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Scotland's three biggest parties have all experienced sudden jolts in recent weeks. MAURICE SMITH reports on the tectonic plates shifting once again north of the border

A fitting 48 times the hapless foreign secretary, currently backtracking from his bungled attempt to topple Theresa May, outraged with his thoughtless comments and ill-judged actions

The Lib Dems have stepped back from the Brexit cliff-edge.

Despite its devastating impact, Hurricane Irma passed with only a handful of deaths yet received wall-to-wall media coverage. On the other side of the world, floods have left a far higher death toll, yet reporting has been sparse. LIZ GERARD asks what is behind this apparent hypocrisy and what it says about us

Sir Vince Cable is to set out his bid to scupper Brexit by declaring “I am a proud saboteur”.

A top Brexit Whitehall official has been moved out of the Department for Exiting the EU amid rumours of a rift with David Davis.

The venerable Dr Johnson described patriotism as “the last refuge of the scoundrel”.

It might not have grabbed the world's attention yet but, says AURORA TORRES, the over-exploitation of sand is a looming crisis for the globe, causing environmental destruction, putting communities at risk and sparking illegal black markets

The lights are going out in comments sections all over the world.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd today accused her Cabinet colleague Boris Johnson of "back-seat driving" as the row over his Brexit intervention deepened.

In part one of our exclusive extracts from his latest diaries, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL reveals how Tony Blair and Gordon Brown fought over the future of the Labour Party, and what they both made of the rise of David Cameron - and chronicles his own rapidly deteriorating mental health

I couldn’t make it to the March For Europe last Saturday; perhaps this dereliction of duty means my Remoaner licence has now been revoked and I must now be demoted to Regrumbler or Rewhiner.

Angela Merkel may be on course for victory but her campaign for the German chancellorship is not the stately procession it might seem from afar. TONY PATERSON joins her on a decidedly bumpy election trail

Thousands of anti-Donald Trump posters inspired by Second World War public information designs have been plastered across Washington DC.

BONNIE GREER on the conviction that you can have your cake and eat it


We have a number of set phrases in English which we use in a rather automatic and semi-obligatory way at particular times and in specific social situations – such as ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’, ‘happy birthday’ and ‘happy new year’.

Full disclosure: I’ve never drunk a glass of beer before in my life. Until this summer in Scotland.

Imagine a town studded with watchtowers like San Gimignano in Tuscany, but set high on a plateau, 100 miles from the nearest centre of population.

In 1972 Ziggy played guitar, Marc Bolan hit his stride and blokes across Britain made nervous moves towards their sister’s make-up bag. Here SOPHIA DEBOICK rediscovers glam Britannia

Spiced sauces are a constant in my life, whether it’s the go-to Caribbean Encona Pepper Sauce at the back of the cupboard, the perennial Tabasco or any other hot sauce with the magical ability to elevate even the most modest cheese sandwich to the higher echelons of eating.

“Trees are sanctuaries,” wrote the German author and poet Hermann Hesse. “Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”

At 11am on the morning of April 26, 1937, a reconnaissance plane circled over Guernica in the Basque region of Spain. The town’s people were nervous. Guernica’s strategic importance was obvious, if the city fell to Franco’s forces then the Basque coastal region would be next and the Nationalists would soon have north Spain under their control. Its inhabitants were also nervous because Mussolini’s air force, in support of the fascists, had already used aerial bombardment on towns in their campaign elsewhere in northern Spain. But it was market day and the town was busy, and despite the nervousness it was business as usual – even after a second spotter aircraft was seen flying overhead in the early afternoon.

A legitimisation of radical right-wing ideology is taking place around the world. The world was shocked by the events in Charlottesville, America, and by Donald Trump’s failure to condemn racist violence.

If Theresa May had made her “citizens of nowhere” speech a few years earlier, she would probably have received a letter of stern rebuke marked Kardamyli, Greece.

Vodka – The clean, clear spirit is an essential ingredient in many a classic cocktail.

Mancunian musician Mark Reeder arrived in Berlin in 1979 and never looked back.

In 1968 the German rock band Can hid themselves away in the Schloss Nörvenich, a castle which was not that far from their hometown of Cologne and while there they began to experiment, rehearse and record their first LP Monster Movie.

It was almost 35 years ago yet I still can’t believe my dad let me do it. I can’t have been much more than 14 years old.

Many of the materials we use derive their names from the towns they were first made in. PETER TRUDGILL explores the stories behind some of the best-known

His stricken condition fuels macabre speculation, but Michael Schumacher’s real legacy is the remarkable run of Grand Prix dominance which began 25 years ago. ROB BURNETT reports

Amid the undoubted glamour of the Venice Film Festival, a jaded JASON SOLOMONS wonders whether a complacent movie industry might dwindle into irrelevance – until he sees a new production which restores his faith in film



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