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MITCH BENN discusses how closely politics and Christmas should be linked.

Lord Heseltine is set to lead a rally in support of a People’s Vote ahead of a crucial vote in the House of Commons.

At the time, the Mafia looked like it had scored its biggest success with the Lufthansa Heist. Forty years on, the reality looks quite different. IAN WALKER reports.

James Ball on the “serial and erratic attention-seeker” Milo Yiannopoulos and his perilous debts.

At the eleventh hour, we need not only cross-party cooperation but a cross-party government, says JONATHAN CHAPLIN.

Fiona Bruce has been confirmed as the new presenter of Question Time.

Bonnie Greer’s touching tribute to the Second World War pilot who became an iconic social justice campaigner.

Readers are turning away from the BBC for their Brexit news - CHRIS CLODE explains why they’ve switched over.

RACHEL JOHNSON on her encounter with shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and receiving Christmas cards too early.

A new battlebus is gathering plenty of attention right now.

Just two constituencies in Britain would back Theresa May’s Brexit deal with 600 support remaining in the EU.

The recent rioting in Paris might seem like just the latest outbreak of civil disorder which occasionally erupts across the Channel. But, says PAUL KNOTT, it should not be dismissed so lightly.

A second vote IS coming, says ZOE WILLIAMS. But the pro-European campaign must not repeat the many mistakes of the last one.

An online tool has been created to make it easy for the “digital generation” to urge their MP to vote against Brexit.

With the prospect of Theresa May’s Brexit deal getting defeated in the Commons the prime minister’s team have discussed a People’s Vote.

STEVE ANGLESEY picks his four worst Brexiteers of the week.

Someone’s organised leaving drinks for the prime minister, scheduled to take place after the big Brexit meaningful vote.

Channel 4 is set to air a proper Brexit debate featuring “four high-profile politicians reflecting the main divisions in the House of Commons.”

The Lib Dem MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon has announced he is resigning the party whip.

PM flies out of Heathrow rather than Brize Norton to buy extra time to sell her deal, Liam Fox afraid to talk to Channel 4 News and Mandrake’s part in Sam Gymiah’s resignation.

After Labour MP Stephen Kinnock wrote in support of a Norway-style Brexit, former minister and EU commissioner PETER MANDELSON responds on why it would be a disastrous outcome for Britain.

The European Court of Justice will deliver its ruling on whether the UK can unilaterally revoke its withdrawal from the EU the day the crunch vote on the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

This week’s Question Time comes from Bishop’s Stortford - a town which voted to Leave by just 622 votes.

A leading Oxford University academic believes that the advertising overspend on Facebook by Vote Leave in the last days of the EU Referendum campaign in 2016 changed the outcome.

Lord Michael Heseltine has warned his party that the Tories will be seen as responsible once again for lowering living standards if Parliament votes for Brexit.

Theresa May has tried to convince us all she is just like batsman Geoffrey Boycott, but - as MICHAEL WHITE explains - on Tuesday her side lost three wickets.

Labour has defended Jeremy Corbyn’s decision not to use Prime Minister’s Questions to grill Theresa May on Brexit and the fallout from the government’s defeats in the Commons.

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom has said that she can see a “bright future” for Brexit Britain – shortly after saying she doesn’t “do predictions”.

Critics of the government’s Brexit deal have said that the publication of the legal advice confirms that we are now “neither leaving nor remaining”.

Downing Street has spent more than £50,000 trying to promote the Brexit deal online.

A new poll has found that fewer than four in 10 Britons believe the UK was right to vote to leave the EU.

It was a day of defeats for Theresa May - sparked by Tory infighting and the loss of support from her DUP allies.

Boris Johnson unleashed fury from MPs - including those on his own side - when he stood up to trash Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Anti-Brexit campaigner David Lammy delivered one of the best speeches in the first day of the Brexit debate in the Commons.

#78 Alexandre Dumas, July 24, 1802 - December 5, 1870.

Nigel Farage has announced that he is quitting UKIP because it has become a party of “extremists”.

Theresa May’s government has suffered three humiliating Commons defeats in little more than an hour as she battled to keep her Brexit plans on track.

Theresa May’s government is set to release its legal advice on the Brexit deal after being found in contempt of Parliament over its refusal to publish it in full.

Cabinet minister Liz Truss has been accused of being loose lipped in a busy London restaurant.

Outspoken television presenter Piers Morgan has conceded that the country cannot be trusted with referendums - referencing the fact that they once voted for Boaty McBoatface.

World War II refugee and veteran politician Lord Dubs has said that Brexit poisoned the atmosphere and made the UK “meaner and nastier”.

Labour has issued an ultimatum to the BBC and Downing Street by urging them to adapt the format of the televised Brexit to make it a “head to head”.

The attorney general has written to the speaker to claim a motion requesting “full and final” legal advice on Brexit was too “vague” to comply.

A pro-Brexit thinktank report which outlines an alternative plan to Theresa May’s Chequers proposal has been withdrawn after an investigation.

MPs are to debate and vote on prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. But what will happen in the coming days?

A cross-party group of anti-Brexit politicians has said the UK can “stop the clock” on Brexit after a top European law officer said the country can unilaterally revoke its withdrawal from the EU.

The singer re-emerged in one of his most ebullient incarnations, while another star unveiled his own signature move. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

Theresa May has been criticised of betraying the country as she prepares to make a pitch to the House of Commons for a “better future outside the EU”.

Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay appeared not to know when the UK is leaving the EU as he was being grilled on the withdrawal process by MPs.

MPs need to get their heads “out of the sand” and recognise Parliament will not support any Brexit option on the table, a Tory former minister has said.

Theresa May said she is “keen” for the televised Brexit debate to take place, but won’t appear on ITV because she would miss Strictly Come Dancing.

A defiant Theresa May has insisted she will still be in a job in two weeks’ time after MPs have voted on her Brexit plan.

A new poll has found that 62% support a People’s Vote - but a majority of Leavers want politicians to decide Britain’s future.

Michael Gove has said that if MPs do not back Theresa May’s Brexit plan there could be a fresh EU referendum.

Delia Smith has reasserted her support for a People’s Vote, saying that it would be “more democratic” to check with the people whether they really want the “chaos” surrounding Brexit.

Opposition parties - including Scotland’s first minister - will meet in London to plot to bring down Theresa May’s Brexit deal and to secure an extension to Article 50.

Former prime minister Tony Blair has said a second Brexit referendum should be a choice between remain and a hard Brexit.

By choosing to focus his work on his mother, Edouard Vuillard found something that had escaped other artists. Florence Hallett reports on a quietly revolutionary painter

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary has said a second referendum would be “far better than this deal”.

The prime minister has been warned she faces a “historic constitutional row” unless the government reveals the legal advice on Brexit.

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Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.

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