David Cameron

Is it time for toughness to discourage further defections or for accommodation to a changing public mood across the Union?

When you think about it, Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election should come as no surprise.

Editor-at-large Alastair Campbell issues a cri de couer for the pro-European cause

The manifestos are a few weeks away yet. But here is a look at some of the main themes already taking shape.

MPs have expressed their fears that hackers attacked the voter registration website in the weeks before the EU referendum

Lies, fibs, untruths... in the end the truth about quitting the EU will be revealed

The French far right, through the generations, has mutated and adapted to the mood of the age. And already, the next generation is moving it in new directions

In these increasingly strange days it seems Westminster’s undead, tempted by a whiff of Brexit flesh, are marching back on to centre stage

Baby Boomers must share the blame for Brexit and Trump, but the real rage comes from elsewhere

Britain is ill prepared for the Brexit trade negotiations. They will be gruelling, tense and very complex - and the Prime Minister should re-think her tactics

Could Britain be forced to surrender the long-disputed territory of Gibraltar as part of Brexit negotiations?

A more pragmatic approach to Brexit is finally emerging – but so too are the threats from zealots

A family story of the close family bonds between Ireland and the UK, and what Brexit might mean for Ireland.

We sort out the 10 worst leavers of a momentous week on Planet Brexit

The Brexit Bill is not the only one to have suffered a rough ride in the Lords in recent months.

Regardless of the damage it may wreak, the progress of Brexit is, at least, orderly. As for Trump and the US, the only certainty is volatility

ason Williamson is one half of the Sleaford Mods – probably Britain’s most political band, and certainly its angriest. And there is little that makes him as angry as Brexit. Here, he takes aim at Leavers, trolls and much more

From brown shoes to foreign lorry drivers, computers to oral sex, the list is as varied as it is perplexing

Whatever you think about Nigel Farage he is blockbuster television. But is the BBC enabling his ring-wing rhetoric?

The Peers should be heeded – most have been around for considerably longer than their friends in the Commons

Well, if you voted to Leave the EU – congratulations. But did you vote for this?

Almost 8 months on from the referendum, the anger Brexit has engendered hasn’t dissipated one bit

Neither side is all right, nor all wrong. That includes Donald Trump

The central focus of the Leave campaign was for Britain to “take back control of our borders”.

85% of world is joining trading blocs... as we decide to leave

Brexit explained: Britain’s exit from the European Union has become widely know as “Brexit”. Find how Brexit started and why it matters.

The Brexit crisis is not the only emergency facing the UK and leaving the EU could spell the end for another union


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