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After receiving hundreds of complaints after Kay Burley did an 'empty chair' interview with Tory chair James Cleverly, Ofcom has announced they will not run a formal investigation.

A Conservative candidate who is set to replace Boris Johnson in an upcoming seven-way debate was asked why the PM is not showing up.

A group opposed to the prime minister have used a projector to target Boris Johnson at the £42,000 a year school he attended.

Jo Swinson was stopped in the streets of Glasgow this morning by a young man who confronted her about her party's impact on austerity in the region.

The Brexit Party MEP for South West England has faced criticism after doubling down on her claim that leaving the EU is comparable to emancipation from slavery.

A prankster has bought the domain name '' and has made a remarkably profane 'alternative' election platform for the Conservatives.

A former Brexit Party candidate will take the company to court over £600 in unpaid expenses which the hopeful spent preparing for the general election.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined campaigners in urging people to register to vote before next Tuesday's deadline.

Organisers of an election hustings in Boris Johnson's Uxbridge constituency may 'empty-chair' the prime minister if he does not confirm he will show up.

Channel 4 has had to cancel an election debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn after the prime minister refused to participate.

Filled with marginal seats and featuring factors which do not apply elsewhere in the UK, how the election plays out in Scotland will dictate what happens next. Maurice Smith reports

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

The polls are too volatile and the consequences too unpredictable for people to tactically vote with any confidence, says JAMES BALL. And that's before all the other objections are taken into account.

Nigel Farage has once again claimed he will disappear when Brexit is done - weeks after suggesting he could leave for America.

The Conservative Party election battlebus has broken down, leaving the party on a housing estate.

Sir Keir Starmer says whatever the outcome of Brexit, the country will not go back to normal.

Brexit Party lawyers have requested that Led By Donkeys campaigners hand over to the organisation - with the anti-Brexit group offering to gift it in return for more than a million pounds.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy blocks Canterbury exclusive, Daily Mail chief's EU handouts and my challenge to Boris Johnson - visit Liverpool.

ANDREW ADONIS on how the questions of accountability and honesty surrounding the candidates to be prime minister have made this the Prince Andrew election.

The Conservative Party accepted £200,000 from the wife of a former Russian finance minister under president Putin, just days after refusing to publish a report into Russian interference in UK elections.

Martin Scorsese's new film The Irishman features the controversial life and mysterious disappearance of US union boss Jimmy Hoffa. RICHARD LUCK looks back to an earlier cinematic account which will be hard to beat.

What a trip to East Germany in a Trabant taught WILL SELF about fate

The Brexit Party is standing by a candidate whose social media feed has reportedly warned about a Muslim 'takeover' of Britain and complained of anti-white "racism".

Labour has promised to consult on establishing an inquiry into "fake news" if they are elected.

The regulator for broadcasters has dismissed a complaint lodged by the Labour Party over Sky News' use of 'The Brexit Election' branding on-air.

The Conservative Party has been accused of misleading voters again - this time with a video of Labour candidate Jess Phillips.

The Liberal Democrats have thrown down the social media gauntlet with a tweeted video of a Jeremy Corbyn puppet.

The secretary of state for trade was grilled by Andrew Neil over the number of social houses and starter homes built by the Conservatives as she attempted to criticise Labour's manifesto.

MICHAEL WHITE on signs that might offer more optimism than most polls allow

Michael Gove has denied that he has 'form' for telling mistruths in politics as he was questioned about claims made he and colleagues made during the EU referendum and Tory election campaigns.

Labour have officially launched their manifesto, calling it the 'manifesto of hope' which the powerful 'will say won't work'.

Despite the Tories lining up to claim that voters were not bothered by the Tories attempts to mislead the public with a fake false-checking Twitter account, a new poll has revealed that they are.

A new website claiming to explain Labour's manifesto for the general election was actually created by the Conservative Party.

The home secretary has said that the government is not responsible for poverty in the UK, preferring to blame "all parts of society and the structures".

The Conservative Party have been branded 'Trumpian' and condemned by the UK's Society of Editors after banning a reporter from the Daily Mirror from their bus.

A new anti-Tory propaganda campaign tells people not to believe everything told to them by billionaires.

Former cabinet minister Nicky Morgan has claimed that voters are not outraged by the Tories' fact-checking stunt on Twitter, claiming it was a 'Westminster bubble story'.

Google will no longer allow voters to be targeted by advertisers based on their political affiliation, the company has announced.

The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has drawn criticism after suggesting they could work with the Tories to secure a People's Vote.

A Brexiteer who is standing against leading Remainer Anna Soubry in the general election has been banned from campaigning in her constituency after being found guilty of harassment.

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

Boris Johnson's claims that his plans for the National Insurance threshold will leave low-paid workers £500 a year better off have been picked apart in front of a hapless minister.

A Brexit Party campaigner has been ejected from a Manchester supermarket because he was "forcing" leaflets onto shoppers, says Morrisons.

Nearly double the number of young people are registering to vote in the upcoming election compared to 2017.

The NHS has overtaken Brexit as the top issue that voters have on their minds in the general election, a poll has found.

A candidate for the Brexit Party has apologised for horrific comments made about Jewish people, Muslims and women after old posts resurfaced.

A planned Museum of Brexit has been delayed due to "rogue MPs and anarcho-legal activists", one of its founders has claimed.

A UKIP candidate has suggested that illegal immigrants are coming into the country on paragliders and plans to set up beach observation points to stop them.

Jeremy Corbyn's position on a second, confirmatory Brexit referendum may have 'inadvertently' come out in an interview with Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live.

A Tory candidate who claimed British Jews had been 'brainwashed' has been suspended by the party - but will still appear on the ballot paper on December 12th.

A professor of European Law has pulled apart one of Boris Johnson's key Brexit claims, which he calls 'one of the biggest con tricks of the lot' in a twenty minute video of hard analysis.

A "small but vocal" group of protesters in Teesside chanted "no more cuts" following one of Boris Johnson's campaign speeches.

The Liberal Democrats have put stopping Brexit at the heart of their manifesto as the party try to maximise their credentials as the party of Remain.

The actor Ralf Little says he has been unable to access his Twitter account after he changed it to spoof the Conservative Party's own attempts to pass itself off as a fact-checking service.

Noel Gallagher - who told the British public to "get f*cking over it" when it comes to Brexit - has revealed that he applied for an Irish passport 'immediately' after the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016.

The Conservative Party and Vote Leave have accepted far more donations from supporters of climate science denial than any other campaign, research has found.

Just a few days on from hitting out at the Boris Johnson's associate Jennifer Arcuri, Lorraine Kelly has delivered another rant about the "outrageous" ITV leaders' debate on Tuesday.

More than six million people watched the first live leaders' debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on ITV.

Nigel Farage was left complaining some Question Time audience members had 'an agenda' after they pulled apart his 'man of the people' persona.

The Conservative Party's chair has faced criticism from the public and media for the party's decision to rebrand their Twitter as a fact checking service.

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