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The UK's most senior judge has warned the government's Brexit legislation could leave the judiciary at risk of "appearing to make a political decision".

Liberals, bureaucrats, artists, bankers and millennials have all felt their ire. Now Ukip have a new target accused of propagating anti-Brexit views - nine-year-olds.

Prejudice is now "worn as a badge and a sleeve of honour", activist Gina Miller has said as she painted a grim picture of life for EU citizens in Brexit Britain.

David Davis' Brexit transition deal with the EU will lead to a "great Christmas present" in 2020 of permanent continued membership, AC Grayling has said.

Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he is going to start calling himself Captain Haddock as he was forced to deny plans to fling fish into the Thames.

Sir Vince Cable has said the Cambridge Analytica data leak is yet another example of why Britain is wrong to walk away from the EU.

Anti-Brexit MP Chuka Umunna has spoken of his frustration that many in the Labour Party see his battle as being about opposing Jeremy Corbyn.

Remainers need to get out of their echo chambers and stop "wrapping ourselves up in the European Union flag" to win over Leave voters, Lib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson told a Brexit conference today.

A tetchy Boris Johnson took a move from the Trump playbook today, describing Brexit criticism as "BBC claptrap" while promising "a gigantic free trade deal" with the EU after Britain leaves.

The first ministers of Scotland and Wales have written to peers setting their own proposed changes to crucial Brexit legislation.

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

Even Brexiteers should be appalled at the way the government is mishandling Britain’s trade, says Liberal Democrat MP WERA HOBHOUSE

A little-known and little-noticed provision in the European Withdrawal Bill could be the key to triggering a referendum on any Brexit deal, writes ANDREW ADONIS

Whatever else you can say about an assassination attempt with a powerful Russian nerve agent on its soil, it has certainly told Britain who its friends are.

Michael Gove thinks he landed a blow on the EU over banning plastic straws. But, as JANE MERRICK​ discovers, environmental groups remain concerned about Brexit

Almost no one in Gibraltar wanted Brexit. Now, will the territory be sold out by British ministers desperate for a deal with the EU? HARRY RIDGEWELL goes there to find out

Gibraltarians voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. And yet, Lib Dem leader VINCE CABLE argues in an exclusive article, they face the hardest Brexit of all

The government has been accused of a "total betrayal" of EU nationals living in Britain who believed their future status had been secured post-Brexit.

"A price worth paying" is the Brexiteers' answer to everything. But, says MITCH BENN, they've yet to specify what it's worth paying for

The UK economy will benefit from sticking as closely as possible to European Union rules after Brexit, a senior MEP said after talks with Theresa May.

Ousted Ukip leader Henry Bolton today attempted to channel Disraeli as he launched a new political party.

Donald Trump had Britain's best interests at heart, said the Brexiteers. As he now threatens the world with a trade war, they're being remarkably quiet

Patients' lives could be put at risk after Brexit unless there is progress on continued research co-operation with the European Union, Labour is warning.

The prime minister has said the government was looking at customs arrangements between the United States and Canada as a possible solution to the Irish border issue - despite it having armed guards.

Theresa May has attempted to set out details of her vision for a future economic relationship with the EU.

Nigel Farage unfathomably makes his 32nd Question Time appearance tonight. This drinking game might get you through it

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has confessed he has not actually seen the Sir John Major speech he has spent much of the past day touring studios attacking.

Liberal Democrat MP JAMIE STONE recalls a painful childhood memory and why it reminds him of the importance of a united Europe

Boris Johnson has been branded a "disgrace" after failing to answer questions in the Commons about his suggestion that a hard border in Northern Ireland remained a possibility.

Boris Johnson yesterday dismissed concerns that leaving the customs union could lead to a hard Irish border by comparing it to driving from Camden to Islington in London. Here's why he's wrong

International trade secretary Liam Fox used a setpiece Brexit speech today to lash out at opponents, taking a swipe at Labour and dismissing his former permanent secretary who had questioned the government's approach.

Philip Hammond was left bamboozled in the Commons after being mocked for Boris Johnson's remarks comparing the Irish border to that between Camden and Islington.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Kate Hoey, David Davis, Boris Johnson and that big red bus. Just some of the subjects covered by correspondents in this week’s mailbag.

Britain leaving the European customs union to strike free trade deals with countries outside the EU is "giving up a three-course meal for the promise of a packet of crisps", a top ex-civil servant has said.

Even by his own standards, the hypocrisy of Boris Johnson's attack on Jeremy Corbyn's motives is breathtaking.

Remaining in the single market would leave many voters feeling the referendum result had been ignored, Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell said today.

Britain will be more like Love Actually than a Mad Max-style dystopia after it leaves the EU, Andrea Leadsom claimed today.

Patriotism and duty are strong, guiding, working-class emotions, says YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN. We need posters of Jeremy Clarkson saying 'YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU to be in the EU'

As tickets for this year’s event go on sale, the dangers posed to it by leaving the EU become ever clearer, says Lib Dem MP CHRISTINE JARDINE

The UK government has offered to change key Brexit legislation to ensure the "vast majority" of devolved powers returning from Brussels go straight to the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales.

Uncertainty related to Brexit is having a negative impact on sailing, skiing and other sports that rely on free movement within the European Union, members of the House of Lords have been warned.

Remainers have launched a campaign bus claiming the cost of quitting the European Union will be £2bn a week.

Ministers want the post-Brexit transition period during which Britain will follow EU rules to be determined by how long it takes the government to introduce measures needed for life outside the union, a leaked official document shows.

Tory MPs have criticised a letter sent by Brexiteer colleagues in the hardline European Research Group aimed at piling pressure on Theresa May.

Tories pushing for a Hard Brexit are putting Scottish devolution at risk, the country's deputy first minister has warned.



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