertising campaign

The best European TV series you can watch on the small screen right now – Walter Iuzzolino picks the 6 essential European dramas available to stream now

Already firm favourites with board game geeks across Europe, we pick 5 of the best board games guaranteed to make you obsessed with table-top-gaming

MPs should stop being so timid, they have a duty to seek a reverse of direction, whatever happened in June’s referendum, says Steve Richards

In this authoritative essay, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock outlines six tests the Government must pass, to avoid a disastrous Brexit - and delivers some harsh truths to his own party

Look who’s rattled now! Matt Kelly calls out the lies and hyperbole of the Brexit big names

It was only a mumble during the debate, but it spoke volumes about what Donald Trump knew he could get away with in the current political climate: “That makes me smart,” he’d said.



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