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Britain’s bungled Brexit negotiations have sparked a messy divorce from the European Union – and it is about to get even nastier.

PAUL CONNEW on the ongoing investigations into the Trump administration's Kremlin links

Many in Grimsby voted Leave to revive its fishing heritage. So why are locals now seeking an exemption from Brexit for its seafood industry? ANTHONY CLAVANE reports

Comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN on a year in which politics is quite literally crazy

Treat yourself or a Remainer in your life to a subscription this Christmas...

Britain’s tech sector is flying. But, asks ANGELA JAMESON, will new Government cash be enough to stop Brexit bursting the bubble?

This week’s New European Podcast has dropped - and we are focusing on Brexit’s dreamiest couple.

MICHAEL WHITE on a Tory party as bitterly divided over Europe as they ever were

Noel Gallagher was today branded a "lad" by Nigel Farage after telling Brexit opponents to "f***ing get over it".

What makes some men act inappropriately? Psychiatry professor PHILIP GRAHAM explores the science behind harassment

STEVE ANGLESEY counts down the worst Brexiteers of the week

RICHARD PORRITT with the week's big stories

Tim Martin, boss of the Wetherspoon pub chain, is pestering drinkers with his pro-Brexit beer mats. ANTHONY CLAVANE wonders whether his customers might find it too much to swallow

The internet does not distinguish between good and bad. If we want to survive it, we might have to, says NATHANIEL TAPLEY

What do the Hard Brexiteers think of ‘taking back control’ only to have the US wade into the UK’s trading standards? ANGELA JAMESON investigates whether chlorinated chicken is back on the menu


Hidden away in a sleepy village in southern France lies the Palais Ideal, one of Europe’s most remarkable structures. With a new film about it in production, JULIAN SHEA tells the story behind this amazing construction and the man who built it

Georgia spawned Stalin, the monster who forever poisoned the legacy of the Russian Revolution. But it also produced a tantalising alternative vision of what that revolution could have led to. JUSTIN REYNOLDS explores the forgotten history of the fleeting Democratic Republic of Georgia, which offered a flicker of hope before it was extinguished

A sterile-sounding genre is revived by an injection of illicit creativity. SOPHIA DEBOICK on the musicians who put the soul into rural America’s music

His Left Bank lifestyle – an appetite for drink, drugs, and womanising – and relatively early death leave Modigliani’s legacy vulnerable to stereotype. But, as DAISY BUCHANAN argues, a new exhibition of his work shows this would be a big mistake

In his most celebrated poems, Rupert Brooke gave a classic evocation of England. But, argues CHARLIE CONNELLY, his work has a very European context

Britain’s unofficial poet laureate Tony Harrison tells ANTHONY CLAVANE about how the divisions exposed by his landmark poem, V, are as raw now as ever

The Belgian town of Doel should have been wiped off the map more than a decade ago. The threat of destruction still hangs over it, but for now street art is sustaining it. Photographer Bradley Wood went along to capture the town before it vanishes for good

Facing upheaval in Europe, modern art found a very special refuge in New York. So, says CLAUDIA PRITCHARD, a new blockbuster MoMA exhibition in Paris represents something of a homecoming

As the slaughter of the Great War intensified, and certainties that had preceded the conflict faded away, an imaginative and rebellious spirit emerged. SOPHIA DEBOICK looks back on a year when the world hung in the ​balance

The murder of Marion Crane, as she took a shower at the Bates Motel, was one of the turning points of the 20th century, argues CHRIS SULLIVAN

From precocious, early success, the British painter’s career moved to subsequent obscurity, via misfortune and prejudice. But, as FLORENCE HALLETT reports, a new exhibition reclaims him as one of the 20th century’s great artists

La Terrasse in Wissant, France, and Rocksalt in Folkestone, Kent, are just 21 miles apart. But, as our new restaurant critic VICTOR LEWIS SMITH discovers in the first of an occasional series, there is a world of difference between British and French cuisine

Throughout his career, the designer acted as a curator of his own work. As our culture correspondent VIV GROSKOP reports, we now have two museums fit to showcase that talent

Britain has never produced another hero like Dan Dare. In a landmark year for the lantern-jawed pilot, CHARLIE CONNELLY pays tribute to a figure who has shaped our art, literature, science, architecture and even musical theatre



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