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London’s economy is “wobbling” due to the aftershock of the Britain’s decision to back Brexit, according to a new report.

Things are now so grim in Brexit Britain - there is no hero riding to the rescue – but it’s not too late to rethink

Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched a ferocious counter-attack on cabinet rivals who have been briefing against him claiming Brexiteers are behind the plots.

It’s becoming clear what the British people want from Brexit. But they are not being given the option, says former PM Tony Blair

A new Big Lie is currently entering the Big Lie lexicon. It is that 51.9% having voted Leave last June 23 – National Self-Harm Day – the number has now risen to over 80%.

Cock ups, chaos and calamity – Brexit is a shitstorm like no other. We pick over the carcass of another rotting week of Brexit madness

The Government’s actions based on the 2016 referendum’s outcome were politically illegitimate

Where can I buy The New European? What stories are in the latest issue of The New European?

Where can I buy The New European? What stories are in the latest issue of The New European?

Brexit talks kick off on Monday – but there won’t be any talk about trade.

Tell this new voting tool your constituency and it recommends who to vote for to prevent Theresa May’s Hard Brexit

Get your weekly dose of politics as Matt Kelly, Steve Anglesey, Richard Porritt and Geri Scott dissect the Tory manifesto and crown Brexiteer of the week

Don’t turn your back on democracy on June 8, urged Miller

Theresa May has resisted calls to lower the voting age to 16, insisting young people could get involved in politics without casting a ballot.

An exclusive poll conducted by The New European shows Lib Dems set to profit in the election of June 8

“We can’t just destroy a beautiful country” says Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson

A win for the Tories team could be bad news for foxes as the PM pledges a free vote to overturn hunting ban.

Is May running a Trump-style campaign? Five things we learned yesterday

Election news, reaction and analysis on May 10.

The populist right has been dealt a heavy blow after Marine Le Pen was defeated in the French election.

Disagreements, defectors, election speak: Our (Brexiteer) diarist Iain Dale records a new election week

The game is back on... and you have to ask why?

... they never do, says The New European’s election editor

We pick out the worst Leavers of a week in which people came together and united behind the opportunities which lie ahead. Probably.

Don’t miss your chance to vote on election day, June 8: This is everything you need to know about registering to vote in GE2017

Theresa May wants to railroad Britain into a Hard Brexit by increasing her majority in the House of Commons to stifle any opposition or Tory rebellion.

Parliament gives Theresa May’s snap election the nod.

Here is Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement announcing that a General Election is to be held on June 8

The Prime Minister has shocked the nation by announcing a snap General Election.

Theresa May used her traditional Easter message to talk of people “coming together” ignoring growing fears over Hard Brexit

A former MI6 chief has called the allegations of contact between Trump’s team and Moscow “unprecedented”

A group of MPs have called on the Government to ensure Brexit does not impact science

MPs have expressed their fears that hackers attacked the voter registration website in the weeks before the EU referendum

What is at stake and what needs to change to ‘save the country’?

We sort the chaff from the chaff to bring you another 10 of the worst leavers of the week

Follow The New European’s live reactions to the BBC’s topical debate broadcast from Gillingham on April 6

UKIP’s former leader gets dressing down after “embarrassing” rant to EU parliament

MEPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a hard stance with Britain over Brexit

Comparing EU parliament to the Mafia (or to gangsters) because you’re unhappy with its Brexit demands is “unacceptable”. Ouch!

The Commons Brexit Committee wants the Government to prove how Britain would cope if the Prime Minister fails to get a deal on leaving the EU

There is no “fall-back option” for airlines if the UK is unable to secure an aviation agreement during Brexit negotiations, says travel trade organisation Abta

The Brexit Committee has called on the Government to publish a thorough assessment of the consequences of crashing out of the EU

Tory MPs give stamp of approval to return to the blue of 1980s Britain, claiming the “humiliation of having a pink European Union passport”

Lord Michael Howard has compared the row over Gibraltar to the Falklands War after the PM failed to mention the Rock in her Brexit letter

Could Britain be forced to surrender the long-disputed territory of Gibraltar as part of Brexit negotiations?



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