Theresa May

The global titans and statesmen of yesteryear have gone. And we may never see their like again

The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the Manchester suicide bombing which killed 22 victims, including an eight-year-old girl.

Politics is a matter of sentiment, of attitude and feeling.

1. What would happen if Labour actually won the 2017 general election? Election editor Michael White plays make believe

What would happen if Theresa and the rest of Team May have got it all wrong?

The dangers of the presidential-style government Theresa May and her ‘team’ are seeking for the UK

The Liberal Democrats have put fighting Brexit at the heart of their manifesto.

Theresa May claims she is not like any Harry Potter character. Take our quiz and decide for yourself

Theresa May confirms she is not like a Harry Potter character: Five important things we learnt yesterday

The NHS is Theresa May’s blind spot and it is being sidelined in the Brexit process.

Labour would not allow Britain to crash out of the European Union if no trade deal was in place at the end of Brexit negotiations.

The Tories are back with their promise to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands.

Theresa May has resisted calls to lower the voting age to 16, insisting young people could get involved in politics without casting a ballot.

What next for the pro-European cause in the Conservative Party, asks a Tory peer who has fought an often lonely battle against Brexit

UK will be safest in the world online... after we’ve fixed that NHS cyber attack: Five things we learned on Saturday

Brexit blaming and sofa talk: Our (Brexiteer) diarist Iain Dale records a new election week

Is Theresa May more big time than the Tories? Five things we learned on Friday:

Macron’s election raises the stakes in the governing game

Well, not quite. UKIP’s disastrous performance and the local elections signals their engulfing by the lurch to the right by Theresa May’s Team (previously known as the Conservative Party).

Those of us who support Remain or Soft Brexit are stored away in the “women” category.

There can only be “one winner” but will it be MC Jez Jez? Five things we learned yesterday

Portugal might just help the British left plot a path to recovery – or at least help block Brexit

A win for the Tories team could be bad news for foxes as the PM pledges a free vote to overturn hunting ban.

Is May running a Trump-style campaign? Five things we learned yesterday

The EU was not conceived to regulate the curvature of a banana. It was conceived to regulate our propensity to kill each other.

As a young airman, Harry Leslie Smith saw first hand the need for co-operation in Europe, a lesson he thinks later generations have lost

This former Labour MP admits he would vote against his party, if it aided the anti-Brexit cause.

Disagreements, defectors, election speak: Our (Brexiteer) diarist Iain Dale records a new election week

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