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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson is will liken Boris Johnson to a dictator during her speech at party conference.

A European leader has let loose his deep frustration with Boris Johnson and Brexit as the UK prime minister ducked their joint press conference.

Former prime minister has apologised for what his decision to hold an EU referendum sparked in his first major television interview since his resignation.

After articles appeared in the rightwing press about its international work, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) said it has had a spike in online donations - but others are withdrawing their support.

The government has spent more than a quarter of a million pounds on Facebook adverts about the Brexit deadline date of October 31st - despite MPs trying to force their hand to delay the date.

Photoshopped pictures of Boris Johnson's empty lectern have already begun doing the rounds on Twitter after he failed to show up to his press conference in Luxembourg.

The Liberal Democrats could win 'up to 100 seats' in a general election with its anti-Brexit stance, MP Chuka Umunna has predicted.

Diehard Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen has accused the EU of threatening British lives in the event of a no-deal Brexit affecting medical supplies.

A Lib Dem MP has criticised the party's new stance to revoke Article 50 if it wins a general election - claiming a failure to compromise has led to rise of Farage and Johnson.

Boris Johnson has been forced to cancel his outdoors press conference in Luxembourg after anti-Brexit protesters turned up to greet him.

MIKE BUONAIUTO is calling for urgent action against the light-touch approach Facebook takes towards political campaigning on its platform.

STEVE ANGLESEY on if the irrational work of irrational men is down to a diet either smacked out by meat or in the amphetamine grip of a sugar rush?

Scores of local Labour parties have backed a call for the national leadership to support the revocation of Article 50.

Universities are concerned about the impact a no-deal Brexit could have on areas such as student recruitment, research and staff, according to a poll.

Ahead of next month's return of Jeux Sans Frontières, Roger Domeneghetti explores the complex role the show has played in European relations.

The trade unions are shifting on Brexit, says ZOE WILLIAMS. And that can only be a good thing for the cause.

The prime minister's undoubted gift for comedy should not be treated as trivial, says Chris Arning. We need to understand it.

JAMES BALL on the unwritten rules in politics that are damaging the system and why.

Dominic Cummings is still a director of an info tech company, Chris Grayling a joke in theatre land and Gina Miller's grace under pressure.

MATTHEW D'ANCONA outlines the vision behind a revolutionary journalism project designed to reflect the modern day.

BONNIE GREER on why the relatable average Joe from the quieter states of America, is the rival Trump should fear most.

The government might want to rethink its marketing campaign strategy after adverts telling listeners to 'get ready for Brexit' have been among those featured on our staunchly anti-Brexit podcast.

MITCH BENN on Boris Johnson becoming the first prime minister since 1894 to lose his first commons vote and also reducing his from +1 to -43 in a week.

Scotland's constitutional relations secretary has said there is a path open for an independent Scotland to "walk into" EU membership.

Boris Johnson has compared his Brexit strategy to the Hulk and the internet has reacted with its usual scorn.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has promised to cancel Brexit altogether if her party wins a majority at the next election.

Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are considering prorogation of parliament for a second time as the government loses control of the House of Commons.

Former Tory MP Sam Gyimah says his new party will still be campaigning for a second referendum - despite its plans to make cancelling Brexit its main policy on Europe.

Following Sam Gyimah's high profile defection from the Tories, the Liberal Democrats are preparing for the second day of their party conference.

David Cameron has launched another stinging attack on Boris Johnson, claiming the prime minister "didn't believe" in Brexit and only backed the Leave campaign to further his career.

BBC broadcaster Steph McGovern has apologised after making a jibe about Boris Johnson following his speech.

The BBC was forced to broadcast scenes of Last Night of the Proms attendees waving European flags after anti-Brexit campaigners handed out thousands.

Former Tory minister Sam Gyimah has joined the Liberal Democrats - giving a boost to the anti-Brexit party on the first day of conference.

NINA DE AYALA PARKER on the patriarchal force of privileged Etonians professing to be acting on behalf of the people.

Boris Johnson can't even deliver a donkey let alone a Brexit unicorn, the Alliance Party's leader has claimed.

The Lib Dems have started conference season in Bournemouth by debating whether the party should propose revoking Article 50 altogether.

David Cameron has said he is 'truly mess' for the uncertainty and division that followed the Brexit vote - but still believes it was right to hold a referendum.

Cabinet minister Nicky Morgan has broken ranks with the rest of the government to reveal she would still vote to Remain in the European Union if given the chance in a second referendum.

David Cameron has spoken out about worrying "desperately" about the consequences of Brexit and said that a second referendum cannot be ruled out.

The prime minister has denied ever saying that money spent on historic child abuse investigations is "spaffed up the wall", to the disbelief of an assembled press corps in Rotherham.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

Boris Johnson has had a tongue-lashing from a young woman who said he was selling a Brexit and post-austerity 'fairytale'.

While Boris Johnson claims he has struck on the "rough shape" of a Brexit deal, Leo Varadkar has said that the British government's newest proposals fall "very short of what we would need" for a new agreement.

The Metropolitan police has closed its investigation into Leave.EU, saying the campaign had made "technical breaches" of electoral law but it would not be pursuing the case.

Boris Johnson has been heckled in Rotherham by a heckler protesting the prorogation of MPs, telling him to "get back to parliament".

Parliament was prorogued - but politics didn't fall silent. What events of the week have you paid attention to?

Nigel Farage has claimed there are "no facts at all" in the Yellowhammer document, leading a caller to his LBC show to accuse the Brexit Party leader of dealing only in slogans.

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has said pubs will benefit if the UK leaves the EU - with or without a deal - on October 31st.

There has been an outcry from MEPs and Jean-Claude Juncker after the incoming EU president established an office "for protecting our European way of life".

Speaker John Bercow has vowed to stop Boris Johnson to stop breaking the law surrounding a delay to no-deal Brexit.

The Daily Express has bizarrely claimed the Supreme Court was set up by Tony Blair in 2005 in order to block Brexit 14 years later.

A student has started a petition attempting to ban Boris Johnson from his former Oxford University college, saying it is no longer an 'old boys' club".

The Question Time audience appeared to speak for much of the nation when they lined up to express exasperation at the latest developments with Brexit.

A date has been set for John Humphrys' departure from the Today programme - and it will follow an interview with former prime minister David Cameron.

Several major Brexit-related court cases have dominated the news with their highs and lows, with more to come - here's your guide in case it's all starting to get confusing.

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has claimed that the government is 'still not telling the truth' about the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson has said a £15 billion bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland would be a 'very good' idea.

Publicity-starved political company boss Nigel Farage got a rare chance to air his views on the BBC yesterday, but he was entirely outshone by an anti-racist protester.

After meeting a wandering Jewish painter, WILL SELF tries to impress with tales of Van Gogh and poet Apollinaire.

Boris Johnson is facing a new legal action to ensure the law is not "grifted" by empowering a Scottish court to request an extension to Article 50 if he refuses to do so himself.

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