Michael Gove

Steve Anglesey ​picks out the losers and losers from another week on Planet Brexit – where there are no winners.

When stand-up, fantasy football fanatic and novelist David Baddiel first became famous hecklers were in the audience. Now, talking to NATHANIEL TAPLEY, he explains how trolls have become a new, nastier version of the loud-mouth in the crowd

MICHAEL WHITE on a muted reshuffle and why waiting for Corbyn is a waste of time

Here is a selection of some of the best quotes from an extraordinary year in politics.

Anthea McDowell writes that she is feeling more hopeful about the next 12 months in politics compared to this time last year.

Famous for ‘not doing God’, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL interviews the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I love it when Boris Johnson talks dirty in order to get some attention.

STEVE ANGLESEY adapts a few Christmas classics for New European readers in the mood for a singalong. Altogether now...

The Brexit “war cabinet” has concluded without senior ministers agreeing a position on what trade relationship Britain should pursue with the EU.

MICHAEL WHITE tries to look on the bright side of the fallout from May’s Brexit fudge.

A Government truce over the last-gasp EU deal is unravelling ahead of a crunch meeting of the Brexit war cabinet.

Brexiteer Michael Gove has broken rank to issue a thinly-veiled threat to the Prime Minister.

Behind the plots and schemes to achieve the hardest possible Brexit, a tangled web is beginning to emerge. PETER GEOGHEGAN investigates the figures pulling strings behind the scenes.

In an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn, Editor-at-Large ALASTAIR CAMPBELL spells out how fighting Brexit could win Labour the next election.

Theresa May is planning to rebrand the Conservatives as the ‘caring party’ after internal polling showed they are seen as not caring enough.

Here is a flavour of some of the recent letters we’ve received in The New European’s mailbag. Send your letters for publication to letters@theneweuropean.co.uk

Thousands of pro-EU protesters have delivered a clear message to Theresa May at Tory Party conference: “Bollocks to Brexit.”

How Britain’s farms are being sold out as real consequences of Brexit come home to roost

When it comes to Brexit and the environment our ties to the EU are complex.

Plot gossip: Leaky lips in the Tory party and a look at the world beyond Brexit sniping

The Cabinet is “united” in backing a transitional Brexit deal which would mean continued access to migrant labour, Michael Gove has said.

How did Brexit Britain lose the spirit of the 2012 Olympics?

In era of Trump, Brexit and social media, it is harder than ever for children to avoid politics. Is that a good thing?

A new Big Lie is currently entering the Big Lie lexicon. It is that 51.9% having voted Leave last June 23 – National Self-Harm Day – the number has now risen to over 80%.

A vanity not evident in his years on the fringe has become visible.

Brexit minister Steve Baker appears to have a similar distain for experts as Michael Gove.

How an emboldened Parliament can halt the descent to Brexit chaos

In this column’s unflinching commitment to finding fragments of silver lining in the debris that has been the Year of Brexit it is torn between Emmanuel Macron and Dominic Cummings.

We rank 6 of the losers, fiends and bonkers Brexiteers of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit



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