Tory party

The Cabinet is “united” in backing a transitional Brexit deal which would mean continued access to migrant labour, Michael Gove has said.

A vanity not evident in his years on the fringe has become visible.

Dinner table debate with Tory voters offers fascinating food for thought…

The Conservatives have been exposed as the opportunistic self-serving incompetents that they are.

Anathema to many British voters and stereotyped as inflexible but the DUP have a deserved reputation for dexterity and find themselves as a wildcard in the Brexit mix

Theresa May’s Brexit election gamble has backfired spectacularly leaving her position at the top of the Tory party on a knife edge.

Twitter lefties and a missing Brexit election: Our (Brexiteer) diarist Iain Dale records a new election week

Those of us who support Remain or Soft Brexit are stored away in the “women” category.

Is it time for toughness to discourage further defections or for accommodation to a changing public mood across the Union?

Brexit has raised some existential questions about national identity, with many Britons feeling their faith in Britishness eroding

The will of the British people may change yet

A more pragmatic approach to Brexit is finally emerging – but so too are the threats from zealots

Britain loves a toff. But the media’s current favourite, Jacob Rees-Mogg, may not be as harmless as he seems

Why did the EU referendum happen and how could it be overturned? Brexit is not a done deal and this is how we can fight it

The Brexit timetable vote helped to define the battlefield, but the bloodshed is all still to come

Brexit power 100: influential figures from the worlds of politics, the media, entertainment, finance and football, and from all sides of the debate

A C Grayling on why catchphrases and untruths contributed to the theft of the UK

The arrogance of Brexiteers is bad enough, says Ian Dunt. But what’s worse is that they make literally no sense. Their arguments have no factual underpinning, are logically impossible and intellectually worthless

Former tabloid boss Paul Connew offers a glimpse inside the mind of an editor

A poisonous smokescreen is being put up around the democratic debate in the aftermath of the referendum.

Fifty-six per cent of people in the north of Ireland voted to remain in the EU. Martin McGuinness, the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, explains why Brexit is an affront to democracy and explores its consequences

Not all older people are selfish individuals who are indifferent to the interests of their children and grandchildren.

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A year of failure and fiasco in May’s Number 10

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Tory minister Steve Baker demands the EU is to be ‘torn down’

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