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Grief is the word as TIM WALKER reviews the production featuring Cillian Murphy.

David Suchet delivers great value as the eccentric Gregory Solomon, alongside Brendan Coyle.

TIM WALKER reviews Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’s production of ‘As You Like It’.

TIM WALKER reviews a “stylish and highly intelligent” Hampstead Theatre production

A first class sentimental journey says TIM WALKER

It takes some arrogance to rewrite Shakespeare, says TIM WALKER.

Why the West End show starring Suranne Jones is certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

It might like there is little new to see in Picasso’s work, says VIV GROSKOP. But a current exhibition focuses on an unusual angle... his daughter as muse

Hidden away in a sleepy village in southern France lies the Palais Ideal, one of Europe’s most remarkable structures. With a new film about it in production, JULIAN SHEA tells the story behind this amazing construction and the man who built it

Facing upheaval in Europe, modern art found a very special refuge in New York. So, says CLAUDIA PRITCHARD, a new blockbuster MoMA exhibition in Paris represents something of a homecoming

From precocious, early success, the British painter’s career moved to subsequent obscurity, via misfortune and prejudice. But, as FLORENCE HALLETT reports, a new exhibition reclaims him as one of the 20th century’s great artists

Our culture correspondent Viv Groskop charts the many chapters in the career of a man described as the ‘most exciting new theatre writer of our time’.

There is more to Alberto Giacometti than his reputation as a troubled maverick, says JOANNE CRAWFORD.

The initiative aiming to slash away at the art world’s exclusivity and elitism

BONNIE GREER on the late Sir Peter Hall, a man who revolutionised English-speaking theatre

This is a sumptuous revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman’s 1971 homage to departed American musical theatre, says Martin McQuillan

At 11am on the morning of April 26, 1937, a reconnaissance plane circled over Guernica in the Basque region of Spain. The town’s people were nervous. Guernica’s strategic importance was obvious, if the city fell to Franco’s forces then the Basque coastal region would be next and the Nationalists would soon have north Spain under their control. Its inhabitants were also nervous because Mussolini’s air force, in support of the fascists, had already used aerial bombardment on towns in their campaign elsewhere in northern Spain. But it was market day and the town was busy, and despite the nervousness it was business as usual – even after a second spotter aircraft was seen flying overhead in the early afternoon.

He was the American artist who came to embody Paris’ ‘crazy years’. CHRIS SULLIVAN examines a creative force whose work continues to inspire

John Nicholson casts his eye over six more comedy acts performing at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Leaving the EU is not an inherently humorous topic but as the saying goes ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’. Here John Nicholson rounds up some of the best Brexit gags from Edinburgh Fringe.

Stephen Sondheim, more than any other contemporary composer, is credited with raising the musical to new levels of complexity and sophistication.

Brexit-supporting politicians have issued their own threats indicating that if the EU doesn’t like what they’re proposing they can lump it.

Rubens got in among our basic desires and our raw physicality and he gave them form

Which are the best comedy shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe?

Which are the best comedy shows to see at Edinburgh Fringe?

Paul Wang, Dane Baptiste, Imaginary Radio, Geoffrey Brown and Gareth Morinan all took to the stage at the largest arts festival in the world

Politicians should remember what lack of sleep can do to us.

Comedians Jan Ravens and Andrew Maxwell both took to the stage at the largest arts festival in the world.

Jess Robinson, Tez Ilyas and Rachel Jackson all took to the stage for Fringe week - the largest arts festival in the world.

Comedians Sara Schaefer, Tiff Stevenson and Pippa Evans all took to the stage at the largest arts festival in the world.

Parisians might like to claim a link for their city back to ancient Greece. In fact the stronger connection is a Yorkshire one

Lies, damn lies and Brexit: How fabrication – whatever the consequences – has become a viable political weapon and what the fallout might be

Since Brexit there has been a spike in homophobic hate crime. What are the reasons behind the worrying trend?

One hundred years ago, on July 31 1917, saw the start of the slaughter in that hell they called Passchendaele. Here’s why the battle still exerts such a hold on the national psyche...

Robert Miller, the Brexiteer who keeps writing to us without being published finally gets his say in The New European

When idiocy and immaturity take over, all a writer can do is blow a literary raspberry

Among the most extraordinary works of art are the Black Pictures of Francisco Goya Here is their story...

Not quite ready to laugh about Brexit? This 1960s comic classic brilliantly captures a sense of the undeniable farce the referendum vote has triggered

The Vespa and Lambretta are both characterised by style, beauty and the promise of freedom. But they have divided the world into two equally fanatical set of followers.

There are encouraging signs for bears across Europe. But for one subspecies – numbering only around 50 – the situation is particularly perilous. Efforts are being made to find out more about this isolated population right in the heart of Italy.

Deep in the Arctic is a vault built to help save the world from disaster. But it may not be as secure as we had hoped

In Romanian Moldavia,the Csángós are oppressed by their Romanian neighbours and misunderstood by their Hungarian ‘relatives’.

As Spanish women score a significant success against excessive space-taking by men, we find out why manspreading was an issue they felt needed addressing.

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