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Nigel Farage has claimed he is 'not a walking encyclopedia' when he was asked about some of the extreme views of his Brexit Party candidates.

Even the best-case scenarios following the impending general election could make for a bleak midwinter, says JAMES BALL.

More than 100 pro-EU groups have sent a letter to Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson asking her to back Labour in the prime minister's constituency.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

Andrew Neil has used one of his last opportunities to call for Boris Johnson to appear before him to prove that the nation can trust him.

Nigel Farage has defended his remarks about moving to an insurance-based system for the NHS.

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to strip the Home Office of responsibility for immigration and asylum if they win the election.

If Boris Johnson gets a majority, Brexit will only be the start of Britain's problems. But he can still be stopped, says IAN DUNT.

Boris Johnson will fail to deliver Brexit because he is "in with Macron", according to an irate LBC caller.

With the UK set to turn out to polling booths in their millions on December 12, we wanted to find out how you will be voting.

The New European's Editor-at-Large fears dark and dangerous times if Johnson is elected with his own mandate and majority.

There has been an online backlash after Boris Johnson visited an upmarket knitwear company and received a scarf emblazoned with 'get Brexit done'.

The phone that Boris Johnson used for his selfie with This Morning presenters was a Huawei device, despite ongoing security concerns around the Chinese company.

Key marginal seats where the Lib Dems are most likely to win are facing a fresh threat as former UKIP members created a 'Liberal Party' which will also appear on the ballot paper.

A Conservative candidate in Somerset has told his constituents how he will benefit a town nearly 100 miles away, and in another country.

Plus STEVE ANGLESEY counts down his Brexiteers of the week.

Campaigner and businesswoman Gina Miller has predicted Boris Johnson could win a 12 seat majority - but tactical voting could put the majority into minus figures.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg has explained that she quit the Brexit Party because it is allowing a 'Remain coalition' to damage the Brexit cause.

Twitter has shut down an account which claimed that Jo Swinson was on the verge of resigning before election day to focus more on her own seat.

A controversial Brexit Party MEP has been criticised and mocked after she said in an interview that she would not be happy if Brexit was achieved, begging the question of what she is campaigning for.

Viral campaigners Led By Donkeys are setting up an initiative to counter the Conservatives' planned onslaught of Facebook advertising during the last 10 days of the election.

The prime minister faced stern criticism from Susanna Reid and editors of the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror on Good Morning Britain for having refused to let the media properly scrutinise him.

The Tories of been accused of attempting to turn the constitution into a political framework that would benefit their party if they won the election.

WILLIAM TOBIN on why he's standing against Boris Johnson - but doesn't want you to vote for him.

As Jeremy Corbyn publishes his latest tax return, why won't Boris Johnson? And what will Paul Dacre do to the i newspaper?

The creator of hit BBC political comedy-drama The Thick of It has weighed in on the general election, urging voters to vote tactically to prevent Boris Johnson becoming prime minister again.

Boris Johnson has claimed 2020 will be 'the year we finally put behind us the arguments and uncertainty over Brexit' if the Tories get a majority at the election.

The Labour candidate for Leicester South Jonathan Ashworth has dropped out of tonight's episode of Question Time.

Why the looming general election presents us with a frightening lose-lose dilemma.

Nigel Farage has been snubbed by members of his own party, as four Brexit Party MEPs are set to quit the party on Thursday, with one week to go before the election.

The chancellor of the exchequer has come under fire after a 'car crash' radio interview in which he refused to write off the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and refused to condemn the prime minister for Islamaphobia.

Boris Johnson appears in a new video setting his words to the MC Hammer anthem 'U can't touch this'.

As world leaders gather for Nato's 70th anniversary summit, ANDREW ADONIS says we must question Britain's alliance with the 'worst of America'.

A new league table of MPs has ranked home secretary Priti Patel as one of the worst MPs in the House of Commons.

Labour is the most favoured party amongst EU citizens living in the UK, followed closely by the Liberal Democrats, a new survey suggests.

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

Jo Swinson has said she will support legislation for a People's Vote under 'any other government'.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has apologised for the welfare cuts her party backed when it was in power with the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson is way out in front of other leaders when it comes to fake Twitter followers, a new analysis has revealed.

The New Statesman, which presents itself as a left-wing newspaper, has called Jeremy Corbyn 'unfit to be prime minister' and is refusing to endorse the Labour Party in the forthcoming election.

Dominic Cummings has been pictured at the Nato leaders' summit despite having apparently resigned from his position as a civil servant three weeks ago.

A series of anti Jacob Rees-Mogg messages have been placed all over the Conservative hopeful's constituency, including one on top of a slag heap which can be seen for miles.

A Tory candidate has been accused of treating her constituents 'with contempt', after she claimed they were to blame for the government's inability to get Brexit through parliament.

Boris Johnson has yet again been criticised after comments were unearthed where he claimed that children in low-income families with working mothers were more likely to 'mug you on the street corner'.

Environmental activists dressed as bees have invaded a Brexit Party constituency office before lying on the floor and buzzing in protest.

A Brexit Party MEP who previously complained about being disenfranchised after Nigel Farage withdrew 317 candidates has now said that standing them down was the party's way of "standing our ground".

The Brexit Party has removed the whip from one of its most high-profile figures and MEPs, accusing him of having 'repeatedly undermined' Nigel Farage's election strategy.

The police force that pulled over the driver of a car brandishing a 'Bollocks to Brexit' message claimed the driver was being 'inconsiderate'.

On the day it dropped one candidate for 'undermining electoral strategy', the Brexit Party has stood steadfastly behind its Birmingham Ladywood candidate even after it emerged that he has called to "destroy" Islam.

A Brexit Party MEP has been branded 'deluded' after claiming that Brexiteers like herself were being "censored", while live on a radio station who reach more than two million listeners every week.

A new survey exploring Jeremy Corbyn's neutral stance on a second referendum has shown his party's Remain-voting supporters prefer the Liberal Democrat policy of revoking Article 50, but won't back Jo Swinson's party at the election.

Amid concern around the use of social media for political advertising, new research has found a connection between heavy Facebook use and people holding more polarised political views.

Burger King has mocked Vote Leave's campaign bus during the EU referendum which claimed that the British sends £350 million a week to the EU.

In what appears to be a snub against the US president, Princess Anne has been applauded for apparently refusing to greet Donald Trump.

US drug companies are eyeing post-Brexit UK for a chance to raise prices, new documents have revealed, despite Donald Trump's recent statement that he had no interest in the NHS even if it was handed to him "on a silver platter".

Activists from the climate change awareness group Extinction Rebellion have targeted the Liberal Democrats electric campaign bus in their latest demonstration in Streatham.

Liberal Democrat candidate Sam Gyimah has said the first lady of the United States backs his party... because she was seen wearing yellow on her first day in the UK.

In this election young people can swing the result - and this time it is more important than ever.

The ITV News at Ten reported on the US president's arrival in the UK in a comical style, as Trump provided light relief from the general election campaigning.

The tourism industry has criticised the Tories' plans to stop EU citizens entering the UK using national identity cards after Brexit.

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