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La Terrasse in Wissant, France, and Rocksalt in Folkestone, Kent, are just 21 miles apart. But, as our new restaurant critic VICTOR LEWIS SMITH discovers in the first of an occasional series, there is a world of difference between British and French cuisine

Akvavit has been a Scandinavian favourite for centuries. The spirit’s name is derived from the Latin aqua vitae, or ‘water of life’ (as indeed is the word ‘whisky’, which comes via the Gaelic equivalent of the phrase).

Full disclosure: I’ve never drunk a glass of beer before in my life. Until this summer in Scotland.

Spiced sauces are a constant in my life, whether it’s the go-to Caribbean Encona Pepper Sauce at the back of the cupboard, the perennial Tabasco or any other hot sauce with the magical ability to elevate even the most modest cheese sandwich to the higher echelons of eating.

Vodka – The clean, clear spirit is an essential ingredient in many a classic cocktail.

It was almost 35 years ago yet I still can’t believe my dad let me do it. I can’t have been much more than 14 years old.

Celts share a fierce pride and independence that has shaped their food and drink, says JOSH BARRIE

Infuse cream with cinnamon, cardamon and star anise for an Indian inspired twist on the classic French dessert

A gin and prosecco cocktail recipe with a spiced, sugary sensuousness

After fundraising curry night in support of the Grenfell victims, our resident foodie gets creative with the leftovers – and some Aperol Spritz

An ice cold San Miguel on a Spanish beach, or a glass of a Bordeaux in a Paris restaurant might seem like the ultimate in European drinks, but these ten classics are underrated examples of the continent’s cocktails, cordials and concentrates.

Could Brexit encourage us to be a bit more European when it comes to the fish we eat?

When Hardeep Singh Kohli cooked for Rory Bremner, the resulting dish - a fusion of Scottish and Indian cuisine - went down a storm

More than a century after they became extinct there, oysters are returning to a Scottish firth.

A culinary icon of Jewish delis, there are more bagel bakers in London than you may think - we track down where to find a proper bagel in the capital

What better way to confront culinary fatigue than with a rhubarb recipe?

Halloumi, edam, camembert? Which is your favourite European cheese?

You don’t have to be a rabid Brexiteer to feel a patriotic glow at the thought of tea, jam and fish-and-chips. But these and many other items are not quite so quintessentially British as they may seem

These top chefs shared how lesser known European dishes and ingredients have inspired their own work

As the first post-Brexit Burns Night looms, Hardeep Singh Kohli finds himself rekindling the Auld Alliance

A series of Michelin-starred European chefs explore how the referendum vote has put Britain’s booming restaurant sector at risk

Warning: this list of snacks, street food and traditional Croatian dishes will ruin any healthy diet you’re attempting

In a land of comfort food, Nutella is king - part of the choc-stained fabric of daily Italian life

Six Amsterdam coffee shops for a tea or a coffee and a smoke – or even a beer –accompanied by great atmosphere and tasty snacks

Amsterdam’s coffee shops seem the perfect embodiment of The Netherlands laid back, liberal outlook. But that belies a more sinister reality

How to appreciate the art of camp stove cooking in the Scottish wilderness

Inspired by an old friend, TNE’s resident food columnist creates a recipe with olives, anchovies and capers

Tell us what you think of The New European and be in with a chance to win 48 bottles of wine

How a misunderstanding and chance encounter led to a delicious Hungarian recipe

Try Jack Monroe’s take on the classic Polish soup, packed with beetroot, greens and crunchy cucumber

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