Theresa May

Brexit secretary David Davis has hailed the UK’s transitional period deal amid accusations the government has “surrendered”.

MICHAEL WHITE on the Kremlin, Rex Tillerson and spreadsheet Phil’s positive spin.

Grassroots anti-Brexit movements are planning to hold a series of rallies across the UK to mark one year since Theresa May triggered Article 50.

In this week’s diary column, the editor of the Today programme is spotted at lunch with an unholy trinity.

The New European’s Editor-at-Large ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on a memorable exchange between Blair and Putin.

As complex as the border issue is, there is something more fundamental at play in the latest wranglings, argues Irish journalist JASON WALSH

Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the prime minister’s action over the Russian spy poisoning scandal was met with condemnation.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has dismissed Number 10’s proposals for people crossing the Irish border to have to pre-register after Brexit.

In this week’s Brexit Deconstructed, JAMES BALL discusses how Trump’s ‘America First’ policy is bad news for the UK

MICHAEL WHITE on why the prospect of Trump trade wars takes away all the icing

PAUL CONNEW takes a look at the latest turmoil in the West Wing

The route ahead for Britain is absolutely clear, argues philosopher AC GRAYLING, the Remainer-in-Chief, in his latest diatribe against the scandal of Brexit

He was supposed to be its biggest fan, but Donald Trump has just declared war on Brexit, says ANDREW ADONIS

Progressives expect great things from Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau. But can the telegenic leaders actually deliver, asks Paul Knott.

The government has been accused of a Brexit power grab amid a furious row with Scottish and Welsh ministers.

In this week’s diary column, EU workers find a champion in the Home Office and the plan is laid out for the next phase of the Leveson inquiry

It is no secret that Russia attempted to influence the outcome of Brexit.

The New European’s Editor-at-Large on Theresa May’s strategy of wishful thinking in Brexit negotiations

It was years of failure on immigration by then prime minister David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May that caused Brexit, argues Progress director RICHARD ANGELL

Why Labour and Tory propositions on Brexit are much less than they appear.

The New European’s Editor-at-Large on his passion to halt the madness of Brexit

Everyone scoffed when Boris Johnson said Britain could “have its cake and eat it” outside the European Union.

The Trade Secretary who travelled all that way for a packet of crisps.

The pressure is mounting for our embattled, exhausted, enfeebled prime minister.

The grey man’s moment is now, writes MATT KELLY, and it could be pivotal

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Kate Hoey, David Davis, Boris Johnson and that big red bus. Just some of the subjects covered by correspondents in this week’s mailbag.

Politically active and opposed to Brexit, but marooned in a Labour Party which doesn’t reflect his views, MARTYN SLOMAN’s predicament is one familiar to many. He has some advice to those in a similar position.

Lord Adonis has welcomed Labour’s change of stance over Brexit believing it paves the way for a second referendum.

MICHAEL WHITE on those ludicrous spy stories . . . and why Labour’s leader must come in from the cold over Brexit.

There seems to be something sinister about the BBC’s attitude to Brexit. Using his little grey cells, ANDREW ADONIS decides to investigate.



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