House of Commons

The Prime Minister believes she holds all the cards as the country embarks on a General Election. But Labour could still spring a surprise at the ballot box

Theresa May wants to railroad Britain into a Hard Brexit by increasing her majority in the House of Commons to stifle any opposition or Tory rebellion.

Although it makes absolute political sense to do it – very few Westminster watchers saw this decision coming.

Here is Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement announcing that a General Election is to be held on June 8

The French far right, through the generations, has mutated and adapted to the mood of the age. And already, the next generation is moving it in new directions

Broadcasters are letting us down over Brexit. They should credit us with a bit more intelligence

After a series of close encounters with terrorist attacks, Londoners know the correct response to an atrocity

The Brexit Committee has called on the Government to publish a thorough assessment of the consequences of crashing out of the EU

“We already miss you,” said European Council president Donald Tusk. “Thank you and goodbye.”

Article 50: The Government and Brussels have squared up after the PM signalled a date to trigger the formal process to quit the EU

A family story of the close family bonds between Ireland and the UK, and what Brexit might mean for Ireland.

During the referendum, Leavers loudly defended the rights of EU citizens legally resident in the UK. Now many pro-Brexit MPs are not practising what they preach.

With the triggering of Article 50 due this month, Keir Starmer outlines what Labour will fight to achieve from Brexit – and acknowledges what the process cannot resolve

Peers vote by an overwhelming majority of 102 to guarantee rights of EU nationals in UK

At present Britons living abroad and EU citizens in the UK are pawns on a political chessboard.

Well, if you voted to Leave the EU – congratulations. But did you vote for this?

The New European says: Don’t listen to what Trump says. Look at what he does.

For politicians opposed to Brexit, the Article 50 debate has been a bruising time. But there is still plenty worth fighting for

Almost 8 months on from the referendum, the anger Brexit has engendered hasn’t dissipated one bit

Britain loves a toff. But the media’s current favourite, Jacob Rees-Mogg, may not be as harmless as he seems

Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union is a section of EU law.

The Speaker of the House of Commons didn’t hold back in stating he’s “strongly opposed” to Donald Trump addressing parliament

Confused by another week in Brexit? Can’t keep up with all the insanity and inanity coming from 52% Our new weekly chart rates the no-good, the bad and the ugly from the last seven days

Europhile Ken Clarke delivered a passionate speech against Brexit in the House of Commons Article 50 debate

Is this really the country any one of us, Remain or Leave, voted for on June 23?

How did my MP vote on Article 50? Here are all the MPs who voted against Article 50

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill to pave the way for the formal Brexit process to begin under Article 50 has cleared its first hurdle in the House of Commons.


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