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Plot gossip: Leaky lips in the Tory party and a look at the world beyond Brexit sniping

Forget the social media whirlwinds around media bias, impartiality is overrated

A vanity not evident in his years on the fringe has become visible.

Amid a growing sense that Brexit is doomed Sir Vince Cable told the Andrew Marr Show: “The problems are so enormous, the divisions within the two major parties are enormous.

We rank 6 of the losers, fiends and bonkers Brexiteers of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

After the tower block disaster the mask has once again fallen for embattled Prime Minister

Dinner table debate with Tory voters offers fascinating food for thought…

The kingmakers of Theresa May’s diminished government, the Democratic Unionist Party, hold some very controversial views

The election taught us the importance of nuance which was missing amid the misplaced certainties of last year’s referendum. Now, we desperately need to hang on to it

Without the US, Europe must do everything in its power to stop the backsliding in the Balkans

She ran it as the red hot ‘me, me, me’ campaign. And ended it as the ‘woe is me’ bigtime loser.

Brexit is not a done deal now the General Election is over, in fact the fight is just beginning

May has somehow managed to deprive the country of the strong and stable government she claimed that only she could provide.

Theresa May’s Brexit election gamble has backfired spectacularly leaving her position at the top of the Tory party on a knife edge.

Chimpanzees, croissants... and Brexit: A day with the Liberal Democrat leader as he is out canvassing for votes.

It was billed as the “Battle for Number 10” – but in the end no-one landed a knock out blow.

The more votes pro-European candidates get, the more authority they will have to oppose May’s Brexit plans.

What would happen if Theresa and the rest of Team May have got it all wrong?

We pick out the wrong and unstable leavers of the week

Theresa May has resisted calls to lower the voting age to 16, insisting young people could get involved in politics without casting a ballot.

Is Theresa May more big time than the Tories? Five things we learned on Friday:

An exclusive poll conducted by The New European shows Lib Dems set to profit in the election of June 8

Is May running a Trump-style campaign? Five things we learned yesterday

This former Labour MP admits he would vote against his party, if it aided the anti-Brexit cause.

This is an election like no other. Labour candidates saying there is no way their leader can win; the Tories insisting he can

My name is Emma Jones and I’m a Lib Dem. There. I’ve said it. Now others need to end their denial

Our resident Brexiteer takes his own very particular (and not at all partisan look) at this week’s shenanigans

We pick out the worst Leavers of a week in which people came together and united behind the opportunities which lie ahead. Probably.

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