Michael Gove

The Cabinet is “united” in backing a transitional Brexit deal which would mean continued access to migrant labour, Michael Gove has said.

How did Brexit Britain lose the spirit of the 2012 Olympics?

In era of Trump, Brexit and social media, it is harder than ever for children to avoid politics. Is that a good thing?

A new Big Lie is currently entering the Big Lie lexicon. It is that 51.9% having voted Leave last June 23 – National Self-Harm Day – the number has now risen to over 80%.

A vanity not evident in his years on the fringe has become visible.

Brexit minister Steve Baker appears to have a similar distain for experts as Michael Gove.

How an emboldened Parliament can halt the descent to Brexit chaos

In this column’s unflinching commitment to finding fragments of silver lining in the debris that has been the Year of Brexit it is torn between Emmanuel Macron and Dominic Cummings.

We rank 6 of the losers, fiends and bonkers Brexiteers of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

The Daily Express and Daily Mail battled hard to prise Britain from the EU - a year on they are still fighting

Jeremy Corbyn mocked Theresa May’s deal with the DUP during PMQs claiming she found £1 billion to save her own job yet was snubbing public sector workers.

The year of Brexit AKA The year you’ll want to forget

The Prime Minister thought she knew the Will of the People. But she has consistently misjudged it

We pick the most wrong and unstable Leavers of the week

Dinner table debate with Tory voters offers fascinating food for thought…

The Conservatives have been exposed as the opportunistic self-serving incompetents that they are.

None of us want this great nation to be laughed at ... But that is what is happening

Voting records reveal the new Environment Secretary and Surrey Heath MP has voted against many green issues

Brexit is not a done deal now the General Election is over, in fact the fight is just beginning

LIZ GERARD is angry. With everyone from Nigel Farage to Jeremy Corbyn - and here is why.

How lost trust in once-mighty institutions created opportunities for populism

Politicians are refusing to debate Brexit, so the Convention on Brexit had to show them how it’s done,

Brexit blaming and sofa talk: Our (Brexiteer) diarist Iain Dale records a new election week

The truth behind the headlines and the claims that Britain’s Press is rabid and running wild

We sort the chaff from the chaff to bring you eight of the worst Leavers of the week

A more pragmatic approach to Brexit is finally emerging – but so too are the threats from zealots

George Osborne is not the only big newspaper appointment to make waves. Our editor-at-large Alastair Campbell explains why he’s joined The New European

We round up the losers and losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

Not everyone who voted leave is a racist or a xenophobe but the campaign and its aftermath has attracted some dubious supporters

For the avoidance of doubt, Michael, we hold you in contempt.

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