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ANDREW ADONIS wasn't convinced by Boris Johnson's letter to Donald Tusk. Here he rewrites the letter with what he imagines the prime minister wanted to say.

Music in Iran provides a challenge not just to the authorities but to our perceptions of the country, says Sophia Deboick.

Boris Johnson has said he wants to "caution everybody" because getting a new deal with the EU is not going to be a "cinch".

Boris Johnson has told migrants not to cross the English Channel to try to enter the UK illegally as "we will send you back".

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

Labour ministers have written to the prime minister demanding he get tough on the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest, after one of his allies was slated for 'cosying up' to the Brazilian government.

SUNA ERDEM on why Voltaire's Candide has never been more current.

A Tory former minister has gone on TV to say that he feels more optimistic about getting a deal with the EU because of "body language" during Boris Johnson's visit to EU heads of state.

Alastair Campbell on the growing power of the People's Vote campaign events on Westminster and public opinion.

Climate change is a socialist and feminist issue and that's why the Green New Deal has never been so important, says Green Party MEP Alexandra Phillips.

MARIAMA KAPUWA will be spreading the word of a People's Vote at one of the world's largest street festivals this weekend.

Opposition parties have agreed to meet next week to discuss plans to block a no-deal Brexit in parliament, but some MPs have refused to join.

The French president Emmanuel Macron has warned Boris Johnson that the Irish backstop is "indispensable" and cannot be removed as the prime minister wants.

Roger Tyers, a climate change expert, made a pledge to avoid flying so travelled by train to China for new job instead.

David Davis and the BBC's John Humphrys shared a chummy joke in an interview, making light of an incident in which a man allegedly punched his wife before a tango contest.

Arron Banks bails out of Westmonster website; Corbyn gives Swinson the hairdryer treatment and the editor who gave Boris Johnson the kipper packed in lies is named and shamed.

Michael White says setbacks and delays at Downing Street reveal the Brexit plan is all tactics and no strategy.

Priti Patel would be reneging on a government promise made just three weeks ago if she decides to end freedom of movement overnight - and risks disenfranchising thousands of people, argues campaign group THE 3 MILLION.

As the Brexit deadline approaches, tens of thousands of people have expressed interest on Facebook in a Brexit beach party in the Netherlands to say a fond farewell to Britain.

As Boris Johnson demands the EU drop the Irish backstop from the Withdrawal Agreement, a young activist has branded his negotiation efforts a "sham".

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has promised Brexiteers that he will bring beer prices to an "unbelievable low" if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on October 31.

A former German ambassador to the UK has warned that if Boris Johnson is expecting eleventh hour concessions on his Irish backstop demands in the Withdrawal Agreement, he "might be in for a nasty surprise".

Following a government announcement of £9 million in Brexit preparation funding for councils, Portsmouth council's Liberal Democrat leader has called it "far too little and far too late".

Football manager Ian Holloway has been lampooned after he bizarrely blamed the EU for a VAR decision that saw a Manchester City goal disallowed.

UK officials have been accused of allowing Britain to become 'rule-takers' at the European Union after Brexit department announced they would stop attending most meetings.

Shadow cabinet members including Diane Abbott, Emily Thornberry and John McDonnell say they will campaign for Remain 'in any fresh referendum'.

The European Parliament's Brexit coordinator has tweeted a withering response to Boris Johnson's latest attempts to get the EU to drop the Irish backstop from the Withdrawal Agreement.

Brexiteers have started writing poetry, after the poet laureate said he had no particular plans to commemorate Brexit in writing.

Donald Tusk, the president of the European council, has rejected Boris Johnson's demands for an alternative to the backstop.

With a new documentary focusing on the charismatic Thin Lizzy front-man, RICHARD LUCK charts his extraordinary rise and tragic fall.

Despite campaigning for a return of blue passports, Nigel Farage has brandished a burgundy passport with the words 'European Union' removed and claimed on social media 'we got our passports back'.

The petition calling on the government to revoke Article 50, which became the biggest petition presented to government of all time, ends today.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray has continued his mission to interrogate Brexiteers in Westminster and this time caught up with Dominic Cummings.

Lidl has warned suppliers that it expects those with existing contracts to pay any additional EU tarrifs as a result of a no-deal Brexit.

Campaigners have accused Number 10 of 'reckless politics' after it said that freedom of movement would immediately end on Brexit day if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal on October 31st.

The Conservative Party has ramped up its spending on Facebook advertising to promote Boris Johnson and his Brexit plans.

Tory Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen has said that MPs do not need to be recalled because the government has things under control, and he has a holiday planned for the last two weeks of recess.

Nigel Farage has been accused of being 'deluded' after dismissing the revelations from the government's leaked document surrounding a No-Deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson's new advisers are urging ministers to avoid Radio 4's Today programme as they believe the programme is a 'total waste of time'.

A petition is demanding that MPs to return to parliament immediately to deal with the threat of a no-deal Brexit.

The leaked Yellowhammer report, which warns of dire effects of a no-deal Brexit, was described as a "likely, basic, reasonable scenarios" and not "the worst case," as Michael Gove has downplayed it.

A poll has found that three out of five voters in Northern Ireland would prefer a border down the Irish sea with the European Union over a hard Brexit.

Support for Change UK in one poll is so small it does not register in charts of Westminster voting intention.

Ministers have been criticised for already spending more than £10 million trying to sell Brexit to the public.

Politicians in Ireland have said that no-one should be surprised by the damning verdict of government officials on the impact of a No-Deal Brexit.

To little fanfare the government's Brexit secretary claimed that a 'landmark' moment had been passed which sets 'in stone the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972'.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has claimed the government 'unequivocally' accepts that it cannot close down parliament to allow a no-deal Brexit.

Leaked official government documents reveal the UK faces a shortage of fuel, food and medicine if it leaves the European Union without a deal, jamming ports and requiring a hard border in Ireland.

Boris Johnson is set to tell Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron that parliament cannot stop a no-deal Brexit in an attempt to get a new deal with Europe.

Boris Johnson has been urged by more than 100 MPs from across the House of Commons to immediately recall parliament and let it sit permanently until Britain's scheduled EU departure on October 31.

The Independent for Change group have been criticised after its leader said it would not vote against the government in an no confidence vote.

Pro-EU Tory grandee Ken Clarke has said he is willing to lead a government of national unity to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

A hit list has been created that will target 150 seats where Remainers can win to tip the balance against Brexit in an early general election.

From Brexiteer James Dyson taking EU subsidies to Neil Hamilton criticising children's political views. How well do you remember these stories?

From the Boris Johnson's nickname for Carrie Symonds to MPs demanding a 'Goldilocks Brexit'. How well do you remember these stories?

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

The Brexit Party had admitted it has had to 'trim down' part of Nigel Farage's UK tour - removing Scotland from its calendar of events.

It was the week that was meant to show a united Remain alliance that could topple Boris Johnson and stop Brexit.

A Youtuber who specialises in dubbing Monty Python dialogue onto political debates has gone viral with his latest video, and it's perfect.

UKIP's new leader, Richard Braine, has been active on Twitter since May 2010 and that has given him time to surprise nobody with his views on a wealth of issues.

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