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The New European is a pop-up newspaper for a zeitgeist moment in British political and social history. The New European is not aligned with old political divisions but with an enthusiasm and love for Europe; a new quality paper that gives voice to the values of the 48%.

The New European issue #16 cover

Issue 16 highlights include:

  • Shadow Brexit Minister, Keir Starmer gives his take on Britain's Brexit
  • 3 months on, Bonnie Greer remembers the Nice attacks
  • From Joy Division to New Order, Bernard Sumner recounts his cultural European journey
  • If London falls as Europe's city of finance, where will take over? Jason Walsh and Bryan Fox investigate
  • 10 games that changed football tactics forever
  • Plus more great content from our regulars: Hardeep Singh Kohli, Ajit Niranjan, Mitch Benn and Charlie Connelly

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The New European - a cosmopolitan, optimistic, intelligent and expansive collection of news, analysis, voices, sport, culture, business, travel and the arts - celebrates the best of Europe.

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