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Hard Brexit agitator Jacob Rees-Mogg has demanded Theresa May takes a tougher line with Brussels – but denied he is launching a coup to become prime minister.

One of Britain’s best Brexit bloggers CHRIS GREY reveals the excuses that leavers are hiding behind, and why they won’t wash

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s photograph by Mark Harrison is a study in vanity, says BONNIE GREER, and it reflects the way our world is in 2018.

From Theresa May to Dominic Cummings to Arron Banks - readers ask who is really subverting the ‘will of the people’?

Is it really worth throwing the country into chaos just to save a fiver on a pair of shoes?

Brexit may seem like a pain now, says ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, but just wait till the disastrous consequences which will dominate our lives for the forseeable future.

One year into the Mueller inquiry and rattled Trump faces a fight to outrun the investigation, writes PAUL CONNEW.

Here’s a question for the next time you are in conversation with a confirmed Brexiteer.

Will Britain’s soft fruit industry be squashed as a result of Brexit? WikiTribune’s HARRY RIDGEWELL reports

Just as Britain edges closer to ditching the EU, new data protection laws from Brussels provide some much-needed safeguards and protections returning power to individuals over the handling of their most sensitive and personal data.

This reader would like to issue an apology to the United Kingdom.

As Liverpool FC attempt to write another chapter in their storied history in this weekend’s Champions League final, ANTHONY CLAVANE recounts the extraordinarily intimate relationship between Europe and the city itself.

Labour MEP SEB DANCE on why he agreed to take part in Channel 4's warts-and-all documentary

The American obsession with guns fails to stop dangerous obsessions with fantasies, says MITCH BENN. Something has to change to stop those fantasies becoming reality.

ANGELA JAMESON explores Italy’s new government and what it might mean for the EU

Test yourself on the continent's films with our great quiz

Free from the pressures that are silencing other MPs, the Conservative Party’s great europhile tells TIM WALKER about his meeting with Theresa May and why this is no time for despair.

This week the team investigate the latest madness from the Daily Mail, the rights of Irish citizens and the looming Brexit Bill showdown.

Feminist campaigner and journalist Caroline Criado-Perez will guest edit The New European as we become The New Feminist for one week only to showcase women’s voices and stories.

A senior European Union official has brutally branded the UK’s approach to Brexit as a ‘fantasy’.

The country is agreed, says CHRIS WRIGHT. Hard Brexit is unthinkable

Former UKIP official and self-proclaimed ‘gammon’ GAWAIN TOWLER on why the left’s latest insult might leave it with egg on its face.

Mandrake discusses Telegraph star recanting Brexit heresy after falling from grace at the struggling newspaper.

MICHAEL WHITE discusses U-turns from the PM and Boris Johnson as they try to keep a lid on the Brexit betrayal chaos

Tories who try to silence me by telling me to leave and go home are running scared, says YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN.

From the actors, to the locations and the inspiration, Europe has always been at the heart of Star Wars, says JAMES OLIVER... even the Nazis.

Boris Johnson discussed the UK's relationship with Russia in a phone conversation with pranksters posing as the Armenian prime minister.

Will Colombia’s elections return it to conflict? WILL WORLEY reports from Bogota on a country still grappling with the consequences of its own controversial 2016 referendum

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

The UK may have to stay in the customs union beyond 2020 because of the government’s abject failure to arrange any alternatives.

Don’t be fooled by the urbane environment secretary, says ANDREW ADONIS. He is from a long line of zealots who have harmed our country.

As Theresa May’s cabinet divisions continue to stunt the progress of Brexit, JAMES BALL examines the factors which could trigger another snap election.

Businesses could be left up to £20bn worse off if the customs plan favoured by Brexiteers is implemented, the head of HM Revenue and Customs has warned.

The £39bn Brexit divorce bill could be signed off by Parliament without any formal legal commitments on a future trade deal with the European Union, MPs have been told.

Theresa May's de facto deputy has failed to respond to an "urgent" call from Scottish ministers to come to Holyrood to try to end the dispute over Brexit powers.

Boris Johnson's idea for a new brightly-coloured "Brexit plane" to help him sell Global Britain abroad appears to have failed to get off the ground.

Corbyn has enjoyed two strong PMQs in a row and both kicked off with zingers – sadly not this week.

A proposed plan to replace the customs union after Brexit will not be fully ready by the end of 2020, MPs have been told.

Former Ipswich mayor Inga Lockington has had her application for British citizenship turned down by the Home Office – because officials will not accept that she is a UK resident.

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Axel Scheffler, illustrator of the Gruffalo children's books, used his acceptance speech at the British Book Awards to launch a ferocious attack on Brexit.

A fresh cabinet row has erupted after Michael Gove wrote to colleagues blaming the Treasury for a government defeat in the House of Lords.

The governor of the Bank of England has revealed the decision to quit the European Union is already hitting hard-working families in the pocket.

Tony Blair has launched another Brexit broadside at Labour saying the party’s current position is pleasing no-one.

A panicky Boris Johnson has urged Tory backbenchers to calm down over talk of a snap election.

A Brexit backstop that would keep the UK aligned to the European Union customs union must only be a short-term solution, Michael Gove has demanded.

​With the football match day programme facing an uncertain future, Charlie Connelly suggests how they could return to their glory days.

Charlie Connelly on a book that brings a new level of analysis to the divisive issue on which Ireland is about to decide.

Ignore the naysayers, there is a way to cancel our departure from the EU, argues Jonathan Lis.

The UK has been accused of turning a blind eye to Russia's "dirty money", putting national security at risk

The country’s close-call referendum on abortion will reveal much about a changing nation, says Jason Walsh

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has been accused of threatening Theresa May from thousands of miles away as the Conservative battle over the EU's customs union rages.

There is plenty of gloom about the global growth of authoritarianism. But, as Natasha Ezrow argues, it is not all good news for despots

Reading the runes is tricky, but it appears that Theresa May could be more courageous than many of us thought, as she seemingly tries to avoid the hardest of Brexits.

People in Northern Ireland want the UK to stay in the customs union and single market, an in-depth analysis of public attitudes to Brexit has shown.

George Walden reviews recent books on Brexit and finds himself asking who can truly consider themselves patriots.

When she suffers a break-in, Emma Jones is left with no alternative but to turn DIY detective.

I’ve just had ten days in France and North Italy. As I was wearing my EU/UK badge, I got Brexit chat – three types.

Last Friday on the Daily Politics I watched a rather smug Peter Bone and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown discussing the mental stresses caused by the Brexit process on Remainers.

Britain’s departure from the EU has sparked enough anger at home. But, as Alastair Campbell writes, Brexit is giving our foreign friends sleepless nights as well.



Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.


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