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Anti-Brexit campaigners are taking to the streets of central London this weekend with a simple message - 'no to Boris, yes to Europe'.

More than a quarter of a million have watched a video of a musician giving a tongue-in-cheek performance of his song that mocks Boris Johnson and Brexit.

The founder of Brexiteer campaign group BeLeave has told supporters that the Electoral Commission "completely ruined my early 20s" ahead of his appeal against the £20,000 fine for breaking election rules.

A campaign group is pushing back against the onslaught of misleading and untransparent political adverts, which are increasingly affecting our elections and referendums.

Who do you blame for mess we are currently in with Brexit?

Leave campaigners have been blamed for dumping copies of a pro-Brexit newspaper in a branch of Morrisons after Remainers who spotted the paper threatened a boycott of the chain.

The life of the fashion designer who was one of most the original and fearless in the history of couture

There is a new Chrome extension that stops you having to read about Brexit ever again.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has said Labour "must and will" campaign "unequivocally" for a second EU referendum in which the party backs Remain.

PETER TRUDGILL on an island language which vanished after the Europeans arrived

The supply of all medicines cannot be guaranteed in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Scotland's constitutional relations secretary has said.

Any future attempt by a Boris Johnson-led government to "bypass" Parliament to pursue a no-deal Brexit "would be beyond a prime minister's powers", campaigner Gina Miller has said.

A no-deal Brexit could leave the next prime minister at the mercy of French president Emmanuel Macron, chancellor Philip Hammond has warned.

Theresa May's former chief of staff, and the architect of the Tories' general election manifesto, has admitted a second referendum may be the only way out of the Brexit logjam.

As a new decade began, two men were at work, behind the scenes, on projects that would revolutionise music.

Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray said he feared for his life after a "baying mob" of protesters triggered by Tommy Robinson's sentencing descended on Parliament Square.

Boris Johnson was heckled during a Conservative leadership hustings in Cheltenham.

Félix Vallotton may have been long overshadowed by his contemporaries but a new exhibition aims to redress the balance.

Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt has acknowledged he may 'pay a political price' for being honest in the Tory leadership contest.

Boris Johnson has admitted he does not know the key details of the GATT 24 agreement that he is relying on to get a no-deal Brexit with the least amount of disruption to trade.

Lib Dem MEP SHAFFAQ MOHAMMED refutes suggestions that it is not possible for British MEPs to make a positive change. He says his party already has made a difference.

The petition to revoke Article 50 has broken records again - by becoming the largest in history to be presented to parliament - with still a month to go.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is plotting to lead the rebellion against a no-deal Brexit and a possible prorogation of parliament.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

Ibiza: The Silent Movie tells the playful potted history of the world's most famous capital of hedonism. JASON SOLOMONS talks to the film's director Julien Temple.

Who is on Any Questions tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

In what has been interpreted as European solidarity with the UK, the German ambassador to the USA has tweeted a picture of herself with ex-ambassador Kim Darroch and fellow diplomats.

MITCH BENN says it's time we all call out the lies and expose the liars peddling the myths about the EU and Europe.

Theresa May has said she "did everything" she could to get Brexit 'over the line', and that trying to negotiate with Brexiteers was tougher than seeking agreement with the European Union.

Her name was Mary Jo Kopechne. She was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on July 26, 1940. The date of her death cannot be so easily pinpointed. She died either in the final few minutes of July 18, or the first few of July 19, 1969, on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.

From its earliest days, Argentina has consistently failed to fulfil its immense potential. PAUL KNOTT suggests why, and sees few signs that a looming election will change anything

Amber Rudd has said she accepts the possibility of a no-deal Brexit after a u-turn on her position.

Netflix has released a trailer for a new documentary which will investigate Cambridge Analytica - one of the firms accused of using data to influence the EU referendum.

Brexiteer campaign Vote Leave has lost its appeal with the Electoral Commission, and has to pay legal fees on top of its original fine for multiple breaches of electoral law.

Support for the Brexit Party appears to be falling as it dropped four percentage points.

Ursula von der Leyen, who is tipped to be the next EU commission chief, told MEPs that "the door is open" to revoke Article 50 - even at the last minute.

Christopher Booker, the Telegraph columnist, died believing the Barclay brothers had 'wrecked' his newspaper and had a hand in wrecking the country.

Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon will take on Boris Johnson in the next general election, here she explains her very personal reasons for doing so.

A Brexiteer has provoked laughter after he claimed that the Irish border problem can be solved by using satellites and drones instead.

The challenge has changed and there's no point in going back or fighting old battles, John Kampfner highlights the need for a re-think in the anti-Brexit camp.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL writes an open letter to the Tories...

If Sir Kim Darroch had ever had any doubt about the accuracy of his comments the president's reaction must have served as vindication.

MICHAEL WHITE on the week Boris Johnson was all-but crowned as the new European Union team looked on...

Nigel Farage has called for the government to remove opponents of Brexit from the civil service, to claims it is 'fascism by the backdoor'.

Tommy Robinson has been jailed for nine months after being found guilty of contempt of court for a video he livestreamed outside court in breach of a reporting ban.

NATHAN BORODA, who was born and bred in Bury, just a short way away from Wigan, extends a friendly invitation to Lisa Nandy MP to attend the latest People's Vote event.

What would the leader of the opposition's 'for' and 'against' Brexit lists look like?

A Lib Dem councillor has defected to the Brexit Party, claiming that their pro-Remain stance goes against her beliefs, despite only joining six months ago.

A 16-year-old has just effectively taken down Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy - leaving fellow guests in awe at his coherency.

NICK COHEN on how the Tory leadership race has revealed a profound and disturbing change on the British right

Reader DAVID HARRISON said the Remain movement needs 'one boss, one plan and one message'.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has said he will be a "nightmare" to Boris Johnson over a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson has received the backing of the Brexiteer boss of Wetherspoon's - but not all of the punters agreed.

Ursula von der Leyen, the European commission president-in-waiting, says she wants the UK to abandon its plans for Brexit.

Heidi Allen has suggested that the chancellor is interested in her 'Unite to Remain' initiative, which hopes to persuade anti-Brexit parties to collaborate in support of Remain candidates in a general election.

Theresa May sidestepped a chance to 'recommend her successor', telling MPs that the next Tory leader would be an 'excellent' prime minister whoever wins.

Minutes before PMQs, the news of Sir Kim Darroch's resignation broke. Did Jeremy Corbyn make the government squirm over it...?

Outspoken Brexiteer billionaire James Dyson has purchased a 'super penthouse' in Singapore months after being accused of 'hypocrisy' for moving his company out of Britain.

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