Matt Kelly

The latest New European podcast is available now including an exclusive interview with former Europe Minister Denis MacShane.

Robert Miller, the Brexiteer who keeps writing to us without being published finally gets his say in The New European

Prime Minister Theresa May has become a much diminished figure on the world stage

Matt Kelly recalls an eventful year for The New European

Matt Kelly, Richard Porritt and Geri Scott tackle another busy week in British politics, crown the latest Brexiteer of the Week and celebrate The New Europeans first birthday.

Naturally, as a man of ill-concealed principle and conviction, Tim Farron was always likely to come a cropper in a game as flea-pit filthy as politics.

No wonder they kicked the poor bugger out of politics.

We do not condone this and imagine it makes the editor of the Daily Mail very angry…

As Theresa May’s Brexit election backfires spectacularly Richard Porritt, Matt Kelly, Geri Scott and Steve Anglesey pick over the bones of a dramatic night.

June 8, 2017, will be remembered as the day the British people took a step back from the brink of a catastrophic Brexit.

This week’s attack on Manchester has rocked us all to the core. On the front page of The New European, cartoonist Gary Barker captures the deep sense of loss perfectly - 22 pink balloons escaping the grasp of a little girl.

Get your weekly dose of politics as Matt Kelly, Steve Anglesey, Richard Porritt and Geri Scott dissect the Tory manifesto and crown Brexiteer of the week

Well, not quite. UKIP’s disastrous performance and the local elections signals their engulfing by the lurch to the right by Theresa May’s Team (previously known as the Conservative Party).

An exclusive poll conducted by The New European shows Lib Dems set to profit in the election of June 8

The EU was not conceived to regulate the curvature of a banana. It was conceived to regulate our propensity to kill each other.

Well, we now know at least one thing about our inscrutable Prime Minister. We know she is prepared to do a u-turn on something she stated categorically would not happen - a snap General Election.

The will of the British people may change yet

George Osborne is not the only big newspaper appointment to make waves. Our editor-at-large Alastair Campbell explains why he’s joined The New European

Alastair has been a great supporter of the paper since we began and, more importantly, one of the strongest and most credible voices in the fight against Brexit, both before the Referendum and after.

The New European has announced that Alastair Campbell is joining its editorial board as Editor-at-Large.

For the avoidance of doubt, Michael, we hold you in contempt.

Welcome to the first of our new weekly newsletters - our cynical attempt to engage you with the content you SHOULD have read when you bought last week’s newspaper - in an effort to convince you to subscribe to The New European.

No other media embodies a sense of community like a newspaper does.

The New European says: Don’t listen to what Trump says. Look at what he does.

Is this really the country any one of us, Remain or Leave, voted for on June 23?



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