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The internet was alive with chatter on Saturday evening after Boris Johnson finally broke his promise and sent a letter requesting for a Brexit extension.

A mother taking part in the People's Vote march has perfectly summed up the case for a second referendum in less than 45 seconds.

Sir Keir Starmer has promised that Labour will support an amendment next week that calls for a confirmatory public vote - with a remain option - on the Prime Minister's failed Brexit deal.

Michael Gove has said that the UK will leave the European Union by October 31, despite Boris Johnson being legally obliged to send a letter asking for a further extension yesterday.

From the days of his grandfather - a British army general who trained the IRA on his estate - Cathal Ó Gabhann's fascinating family history has been entwined with the Irish border. In this powerful essay, he looks back at the past and reflects on what Brexit means for the next generations.

Nigel Farage has suggested the UK remains a "leave country", despite nearly every poll in the last two years showing Remain is leading.

Despite the absurdity of the Brexit Party's recent antics, we can't afford to ignore their influence, says STEVE ANGLESEY.

Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart has praised a crowd for 'transforming' British politics, after large numbers of people took to the streets to demand a final say on Brexit.

Endless thousands of people have trooped through London showing their pride the Remain cause and asking the government to listen to the millions who want a People's Vote.

Boris Johnson has sent a letter to the EU requesting a delay - but did not sign the letter - and insisted the letter was from parliament.

The Liberal Democrats have trolled Jeremy Corbyn using a mobile billboard outside his big speech in Liverpool.

MPs voted 322 to 306, majority 16, to approve Sir Oliver Letwin's amendment to avoid a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

The organisers of the Final Say march that has overtaken central London have estimated that one million people have taken to the streets to ask for a confirmatory vote on Brexit.

Boris Johnson has said that he will not negotiate an extension to Article 50 after losing a vote designed to compel him to do so.

As tens of thousands of people gather in London with their demand for a People's Vote, over in Manchester Brexiteers have also made efforts to pull people together in their cause.

As MPs gather in the Commons to debate the prime minister's Brexit deal, thousands of people are gathering in central London to call for the people to have the final say.

The Brexit minister was greeted with cries of "how dare you" for invoking former Northern Ireland secretary, the late Mo Mowlam, in his speech in favour of Boris Johnson's deal.

Actor Patrick Stewart has paid £1,000 towards coach trips for anti-Brexit marchers to join the People's Vote march today.

A massive march demanding a final say on Brexit is set to take place on October 19 at the same time as MPs meet for a historic parliamentary session.. Here's your guide to the protest - so that you can let them know what you think.

Join The New European at the latest People's Vote march in London as MPs prepare to vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

A legal bid arguing Boris Johnson's Brexit deal is unlawful, and attempting to prevent it being voted on by MPs, has been rejected in Scotland's highest civil court.

Constituents of a disgraced MP have taken to social media to express concern that their representative might not show up to cast a crucial vote in parliament on Boris Johnson's withdrawal agreement.

A new amendment to the Benn Act has been tabled by MP Oliver Letwin that seeks to close a possible loophole to ensure that the UK does not crash out of the EU without a deal.

Campaigners Led By Donkeys have struck again with their latest eye-catching message: "Britain now wants to remain" has been ploughed in 40-metre letters into a field in Wiltshire.

TOM DOLPHIN is calling on People's Vote campaigners to arrive early to stand alongside LGBT+ people in opposing Brexit at their rally.

A pro-Brexit group said they have found themselves agreeing with Gina Miller over Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

A Conservative Brexiteer MP has said that his reason for supporting Boris Johnson's deal is that it will keep a no-deal Brexit on the table in the long run.

The relationship between the SNP and Labour is one that will shape the future of both England and Scotland. Maurice Smith reports where the latest manoeuvres involving the parties will lead.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

MITCH BENN challenges you to make up for his absence at the People's Vote march.

The German chancellor has told a meeting of EU leaders that a Brexit extension would be unavoidable if the UK asks for it, according to reports.

How should you dress for a Brexit protest? MIA JANKOWICZ wonders whether the Remain cause could do with a makeover.

People would rather stop Brexit altogether than accept Boris Johnson's plan for Brexit, a new poll reveals.

Alastair Campbell issues a rallying call for people to join in on the People's Vote march on Saturday.

TIM WALKER reviews Peter Nichols' extraordinary 1967 play, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, which was inspired by the author's own experience of raising his daughter.

Former Daily Mail editor shocks executives with 'suicide note' attacking his successor... and Andrew Bridgen's day out courtesy of Arron Banks.

The prime minister takes centre stage in Friday's papers after an agreement on Brexit was sealed in Brussels.

David Cameron has given his backing to Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement in a talk that was repeatedly interrupted by protesters angry at his decision to call the referendum.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said that Labour will not back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal "because we won't vote for anything that makes our constituents or our country poorer".

An attempt to rule Boris Johnson's Brexit deal as unlawful and attempting to prevent it being voted on by MPs is set to be heard at Scotland's highest civil court.

An SNP MP has slammed Boris Johnson's Brexit deal on Question Time, and warned that voting for it won't 'get Brexit done' as it will be an issue for at least the next decade.

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

A Brexiteer was left red-faced when his primary reason for voting to leave the EU was instantly quashed by radio presenter James O'Brien.

A Labour MP has claimed that between 10 and 20 party members could vote for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, against the party line.

Some readers fears that we are heading towards parliament accepting Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

Despite Boris Johnson's claims that the EU is inflexible, they have moved considerably to give him a deal.

Former Labour MEP Mary Honeyball warns that Corbyn is leading her party - and Britain - on to the rocks.

The president of the EU Commission has said that he does not support the granting of any extension to Article 50 after ratifying the Withdrawal Agreement with Boris Johnson.

MPs have voted to allow for a rare Saturday sitting of the House of Commons - and to allow for amendments to the government's proposals which could pave the way for a People's Vote.

Nigel Farage has complained that the EU has taken away the offer of a Brexit extension, which he says is now more preferable to Boris Johnson's deal.

The Brexit Party chairman and founder of Leave.EU was not happy when he was asked about the offensive tweet referring to Angela Merkel as a "kraut".

Nigel Farage has said that Leave.EU's tweet calling German chancellor Angela Merkel a 'kraut' was not racist - and he used to use the term around the time he left school.

As was regularly noted during the David Cameron's premiership, there is a much-discussed phenomenon among Oxford students called the "essay crisis".

DONALD MACINTYRE on the foolhardiness that has led the UK to the brink.

An extension to Article 50 is looking increasingly likely after a new Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson has been rejected by the DUP, meaning it may not pass in parliament.

The decisive action will be outside parliament - not inside, says ZOE WILLIAMS.

As Boris Johnson attempts to get a draft Withdrawal Agreement past his own MPs, pranksters have projected a reminder of the time he advised them that "no British Conservative government" should accept similar terms.

A man has taken to task Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe for 'spreading hate' during a live television debate.

Andrew Adonis discusses the difficulties the UK has had in negotiating a Brexit deal and why it's not too late to call a second referendum.

Anti-Brexit campaigners plan to lodge a legal action in a bid to ban the government from putting any Brexit deal before parliament.

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