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This May there will be another opportunity for anti-Brexit voices to be heard as the next round of local elections take place around England.

For EU citizens who had been offered the right to remain in the UK the Government has failed to “take back control”, explains Paul Stein.

In this week’s diary column, the Daily Mail and Wimbledon keep schtum and Sarah Sands overlooks Sir David English’s assessment

Paul Connew writes a special report on the chaos within Trump’s United States

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

Just how much blame for the disasters of the last two centuries can be placed at the feet of this overbearing gang?

STEVE ANGLESEY names the worst Brexiteers of the week

As Theresa May’s leadership once again comes under close scrutiny, JANE MERRICK argues now is perfect opportunity to stop a hard Brexit

‘Too much death...’ ALASTAIR CAMPBELL discusses the sad passing of his brother, the People’s Vote rally and ‘the masochism strategy’

Our brilliant new columnist on Johnson family mealtimes, Trump's random punctuation and why she's not standing to be the MP for Maidenhead

Labour members want a second referendum – so why doesn’t Jeremy Corbyn? Former Labour MP DICK LEONARD thinks pressure from within could still force the leader’s hand​

Brexit has been made possible by Britain’s constitutional disarray. To fully resolve the first problem, we must tackle the latter, argues philosopher AC GRAYLING

The worry caused to the Windrush kids shames us all.

Negotiations between the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments over key Brexit legislation are "reaching the end game", Scotland's first minister has told MSPs.

Labour sensed blood over the Windrush scandal and although sorry might be the hardest word it was the only option for the prime minister.

The European Union has issued a fresh warning to the UK that a transitional deal after Brexit will not be secured unless the problem of the Irish border is resolved.

EEA membership is increasingly looking like the most achievable, and the best we can get, says Labour MP DANIEL ZEICHNER

The European Parliament is to hold a hearing on citizens who have lost their right to vote in UK elections after living abroad for 15 years.

Morrissey has claimed that Brexit is "now a dead issue" as "the people said Leave but the EU said no".

One of the self-proclaimed bad boys of Brexit has likened campaign tactics used by Leave.EU to the “very clever” Nazi propaganda machine.

The Conservatives have burned away some of their traditional supporters in their pursuit of Brexit, and are heading towards a reckoning in the capital of Remain.

Relations between Westminster and the devolved administrations have hit a new low over the Brexit “power grab”.

Business leaders might be claiming they feel positive, but some fears still remain.

Many Remainers believe a second referendum will be the silver bullet that solves everything by sending the issue of Brexit back into the abyss. But unless we can convince a good percentage of the disenfranchised working class who voted Leave, a second vote could stoke up far greater problems than we have now.

TIM WALKER gives The Way of the World at the Donmar Theatre, London, four stars

The corporation’s critics should be wary of following POTUS’ playbook, says Liz Gerard.

The idea of a new centre party is tempting for Remain voters left feeling disenfranchised by the attitudes of the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition. I believe it could succeed despite our electoral system.

Brexit hardliner Jacob Rees-Mogg began his new LBC phone-in today. We listened in

As a long-standing centre-right Tory voter for more than 60 years, I am appalled by the extremist slide which has moved the party too far to the right for my taste.

Examining the suspicious industry which spies opportunities, but also senses danger.

Why those attacking the BBC are picking the wrong target.

Protesters are staging a “people power” rally to push for a referendum on the final exit deal.

As global crises mount, The New European’s Editor-at-Large says Britain’s foreign secretary has nothing to offer.

There might seem a certain logic behind talk of a new party, but Zoe Williams argues being in the centre is too soft for UK politics.

The broadcaster’s problem is a bad case of liberal guilt, argues Chris Grey.

Why being a vocal Remainer, immigrant and woman of colour makes you the definitive enemy of the Brexit cause.

The Daily Mail’s theatre critic has been accused of racism in his review of a play, says BONNIE GREER. He certainly doesn’t understand theatre

Why Brexit is just one of the challenges that the EU will face over the coming years.

Test yourself on your knowledge of European sport with our great quiz

In this week’s diary column, Hitler’s ghost comes back to haunt the Daily Mail and Mandrake wonders how rehearsals are going for Brexit opponents.

The Labour politician’s charge against the BBC has been so intense it has drawn criticism from his own side - but he says this is no time to let up.

With the world suddenly seeming a far more perilous place than it has for many years, the former diplomat assesses the dangerous fissures opening up around the planet.

The playwright behind the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? play Quiz has written a Brexit film - due to shoot in the summer.

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

Steve Anglesey names the worst Brexiteers of the week

Dismissing anti-Semitic mutterings is going to bite Labour in the ass, writes MITCH BENN

It might be #MeToo, and not the Middle East, which ends Trump's presidency, writes PAUL CONNEW

Thousands of EU nationals could inadvertently become illegal residents in the UK after Brexit, a new report warns.

Brexit threatens the very fabric of the Good Friday Agreement, argues Lib Dem MEP CATHERINE BEARDER. But the Brexiteers don’t seem to understand

Post-Brexit trade plans will not properly protect the environment, finds a new report from Friends of the Earth – as campaigner KIERRA BOX explains

A council's website still claims the next elections are for the European Parliament in 2019 - after the date Britain is due to leave the EU.

Barry Gardiner's comments were arguably worse than Owen Smith's, but he kept his job. Why?

With a lust for dominance, not debate now in the ascendancy, the US has moved a long way from the country created by Alexander Hamilton and the other Founding Fathers, says Pulitzer Prize-winner ALBERT SCARDINO

Tony Blair has ruled out leading any new political party but warned both Labour and the Tories there is a “vast uncultivated centre ground” in British politics.

A shadow cabinet minister who described the Good Friday Agreement as a shibboleth has said he is deeply sorry that remarks he made about the deal had led to a "misunderstanding".

DJ Tony Prince has described his new radio station, United DJs, as "the Brexit channel". So how bad is it?

Tony Blair has warned Brexit is “bound” to cause problems in Ireland.

Forty years ago this week saw one of the most audacious and tragic acts of political terror of the 20th century. And, as PATRICK SAWER ​reports, its riddles still cast a long shadow over Italy

Rather than worry about AI becoming more human, we should be more concerned about the technology making us more artificial, argues Brendan Canavan



Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.


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