A day of action across the UK saw thousands of people take to the streets to demand Brexit is stopped.

Safe choices and repetition have put lampooning comedy on its knees

We pick out the most wrong and unstable Leavers of this week in Brexit

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said Theresa May’s appetite for a Hard Brexit makes Nigel Farage look like a moderate.

Tory MP issues a warning to party colleagues of the dangers of Hard Brexit, as he launches a new initiative to build bridges with Europe

Brexit has given new life to the Scottish National Party’s obsession for a new vote on independence

How did my MP vote on Article 50? Here are all the MPs who voted against Article 50

Significant backers of plan for Remainers to stay as EU citizens shows Europe is fighting for the 48%, even if our government isn’t

The rise, fall and rise again of one of Europe’s great success stories



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