Two centuries apart, Handel and Jimi Hendrix set up home in the same London property from which they proceeded to redefine music.

Mired in their own troubles, both Britain and the US have abandoned their duty to stand up to Russia

Brexit is the ‘third rail’ of politics – touch it and you are dead. But a sane strategy could yet emerge

If you think Brexit has been a disaster after just a year, imagine the damage it will do in a decade

In an uncertain global landscape, the former deputy prime minister outlines reforms needed to safeguard the international order against nationalism and ‘strong man’ politics

Inflation and prices are rising, real wages falling. We’re all going to feel the squeeze.

Without the US, Europe must do everything in its power to stop the backsliding in the Balkans

Brexit is not a done deal now the General Election is over, in fact the fight is just beginning

May has somehow managed to deprive the country of the strong and stable government she claimed that only she could provide.

Edouard Louis’ work explores the rage felt among the French working class which shows no sign of dimming

Chimpanzees, croissants... and Brexit: A day with the Liberal Democrat leader as he is out canvassing for votes.

Few family histories better underline the complex relationship between Britain and Germany than Christian Lawrence’s. Here he explains why his fellow countrymen are so sad to see the UK leave

Brexit has generated an unprecedented degree of unity between the other 27 EU member states.

Our fixation with Germany is based on a fatal misunderstanding of its history and risks poisoning our future relationship,

As Britain sends troops on to the streets it joins other European countries living under a state of emergency – but does the military and intelligence service response work to counter terrorism.

Governments and societies are going to have to find the right actions and the right attitudes to stop jihadists from succeeding

Responses to the bombing will be a test of the resilience, maturity and cohesion of both society and party leaders

Cannes celebrated the opening of the 70th edition of its film festival with a knotty, indulgent film about a knotted, indulgent film maker

The global titans and statesmen of yesteryear have gone. And we may never see their like again

Politics is a matter of sentiment, of attitude and feeling.

Brexit not only drastically exacerbates the NHS’s current problems, it also poses an existential threat to it

Here’s why 100 years on, echoes of the Spanish couturier can still be found in most women’s wardrobe

Macron’s election raises the stakes in the governing game

We pick the most wrong and unstable Leavers from the week in Brexit

Leaky Labour and the death of UKIP: The New European team take a look back at a week in Brexit focusing on Labour’s manifesto, UKIP’s woes and the resurgent centre in France. They also crown the Brexiteer of the Week.

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