Jacques Chirac

Having set up his own movement to challenge for the French presidency, Emmanuel Macron faces a tough challenge. But there are signs he may just have hit on a way out of the current mess, and discovered an antidote to the populist virus sweeping Europe

Turkey was on progressive path, but Europe sent it in a dangerous direction

Why the credit crunch continues to cripple parts of the continent, how Tony Blair blocked a European army and how the EU can cure its ills

Perceived wisdom says that Marine Le Pen cannot win this year’s French presidential election. But such complacency is deeply troubling

Think 2016 was a big year for surprising election results? Here are 7 European elections set to tear-up the political rulebook

The Strictly star set to quickstep back to the top of Brexit Britain

After Brexit and Trump’s election, the world’s eyes have turned to France: which path will it choose?



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