There could be more frustration in store for Brenda from Bristol in 2018 with the possibility of another snap general election against the background of turmoil of Brexit.

I love it when Boris Johnson talks dirty in order to get some attention.

The big guns – Boris, DD, Farage – all had pleasingly tricky years. But here STEVE ANGLESEY picks out 20 unsung zeroes who brought their side of the argument into even bigger disrepute.

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A day of action across the UK saw thousands of people take to the streets to demand Brexit is stopped.

The special relationship is alive and kicking. White Anglo-American establishments are always there for each other when times get rough, like that bridge over troubled waters.

Steve Anglesey picks out the worst Brexiteers of the week

Safe choices and repetition have put lampooning comedy on its knees

An unflinching, sadomasochistic vision of masculinity and femininity

June 8, 2017, will be remembered as the day the British people took a step back from the brink of a catastrophic Brexit.

Is it time for toughness to discourage further defections or for accommodation to a changing public mood across the Union?

Pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron will face far-right Marine Le Pen in a head-to-head battle for the French presidency.

... they never do, says The New European’s election editor

ason Williamson is one half of the Sleaford Mods – probably Britain’s most political band, and certainly its angriest. And there is little that makes him as angry as Brexit. Here, he takes aim at Leavers, trolls and much more

Art no longer has to be hung in stuffy galleries and gazed upon in silence – the streets rule now. Here is The New European’s guide to Europe’s street art hotspots

85% of world is joining trading blocs... as we decide to leave

Is this really the country any one of us, Remain or Leave, voted for on June 23?



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