Margaret Thatcher

By any normal standards the EU would be considered a huge success and now cross-party pro-European voices must come together to save it.

Politicians should remember what lack of sleep can do to us.

Migrant bashing is trending again. In virtual and real public spaces, anti-migrant hostility is palpable.

Since Brexit there has been a spike in homophobic hate crime. What are the reasons behind the worrying trend?

The New European has finally decided to publish one of persistent Brexiteer Robert Miller’s letters. But was it worth the wait?

British broadcasting’s big hitter who is still awaiting his rightful BBC inheritance.

Prime Minister Theresa May has become a much diminished figure on the world stage

A vanity not evident in his years on the fringe has become visible.

Trump is the person with no credentials who talks back to the PhDs, and the big journalists, and the pollsters who just don’t get it. He’s Mr Tell-It-Like-It-Is.

The Brexit vote has divided us in a new way between the Optimists and the Pessimists. Just to complicate things, both tendencies exist in both Remain and Leave.

The year of Brexit AKA The year you’ll want to forget

None of us want this great nation to be laughed at ... But that is what is happening

May has somehow managed to deprive the country of the strong and stable government she claimed that only she could provide.

This has been a dreadful campaign, as shallow and mean-spirited in its way as the Brexit campaign last summer, its proximate cause.

The global titans and statesmen of yesteryear have gone. And we may never see their like again

UK will be safest in the world online... after we’ve fixed that NHS cyber attack: Five things we learned on Saturday

Is Theresa May more big time than the Tories? Five things we learned on Friday:

Those of us who support Remain or Soft Brexit are stored away in the “women” category.

With the clock ticking not only on Article 50, but also a UK general election, is Ireland the part of Europe with most to fear from Brexit’s fallout?

... they never do, says The New European’s election editor

In these increasingly strange days it seems Westminster’s undead, tempted by a whiff of Brexit flesh, are marching back on to centre stage

A more pragmatic approach to Brexit is finally emerging – but so too are the threats from zealots

Regardless of the damage it may wreak, the progress of Brexit is, at least, orderly. As for Trump and the US, the only certainty is volatility

The young and old alike can see the coming calamity of Brexit. And recent encouraging events show that they still have the ability to avert it

The Peers should be heeded – most have been around for considerably longer than their friends in the Commons



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