Angela Merkel has said the UK has “illusions” about the realities of Brexit and insisted talks on the UK’s divorce bill from the EU must be dealt with before trade negotiations can begin.

Brexit raises more and more questions for its backers. Yet they still have no answers

The manifestos are a few weeks away yet. But here is a look at some of the main themes already taking shape.

Oh I do like a Brexit by the seaside ... Quintessentially British seaside town Skegness voted in droves to quit the EU. We went for a stroll along the pier and found ourself wondering whether the locals might be in for a shock

Truth and lies dance circles round each other – and part of us even admires the con men

Lies, fibs, untruths... in the end the truth about quitting the EU will be revealed

Having won a great victory, Brexiteers seem thoroughly bored by the prize. But the ennui around Brexit plays into the hands of the zealots

The referendum result was clear but not well-founded. If it was a court case it would be considered an unsafe conviction

Finding an answer to the cri de coeur: how the promise of a home away from home is vanishing for European students

Broadcasters are letting us down over Brexit. They should credit us with a bit more intelligence

We sort the chaff from the chaff to bring you another 10 of the worst leavers of the week

IRA man turned peacemaker Martin McGuinness remains a divisive character but we must allow ourselves to change and accept change in others

Over the coming years, we must do what is best for the country. And that means shouting from the rooftops about the risks that Hard Brexit brings

The will of the British people may change yet

Why Saturday’s protest needs to be a display of unity for all our sakes

As he prepares to head off for talks with Moscow, the Russians easily have the measure of Boris Johnson

The young and old alike can see the coming calamity of Brexit. And recent encouraging events show that they still have the ability to avert it

Immigration was, by most accounts, the deciding factor in the EU referendum. Warnings about the economy, promises of £350m for the health service, even bendy bananas played their part. But nothing pushed the voters’ buttons as much as the idea of more people landing on our shores.

Despite all the promises made by Brexiteers, immigration may even rise as a result of the referendum

Put simply, if enacted, Brexit will mean Britain will leave the European Union.

The Brextremists’ only response to Tony Blair’s speech was abuse. We should take heart from their refusal to engage on the substance – and force them to answer these 48 questions

Four in 10 European doctors are considering quitting Britain following the Brexit vote in a move that would “cripple” the NHS.

To get to the dark heart of Brexit, ask who benefits? The tiny cabal who might conceivably prosper from Brexit tell you exactly why we must continue to resist it.

If you want to know what’s going wrong in the NHS don’t listen to MPs, just follow the money

I am a peer in the House of Lords preparing to fight Article 50

We are living in an era when hate seems to be in the ascendency, says Eddie Izzard. But there is a way to fight back

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has launched a stinging attack on Theresa May claiming she is risking Britain’s future by forcing through a Hard Brexit.


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