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Tell this new voting tool your constituency and it recommends who to vote for to prevent Theresa May’s Hard Brexit

The more votes pro-European candidates get, the more authority they will have to oppose May’s Brexit plans.

A sombre and serious Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to be “strong against terrorism” in a controversial speech where he also blamed British interventions abroad for raising the threat level.

Responses to the bombing will be a test of the resilience, maturity and cohesion of both society and party leaders

How the indomitable spirit of our city dwellers renders terror pointless

We pick out the most wrong and unstable Leavers of the week

Professional gobshite Katie Hopkins is to leave her LBC show “immediately” after calling for a “final solution” following the Manchester bombing.

Election news, analysis and reaction on May 26.

Live updates and chat from Question Time

How lost trust in once-mighty institutions created opportunities for populism

The Labour leader and Jedi master may look remarkably similar, but do they sound similar?

The devastation Brexit is bringing to the NHS will be felt from the moment a patient is admitted to hospital, right through the course of their treatment

The global titans and statesmen of yesteryear have gone. And we may never see their like again

Politicians are refusing to debate Brexit, so the Convention on Brexit had to show them how it’s done,

The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the Manchester suicide bombing which killed 22 victims, including an eight-year-old girl.


Russian film Loveless landed with a wallop, representing the first serious contender for this year’s Palme d’Or.

Cannes celebrated the opening of the 70th edition of its film festival with a knotty, indulgent film about a knotted, indulgent film maker

The latest from the globe’s most glamorous event that is taking place from 17 to 28 May 2017

Now, he’s on his way over – but what really changed his mind?

Would the possibility of a link between heading the ball and dementia have changed the way you approached the sport?

Here’s why 100 years on, echoes of the Spanish couturier can still be found in most women’s wardrobe

Get your weekly dose of politics as Matt Kelly, Steve Anglesey, Richard Porritt and Geri Scott dissect the Tory manifesto and crown Brexiteer of the week

Theresa May claims she is not like any Harry Potter character. Take our quiz and decide for yourself

Leaky Labour and the death of UKIP: The New European team take a look back at a week in Brexit focusing on Labour’s manifesto, UKIP’s woes and the resurgent centre in France. They also crown the Brexiteer of the Week.

“We can’t just destroy a beautiful country” says Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson

Disgusted by Brexit, one artist explains why she chose custard creams to convey her anti-Brexit message

What better way to confront culinary fatigue than with a rhubarb recipe?

Halloumi, edam, camembert? Which is your favourite European cheese?

Our Editor at Large sticks up for Joey Barton, and sticks it to the hypocrites happy to hand over football to booze and betting firms

The problem is that these days, it’s not the physical danger that usually brings about a fear – or panic attack – but an emotional one.

I can remember a time when young people were fired by a righteous anger. Now that they are so cosseted by mainstream culture, the flame has gone out

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Corbyn vows to be “strong against terrorism” in controversial speech

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Nigel Farage calls Jean-Claude Junker "BLOODY RUDE" and a "BULLY" in European Parliament!

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Jeremy Corbyn launches the Labour general election 2017 manifesto

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