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The forces of history are with Remain. The only question is when we will win

Brexit raises more and more questions for its backers. Yet they still have no answers

Why Saturday’s protest needs to be a display of unity for all our sakes

85% of world is joining trading blocs... as we decide to leave

The Brexit crisis is not the only emergency facing the UK and leaving the EU could spell the end for another union

The Article 50 legislation paving the way for Theresa May to start the Brexit process is to be rushed through the Commons within a fortnight.

Why did the EU referendum happen and how could it be overturned? Brexit is not a done deal and this is how we can fight it

A C Grayling on why catchphrases and untruths contributed to the theft of the UK

If MPs blindly follow an advisory referendum then history will pass its own judgment, says Professor A C Grayling

MPs must act now, argues AC Grayling, or our grandchildren will look back and wonder at the act of national suicide of a once-great country

Those who say that parliament can note and learn from the outcome of the 23 June advisory referendum, yet not choose to take the UK out of the EU, are accused by those who supported Leave of being ‘anti-democratic.’ It is vital to understand why it would not be ‘anti-democratic’ for parliament to decide to retain the UK’s EU membership. It is especially vital that our MPs should be reminded of these considerations, because the future of the UK and the EU is now wholly in their hands.

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A year of failure and fiasco in May’s Number 10

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Tory minister Steve Baker demands the EU is to be ‘torn down’

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