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The Independent for Change group have been criticised after its leader said it would not vote against the government in an no confidence vote.

Pro-EU Tory grandee Ken Clarke has said he is willing to lead a government of national unity to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

A hit list has been created that will target 150 seats where Remainers can win to tip the balance against Brexit in an early general election.

From Brexiteer James Dyson taking EU subsidies to Neil Hamilton criticising children's political views. How well do you remember these stories?

From the Boris Johnson's nickname for Carrie Symonds to MPs demanding a 'Goldilocks Brexit'. How well do you remember these stories?

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

The Brexit Party had admitted it has had to 'trim down' part of Nigel Farage's UK tour - removing Scotland from its calendar of events.

It was the week that was meant to show a united Remain alliance that could topple Boris Johnson and stop Brexit.

A Youtuber who specialises in dubbing Monty Python dialogue onto political debates has gone viral with his latest video, and it's perfect.

UKIP's new leader, Richard Braine, has been active on Twitter since May 2010 and that has given him time to surprise nobody with his views on a wealth of issues.

On this week's podcast Jeremy Corbyn makes an offer that the Lib Dems can refuse.

A businessman has warned there would be civil unrest if there is a no-deal Brexit, and said he would be 'banging' and 'screaming' outside Number 10 if it happened.

The Brexit Party said a candidate who made 'abhorrent racist' comments and was vetted by Nigel Farage was announced in 'error' this week.

A Conservative MP has slammed Boris Johnson's claims that some MPs have turned 'collaborators' with Europe to block Brexit saying his remarks are 'unforgivable'.

Jo Swinson is under pressure from across the political divide to rethink her outright dismissal of Jeremy Corbyn's plan to prevent a no-deal Brexit by becoming caretaker prime minister.

Hundreds of thousands of EU citizens could be left without the right to live and work in the UK after next year despite being entitled to these privileges.

A Brexit protester who caused disruption costing more than £1 million by blocking trains running between London, Kent and France has been jailed.

50,000 European flags will be handed out at this year's Last Night of The Proms as an anti-Brexit activist group raises the stakes in 2019.

The disagreements between the opposition parties continue, as the Lib Dems refuse to support Jeremy Corbyn as a replacement for Boris Johnson.

Campaigners calling for a second referendum have herded a flock of sheep past the Cabinet Office as they protest against the potentially devastating impact a no-deal Brexit could have on farmers in the UK.

A Brexiteer has claimed that we did not need academics and experts to win World War II, and was promptly given a history lesson over Twitter by Remainers.

Former Tory MP Sarah Wollaston has joined the Liberal Democrats, saying it is the best way for her to fight to remain in the EU.

Millionaire Brexiteer Arron Banks Arron Banks has come under fire for a tweet about 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Jeremy Corbyn has been told that his suggestion he should be installed as a caretaker prime minister to prevent a no-deal Brexit under Boris Johnson has been branded a 'nonsense' idea by Jo Swinson.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives has said that a US-UK post-Brexit trade deal will be blocked by congress if it undermines the Good Friday Agreement.

Boris Johnson has used his social media platform to accuse MPs and the EU of collaborating to block Brexit, which he said increases the risk of leaving without a deal.

The Daily Mail and the media in general is being ran by a 'federalist class' conspiring with the European Union, UKIP's new leader has claimed.

A Brexit Party MEP has made a remarkable contribution to a discussion about climate change with a surprising suggestion of his own.

A campaigner has vowed to fight on in a court case against Boris Johnson - despite a judge ruling against his appeal.

A former top American diplomat has warned against "oversimplifying" matters after a US national security adviser claimed that the UK would be "first in line" for a trade deal.

UKIP's new leader Richard Braine has said he is 'getting a bit fed up' with people joking about his name - and that he is considering changing it.

Labour must work with the Liberal Democrats to prevent an 'undemocratic and disastrous' no-deal Brexit, Labour's deputy leader is urging.

Speaker John Bercow warned he 'will fight with every breath in my body' any attempt by the PM to suspend parliament to force through no-deal against MPs' wishes.

Boris Johnson would be betraying the referendum result if he enacted a no-deal Brexit by listening to the 'unelected' saboteurs, former chancellor Philip Hammond has argued.

After the success of The New European Podcast's live event earlier this year, we're back at Podcast Live this October.

How does Boris Johnson's evocation of Churchillian wartime spirit go down with out friends in Germany? PETER LITTGER tells us what it has been like to observe the change from Cool Britannia to Rule Britannia.

Young activists have gathered outside the Scottish Tory headquarters in Edinburgh to warn against the threat of a no-deal Brexit to the UK.

Work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd has been urged to start telling the truth on a no-deal Brexit again after she denied she was a 'sell out' for joining Boris Johnson's cabinet.

Former YouGov president PETER KELLNER on the Telegraph's questionable poll surrounding a no-deal Brexit, and how the public should have been asked to express a view.

A new Led By Donkeys campaign is aiming to embarrass government ministers for their hypocrisy surrounding a no-deal Brexit.

The Welsh and Scottish governments are urging the UK to continue with the European student exchange programme, regardless of whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal.

A date has been set for a hearing of a court case which seeks to stop Boris Johnson pushing ahead with a no-deal Brexit without the approval of MPs.

The spiritual home of white America's very own music genre, Nashville is country music. But it's not always been all about rhinestones and 10-gallon hats, as SOPHIA DEBOICK reports.

A cabinet minister has claimed that 'Ireland is f**ked' if Boris Johnson presses ahead with a no-deal Brexit.

The Telegraph has been accused of commissioning a 'dodgy poll' which claims that the public backs Boris Johnson proroguing parliament to implement a No-Deal Brexit.

The People's Vote campaign has announced a date for what is expected to be one of the biggest public protests Britain has ever seen.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has apologised for including only white women in her proposed female anti-Brexit cabinet, admitting she was "wrong to overlook" her "women of colour colleagues".

A Brexit Party MEP has claimed that there are more racists in the Remain camp than there are in the Brexit camp.

Brexiteer Michael Gove has helped to launch a new 'rapid rebuttal unit' from the government to try to kill stories about the risks of a no-deal Brexit.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has visited the Irish border - something the prime minister has failed to do in his new role, or in two years as foreign secretary.

JASON SOLOMONS identifies one of the films of the summer and hears from director Gurinder Chadha about how it was inspired by Brexit.

A legal challenge to prevent Boris Johnson forcing through a no-deal Brexit by suspending parliament has been allowed to proceed by the Scottish courts.

Nigel Farage has made a series of incendiary remarks about members of the royal family at a conference and during a live television interview.

Readers react to the latest electioneering from Boris Johnson - and the lies to come from his cabinet.

A pensioner who has been nicknamed the 'graffiti grandma' for scrawling anti-Brexit slogans on a wall has gone viral on social media.

As another Manson movie hits cinemas, JAMES OLIVER examines why this Hollywood story continues to beguile film-makers.

New research has suggested that households have already spent £4 billion on stockpiling goods in preparation for Brexit.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has proposed an emergency cabinet to block a no-deal Brexit that would implement a fresh referendum.

Friday evening's power cut brought a lot of England and Wales to a standstill. Consultant and former academic ELWYN LLOYD JONES says without the support of the EU it could become a more regular occurrence.

Decades before the existential threat of Brexit, acts including Kraftwerk decided inclusion was far more important than excommunication.

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