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Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit keynote could change everything – but he needs to be bold.

There seems to be something sinister about the BBC’s attitude to Brexit. Using his little grey cells, ANDREW ADONIS decides to investigate.

Henry Bolton has admitted he lied about splitting up with Jo Marney after her racist message scandal.

Tony Blair has slammed the government for still being in “cake and eat it mode” over Brexit.

MITCH BENN has taken the words of David Davis to heart and is now ready for dystopia.

Jeremy Hunt has revealed Britain will quit the customs union putting the government on a collision course with Tory Brexit rebels.

“Divergence won the day” screamed the Brexiteers after the war cabinet ended its marathon meeting.

The New European podcast is live – and it has a stellar cast.

In this week’s diary column, Farage’s wealth remains a mystery and the BBC finally acknowledges The New European.

DICK TAVERNE was deselected as an MP over his pro-Europe views in the 1970s. He has some advice to those on both sides of the House now facing similar threats.

The New European’s Editor-at Large, Alastair Campbell, on why he feels European and why you should too.

Jeremy Corbyn does not appear to agree with this week’s New European front page.

Readers respond to Andrew Adonis’ call for a referendum on Europe - exclusively for members of the Labour Party.

David Davis sought to calm business jitters with Brexit looming this week but, as ANGELA JAMESON explains, fears persist.

Remaining in the single market would leave many voters feeling the referendum result had been ignored, Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell said today.

The Iran nuclear deal is hanging by a thread, says former diplomat PAUL KNOTT​, who worked on the agreement. If it fails, the world becomes a much more dangerous place.

Britain will be more like Love Actually than a Mad Max-style dystopia after it leaves the EU, Andrea Leadsom claimed today.

Steve Anglesey names the worst Brexiteers of the week

Patriotism and duty are strong, guiding, working-class emotions, says YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN. We need posters of Jeremy Clarkson saying 'YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU to be in the EU'

As tickets for this year’s event go on sale, the dangers posed to it by leaving the EU become ever clearer, says Lib Dem MP CHRISTINE JARDINE

The UK government has offered to change key Brexit legislation to ensure the "vast majority" of devolved powers returning from Brussels go straight to the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales.

Uncertainty related to Brexit is having a negative impact on sailing, skiing and other sports that rely on free movement within the European Union, members of the House of Lords have been warned.

Remainers have launched a campaign bus claiming the cost of quitting the European Union will be £2bn a week.

Ministers want the post-Brexit transition period during which Britain will follow EU rules to be determined by how long it takes the government to introduce measures needed for life outside the union, a leaked official document shows.

Tory MPs have criticised a letter sent by Brexiteer colleagues in the hardline European Research Group aimed at piling pressure on Theresa May.

Tories pushing for a Hard Brexit are putting Scottish devolution at risk, the country's deputy first minister has warned.

Jeremy Corbyn's position on Brexit is "evolving and deepening", a shadow cabinet supporter of close ties with the EU has claimed.

If you think you’re too smart to fall for fake news, you are wrong. Advances in technology mean it is about to get a lot more sophisticated. PARMY OLSON reports.

The European Research Group of hard-line Brexit MPs has written to Theresa May setting out their red lines – and it is signed by enough Conservatives to force a leadership challenge.

Boris Johnson has claimed there will be a "great swollen, throbbing, umbilicus of trade" between the UK and EU, adding each side will be "mutually nourishing the other".

Scottish government ministers have warned time is running out to reach a deal over key Brexit legislation.

Brexiteers are risking fragile peace in Northern Ireland by questioning the future of the Good Friday Agreement, Ireland's deputy prime minister has said.

The New European’s social media pages are alive with debate after the launch of Renew - a new anti-Brexit party which aims to take on the main political parties at the ballot box.

Brexit secretary David Davis will today seek to reassure businesses about Brexit, saying Britain would not become "a Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction".

Fishing has always been a totemic issue fro Brexiteers. But the industry relies on close ties and cooperation with Europe. Could all that be discarded in pursuit of Brexit? PETER HETHERINGTON reports.

A co-leader of a new party committed to stopping Brexit has likened the organisation to the "more military arm" of the Remain campaign.

Boris Johnson, the UK's most senior diplomat, has compared a dead monkey's head to a Labour backbencher.

On television, on the big screen and in books, a mythologised view of Britain is becoming endemic, says PETER MILLAR.

Remainer NICK TYRONE is starting to think a hard Brexit might now be the only answer for Britain.

Ukip's new acting leader Gerard Batten has defended his description of Islam as a "death cult" and insisted a "significant minority" of Muslims were extremists who wanted to be martyred.

In the wake of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch and the dismissal of The Flat Earth Society, MITCH BENN argues that Brexit is the flat earth theory of politics.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has dismissed calls for Labour members to have a greater say on the party's Brexit policy, saying it would be "very difficult" to remain in the single market.

The New Euopean’s Editor-at-Large, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, challenges John McDonnell to move Corbyn on Brexit.

There’s no fool like an old fool – and Henry Bolton must be feeling rather foolish right now.

In his latest stage review, TIM WALKER watches Mad as Hell at Jermyn Street Theatre, London.

Westminster has been engulfed in lurid tales of unwanted sexual behaviour. But proposals to tackle the problem are flawed, argues JANE MERRICK.

The right-wing media’s furore over George Soros’ donation to the anti-Brexit cause promoted accusations including anti-Semitism. But LIZ GERARD argues the real reason for the outrage was their fears his money could derail Brexit.

In this week’s Brexit Deconstructed, JAMES BALL discusses how chaotic governments can open the door to evil doings.

The latest episode of The New European podcast is available now.

MICHAEL WHITE on the negotiation countdown, the Norway model and why we can’t just muddle through.

In this week’s diary column, the BBC continue to overlook The New European and fracked off playwright digs out Boris Johnson.

President Trump’s plans for a mammoth military procession would represent ‘a toxic combination of genuine alarm and mockery marching side by side’, writes PAUL CONNEW.

Boris Johnson plays politics like the Roman Emperors he so admires. But with the Tory civil war escalating danger lurks around every corner, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

STEVE ANGLESEY names the worst Brexiteers of the week.

Most British firms want the UK to remain in the customs union after Brexit, a survey has indicated.

Liberal Democrat president SAL BRINTON believes the crisis facing the NHS is being compounded by Brexit and a divided government that can’t deal with our public services falling apart

Theresa May’s visit to China laid bare one of the founding myths of Brexit, argues JONATHAN LIS. We are retreating from the world, not reaching out into it,

We got stag parties, carrots and vacuum cleaners – but what was Boris Johnson actually talking about?

A century on from women’s suffrage, EMMA JONES talks to two veteran campaigners about a more recent victory for women’s rights, and battles still to be won.

The German government has called on Theresa May to present her squabbling government's plans about the future relationship between Britain and the EU after it leaves.



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