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A Liberal Democrat peer has warned that events on January 31st could lead people to believe they have a license to do things 'reminiscent of things happening in Germany in the early 1930s'.

Needing a different charger for an iPhone or an Android phone could be a thing of the past thanks to new EU proposals.

Guy Verhofstadt has said that the young people in the UK will lead to a rejoining of the European Union in the not so distant future.

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Ministers are preparing for possible defeats over the government's Brexit bill in the House of Lords next week.

Mark Francois' claim that he can raise £500,000 'within 48 hours' to help make Big Ben bong has failed to materialise.

Readers have their say on our special edition of The New European asking what's next for the pro-European movement.

Labour leadership contender Jess Phillips has said that Labour needs to 'tell the truth' on the big issues of the day - like Brexit, tax and social care.

Boris Johnson is being urged to look again at his choice to lead the Grenfell enquiry after it was revealed she was linked to a charitable arm of the firm which supplied the tower block's deadly cladding.

Culture secretary Nicky Morgan has defended her decision to u-turn on her claim she would never serve in a Boris Johnson cabinet.

Rich Tory donors buy Cypriot citizenship to retain EU links, Amber Rudd sets up her own company - and why won't Sir Keir Starmer talk to me?

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MITCH BENN says that immigration is not the drain on the NHS that some claim it to be - but, in fact, a vital part of it.

Reginald Koettlitz was one of the heroes of polar exploration, yet found himself shunned and written out the story of his greatest exploits. GUS JONES explains why.

The travel industry has insisted 'nothing will change' after Brexit day - but their advice appears to only stretch as far as the 11-month transition period.

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party claimed that they wanted to lose their jobs when they turned up at the European Parliament in June 2019.

Momentum has said its members have overwhelmingly backed Rebecca Long-Bailey for Labour leader - but only a tiny proportion of members had a say.

The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson to back automatic rights for EU citizens as more than a million fail to gain full settled status in the UK.

Labour deputy leadership candidate Ian Murray has said the party must listen to the public or become 'a diminishing, perpetual opposition'.

The messaging app has become a key tool of political campaigning, giving great power to those behind the scenes. ALIAKSANDR HERASIMENKA and ANASTASIA KAVADA report.

STEVE ANGLESEY on the chimes of doom that ring with Leave.EU's unappealing peal appeal.

Boris Johnson is not trying to intervene in the independence of judiciary, the attorney general has claimed.

After a recent trip to Dublin, BONNIE GREER reflects on what lessons Ireland can give post-Brexit Britain.

The EU's head-in-sand approach to keeping the Iran deal afloat has highlighted the organisation's weaknesses, says JAMES BALL.

The anti-government protests which have erupted in Iran have deflected attention from the US president's missteps, says former diplomat PAUL KNOTT.

Youth activist AMANDA CHETWYND-COWIESON gives her view on what happens next to the Remain movement.

Will former Remain campaigners now switch their attention to climate change activism? Green Party MEP CATHERINE ROWETT thinks not.

MICHAEL WHITE on the quiet passing of the Brexit bill and noisy return of reality.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL is among those dumbstruck by Sam Mendes' cinematic masterpiece 1917. And in it he finds a key message for those seeking to lead the Labour Party.

Will a new leader bring an end to the party's anti-Semitism crisis? Former member ADAM LANGLEBEN fears the issue is too deeply-rooted for that to happen without tough action.

There may be months left for the race to run, but Labour historian FRANCIS BECKETT explains why he has the confidence to call the result of the party leadership already.

ANDREW ADONIS on why the Irish Taoiseach will make the most from the Brexit crisis.

Nigel Farage's Brexit celebration is falling a bit flat after it appeared Big Ben won't chime at 11pm on January 31st - and now fireworks are banned too.

Boris Johnson's claim that publication of the report on Russian interference is 'weeks away' has been refuted by a journalist.

The BBC is promising to be more ambitious over coverage surrounding climate change.

Officials at the Houses of Parliament have thwarted Mark Francois and Boris Johnson's bid to make Big Ben bong on January 31st - by refusing to accept public cash to pay for it.

Sir Patrick Stewart has described Brexit as 'the grimmest thing' to have happened to him in his political life.

A Home Office minister has insisted that government is 'not mean' for backtracking on previous commitments over child refugees.

A new poll of Labour members has found Rebecca Long-Bailey is the most likely successor to Jeremy Corbyn.

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Lisa Nandy has suggested that the UK should not have a trade deal with the USA after Brexit if Donald Trump refuses to fulfil his commitments to tackle the climate crisis.

Nigel Farage has claimed that if Big Ben doesn't bong for Brexit it will be a 'national humiliation' - and everybody had the same response.

Boris Johnson has been called on by a Brexiteer MP to prioritise "bygones" in his government's promised review of the relationship between government, the constititon and the law.

Like the Star Wars director, the Labour leader is happy to ignore previous events and play to the fanboys

Labour leadership contender Lisa Nandy has attacked Remainers in her party for not doing enough to fight for the UK's place in the world - despite herself backing a soft-Brexit.

The Greater London Authority has reportedly granted permission for Nigel Farage to hold a Brexit party in Westminster on January 31st.

Ministers have met Lord Alf Dubs in attempts to argue that his amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), which protects child refugee rights, would weaken the government's negotiating hand in EU trade talks.

In a bizarre moment of television Piers Morgan has trolled Mark Francois by playing out a recording of the bongs of Big Ben.

More than 60,000 people have joined the Labour Party in the last month - with insiders believing a majority are joining to attempt to change the direction of the party.

Twitter reacted with bafflement at the latest Daily Express front cover which called for Big Ben to chime on Brexit day.

Boris Johnson's appeal for people to 'bung a bob for a Big Ben bong' has received a muted response on crowdfunding websites.

The German city has had a long association with elegance and fashion, and a more recent one with ground-breaking music. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports.

The great European astronomer Caroline Herschel discovered more than eight comets. CHARLIE CONNELLY adds to her star-borne legacy

James O'Brien has raised concerns for protesters' rights after Priti Patel defended a police decision to add Extinction Rebellion to an anti-terror watch list.

The anti-Brexit cause might seem entirely lost. But history provides many examples of unlikely comebacks. RICHARD LUCK picks out 10 of the most memorable, to serve as inspiration.

Jess Phillips has called for a culture change after a Labour member claimed there had been anti-Semitic abuse at a local Labour party meeting.

The EU's chief Brexit coordinator has suggested that Boris Johnson take a leaf from the Queen's book and demonstrate "flexibility" in by allowing more time for negotiation during the Brexit transition period.

Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox has accused Nigel Farage of 'whipping up fear' during the EU referendum campaign.

The mayor of London has said he is concerned about a further rise in hate crime after Brexit day on January 31st.

An MEP has hauled Ann Widdecombe up for her misleading statements about what "the British people" want in a dramatic intervention in EU parliament.

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