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The answer is not a second referendum but a first on Tories’ bad deal for Britain says Editor-at-Large Alastair Campbell.

Progressive parties must get their act together and address immigration if we are to avoid a Hard Brexit, writes environmentalist and Green thinker JONATHON PORRITT.

There is at least a 20% chance Brexit will not happen, according to Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable.

I didn’t get much from my Twitter spat with Kylie Minogue’s songwriter, but his famous lyrics certainly sum up the mindset of Brexiteers.

The Lib Dems have stepped back from the Brexit cliff-edge.

Sir Vince Cable is to set out his bid to scupper Brexit by declaring “I am a proud saboteur”.

The working class were the key to Brexit. They must be the key to its defeat.

The Liberal Democrats need a spark. And Sir Vince Cable can provide it.

A new Big Lie is currently entering the Big Lie lexicon. It is that 51.9% having voted Leave last June 23 – National Self-Harm Day – the number has now risen to over 80%.

Amid a growing sense that Brexit is doomed Sir Vince Cable told the Andrew Marr Show: “The problems are so enormous, the divisions within the two major parties are enormous.

The year of Brexit AKA The year you’ll want to forget

After the tower block disaster the mask has once again fallen for embattled Prime Minister

She ran it as the red hot ‘me, me, me’ campaign. And ended it as the ‘woe is me’ bigtime loser.

Brexit is not a done deal now the General Election is over, in fact the fight is just beginning

The debate that never happened, the mauling at the hands of snarling interviewers and numerous car-crash moments ... Television has both shaped and scarred the election campaign

This has been a dreadful campaign, as shallow and mean-spirited in its way as the Brexit campaign last summer, its proximate cause.

From Conservative U-turns to when Corbyn met the masses - David Schneider shares the moments he’ll remember from the general election 2017

Our Brexiteer diarist still can’t quite work out how the Tories got themselves into such a pickle over the funding of social care

The more votes pro-European candidates get, the more authority they will have to oppose May’s Brexit plans.

Responses to the bombing will be a test of the resilience, maturity and cohesion of both society and party leaders

Politics is a matter of sentiment, of attitude and feeling.

What would happen if Theresa and the rest of Team May have got it all wrong?

The Liberal Democrats have put fighting Brexit at the heart of their manifesto.

Brexit blaming and sofa talk: Our (Brexiteer) diarist Iain Dale records a new election week

Macron’s election raises the stakes in the governing game

Well, not quite. UKIP’s disastrous performance and the local elections signals their engulfing by the lurch to the right by Theresa May’s Team (previously known as the Conservative Party).



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