Think the north London, Merseyside or even the notorious Old Firm derbies are the pinnacle of footballing rivalries? Europe’s football hooligan clashes will shock you

Former leader of the 1968 student protests. Daniel Cohn-Bendit explains what links those protests to Brexit and Trump, where the EU has failed and the simple way it can succeed

These refugees used freedom of expression take back control

Why did the EU referendum happen and how could it be overturned? Brexit is not a done deal and this is how we can fight it

Never mind Ode to Joy, Europe’s real anthem is another Beethoven masterpiece, one which tells the story of the continent

For 70 years, the European Union, and its previous incarnations, has been an undeniable force for peace

Our newspapers have decided that celebrities should be seen and not heard, says Liz Gerard

We are seen as a cold-hearted country not pulling our weight, says leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron

The OUTsch!-headline for “the day after” was a late editorial decision. For hours we had tried different versions of United KingDUMM for Saturday’s BILD front page. It was favoured by many, because of the pun: dumm is German for stupid.



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