The new lexicon of hate: a disturbing A-Z of alt-right language

10:29 17 February 2017

Learn to understand the baffling language of the alt-right

Learn to understand the baffling language of the alt-right


Do you know your cucks from your libtards? Here is The New European’s guide to the baffling online jargon of the alt-right

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For reasons Dr Freud may be able to elucidate on, alt-righters are obsessed with masculinity and manhood. Men who they approve of – leaders like Trump, for instance, – are considered ‘alphas’. ‘Betas’ are those seen as weak or emasculated (effectively, all men who disagree with them); see, also, low energy

Beta (derog)

See Alpha


The upset that libtards / cucks etc feel at the rise of Trump and Brexit, and in which the alt right revel, the implication being that the hurt feelings are excessive and self-indulgent. Can be used as an adjective or a noun

Crybaby (derog)

Opponents who disagree with them; see Snowflake

Cuckservative, cuck (derog)

A conflation of cuckold and conservative; used an insult (who’d have thought it?) against someone who was previously right-leaning, but who is perceived to have sold out, or sacrificed his dignity, by expressing views that are not as hard right or intolerant as those of alt-righters

Ethno-demographics (nonsense)

For a group of people obsessed with race, this lot can be sensitive about being called racist. Hence the use of euphemisms like this, as if it suggests there is a hint of science behind their views on race

Fashy (adj)

Adjective to describe, fascism, a subject on which the alt-right are obsessed, even when they claim they aren’t advocates

Feminazi (derog)

Oh-so-clever word play, conflating feminist and Nazi, to describe a woman whose views on gender issues are different to your own

Glorious (adj)

The superlative of adjectives, applied to many things. As with other terminology, it echoes the rhetoric of the Third Reich

Libtard (derog)

A portmanteau of ‘liberal’ and ‘retard’, and another catch-all insult of those who don’t hold the requisite ultra-right views. It serves the double purpose of also using an outdated term, now considered offensive in its own right, thus emphasising the way these (self-styled) rebels revel in their rejection of political correctness

Low-energy (derog)

More obsession with manliness; as with the term Beta, low-energy is used to imply an opponent, or their argument, is not as virile as you are

Lugenpresse (trans ‘lying press’) (derog)

The term is used to attack articles in the press with which the alt-right disagree. The word has strong echoes of the Nazis, who also used to throw it around freely. This doesn’t discourage the alt-right, who take great pleasure in pointing out it was used actually before and since the Nazi period – perhaps missing the point. Perhaps deliberately. See, also, MSM

Mangina (derog)

More clever word play by those alt-right boys; a term for a male supporter of feminism

Masculinism (nonsense)

Intended as the opposite of feminism (at least, the alt-right perception of feminism); to these people, feminism long ago overstepped the mark, so masculinism is a reaction to that, emphasising a return to traditional gender roles, advocating “men’s rights”


Anyone not from the alt-right; a bit like a muggle, in the world of Harry Potter

MSM (derog)

“Mainstream media”; this, again, plays to the group’s perception of themselves as dissenting voices, and is used to describe the mass media, which cannot be trusted, since it only espouses liberal views. See also Lugenpresse

Neoreactionaries (nonsense)

Also known as NRx, or the Dark Enlightenment; pretentious term for a group who consider their supposed superior intellect makes them more capable of rational thought than others; guess what? They reject egalitarianism and advocate libertarianism, traditional gender roles and extreme reaction

Race mixing (nonsense)

One of the ways, along with immigration, in which alt-righters think ‘white genocide’ is being accomplished; Used to be called miscegenation

Snowflake (derog)

The alt-right’s breakout term. Said to have been coined in the Fight Club book and film, but popularised by these keyboard warriors and now mainstream. It is (surprise!) a derogatory term for people who disagree with you. Specifically, it is used to describe those considered to be particularly sensitive or prone to taking offence at contrary views. In reality, it is anyone who dares disagree

SJW (derog)

Or “social justice warrior”; allencompassing taunt to target anyone espousing views that are in anyway progressive, liberal or culturally inclusive; often, though not always, reserved for young women

Virtue signalling

A surreal line of attack: allows you to criticise people for caring – or expressing an opinion about – politics, the environment, foreign affairs, without the need for rebutting their arguments. The height of smug posturing – which is ironically what it is meant to call out in “virtue signallers” themselves

White genocide (nonsense)

At the fringes of this fringe, this sort of crass hyperbole is used to describe the perceived consequences of liberalism, immigration and race mixing

Zionist (derog)

Classic alt-right word; meaning: Jew / capitalist / involved in world domination

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