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One of the best pieces of television analysis surrounding Brexit has not come from the BBC, ITV or Channel 4. It was not even produced for British television. It instead originally aired in America.

A Swedish MEP has described Nigel Farage as “the biggest liar in Europe” and accused him of peddling “bullshit slogans” just weeks ahead of Brexit.

Emily Thornberry has been told by a voter in her own constituency she will never vote Labour again because of the party’s Brexit stance.

A series of tweets has been praised for serving as a poignant reminder of how Brexit will betray both old and young generations alike.

Matt Hancock sidestepped calls to confirm he would resign to block a no-deal Brexit, as he revealed the cost of NHS contingency planning.

Environment secretary Michael Gove has announced the UK will apply rate tariffs on food imports post-Brexit - something campaigners fear will lead to exporting farmers “facing extinction”.

Almost a third of French and Italian people think the UK has already left the EU, a new survey has shown.

Jean-Claude Juncker has suggested that Britain could still be in the bloc for May’s European elections.

Alastair Campbell has hit out at John Humphry’s on-air manner and the “never-ending succession of hard Brexit advocates” for the fall in listeners of Radio 4’s Today programme.

Nicola Sturgeon is to speak out against the end of freedom of movement - warning it will damage the workforce, our universities and health and social care.

A Brexiteer MP has confirmed Honda is planning to close its plant in Swindon by 2022 - but denied Brexit was behind the decision.

The BBC has had to apologise after picking up the reaction of a man claiming Labour was “fucked” during a live broadcast of seven MPs resigning.

Seven Labour MPs who quit the party have released a statement setting out the political position of their new independent grouping.

Seven MPs have resigned from the Labour Party to sit in a new Independent group in the House of Commons.

A no-deal Brexit will lead “virtually instantaneously” to price rises on popular food products in shops, a Birds Eye boss has warned.

A cargo ship has left Felixstowe for Japan with no guarantee that it will be allowed to unload its cargo when it arrives on March 30th.

Speculation is mounting that several Labour MPs could be about to quit the party.

A striking feature of the Brexit camp’s narrative in the UK both before and after the 2016 referendum has been the repeated claim that leaving the EU is consistent with the lessons of history.

The year when music came with a sense of optimism, Orientalism – and often surrealism – as pharaohs and fruit provided the inspiration.

Brexit under-secretary of state Chris Heaton-Harris talked himself into an embarrassing admission today on Sky’s Sophy Ridge politics programme.

A Brexit-fuelled party split is unnecessary, say senior Labour figures, after Momentum set the whole drama to a pop hit.

Shadow chancellor John McDonell said he agreed with the view today that a second referendum should only be held ‘in extremis’.

What a striking contrast in the way different news channels reported Donald Tusk’s “special place in hell” remarks.

After talk of a possible split in the Labour Party our readers discuss the merits of a new political party.

We are writing as active and committed members of the Labour Party because we feel our voice is being ignored by our own party.

MP Margaret Beckett said she has ‘never seen such chaos’ in government, in a scathing interview.

Everything that you thought Britain stood for is at stake with Brexit - ALASTAIR CAMPBELL urges us all to march for a People’s Vote on March 23rd

An Airbus UK boss has doubled down on calls to avoid a no deal Brexit, saying that it would be ‘absolutely catastrophic’ for the company.

Plans for a massive demonstration in London on Saturday March 23, just six days before the United Kingdom is meant to leave to the European Union, have been unveiled by the People’s Vote campaign.

David Davis focuses on his outside earnings, Telegraph accused of being “Stalinist” and Madeleina Kay is the latest to complain about the BBC’s Brexit bias

Surrealist comedian Ernie Kovacs remains a relatively obscure figure here BENJAMIN IVRY celebrates the genuine pioneer of the small screen.

Often remembered as a curmudgeon who resisted modernity, a new exhibition shows John Ruskin was a visionary who still inspires forward-thinking.

A reader describes the painful process of trying to buy an International Driving Permit from the Post Office ready for March 29th.

Ireland’s prime minister Leo Varadkar has said anyone hoping that EU solidarity with Ireland will falter on the Brexit border backstop is “in for a nasty surprise”.

There’s precious little in the news other than Brexit, but not much in the overall situation is actually changing.

The dinosaurs vying for the Nigerian presidency offer little change but the election campaign does suggest a glimmer of hope for the country’s future.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL examines how neither Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn have led the way on Brexit.

Government ministers have turned on the European Research Group - accusing them of “treachery” and acting as a “party within a party.”

Activist MAURICE STIERL reports on how he helped organise the recent rescue of a group of migrants at sea.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent’s news. Test yourself with our quiz...

The boss of the Wetherspoon pub chain was embroiled in a fiery television debate as he took on a staunch Remainer to discuss Brexit’s impact on the economy.

Central Office. Transport House. The National Liberal Club, Millbank Tower. To the list of iconic headquarters of Britain’s political parties can be added a new address: The Annapurna Guest House, Lingwood, Norfolk.

There is a radical – but feasible – way to avoid the disastrous Brexit heading our way, says JONATHAN CHAPLIN

Ex-UKIP aide GAWAIN TOWLER on the prospects for the new Brexit Party, set up with the blessing of his former boss, Nigel Farage

WILL DRY says the Labour Party has been clear about wanting to stop a no-deal Brexit but the moderates in the Tory party have been all talk with no action. When will they act?

The reality of Britain’s position after it leaves the EU is becoming clearer

A coalition of charities are calling on the government to take urgent action to prevent already struggling families from falling into poverty after Brexit.

New investigations, fresh scandals emerging, Republicans considering alternative candidates, has it all gone wrong for Trump?

Theresa May has suffered another humiliating Commons defeat after MPs again voted down her latest Brexit plans.

Drivers hoping to buy a new car after March are being warned they may have to pay extra for the privilege post-Brexit.

A shadow treasury minister has warned Labour could be punished for supporting Brexit in the same way the Lib Dems suffered huge defeats for supporting the Tories in coalition.

Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan has said Brexit is responsible for the hapless presenter’s return to the BBC.

Looking back on the era-defining debates which got Britain into Europe, and the unmistakable parallels with today.

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide...

Andrea Leadsom tried to sidestep setting a date for the next meaningful vote on Brexit by reciting poetry at the despatch box instead.

Liam Neeson’s comments have given license to others to expound extreme views

As things get glummer it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry

Boris Johnson looked like he’d blown it. But at a critical moment for Brexit, the former foreign secretary is once again being tipped for Downing Street.

Union boss Len McCluskey has been criticised for claiming that a second referendum “threatens the entire democratic fabric of our nation”.

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Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of the meaningful vote. Here is a list of the events organised across the UK in the coming weeks.

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