Lib Dems

Labour and the Tories are now marching, hand in hand, towards a Hard Brexit

Former leader of the 1968 student protests. Daniel Cohn-Bendit explains what links those protests to Brexit and Trump, where the EU has failed and the simple way it can succeed

Why did the EU referendum happen and how could it be overturned? Brexit is not a done deal and this is how we can fight it

Richmond Park must be an inspiration for those wanting an open, tolerant Britain – and we must shout loud enough to wake the government from its sleepwalk towards a trade war

For the Labour Party, Brexit is neither a sprint nor a marathon.

You asked and he answered – the former Prime Minister talks Brexit, Labour, Trump, Iraq and world politics

Brexit power 100: influential figures from the worlds of politics, the media, entertainment, finance and football, and from all sides of the debate

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is determined to push for a further referendum on the terms of any exit Brexit deal



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