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TIM WALKER on concerns about The Sun's former managing editor at BBC Radio 4 and Arron Banks' failed Blue Wave Movement.

Most people are worried about meat quality standards being lowered in a future trade deal with the United States, a new poll has found.

Who is on Question Time tonight? Here's your guide...

Boris Johnson has been branded a 'part-time prime minister' as Jeremy Corbyn confronted him over his 'silent' response to floods.

A commemorative gold and silver Brexit 50p coin has sold for £60,000 at the Tories' latest black and white fundraising ball.

The Department for Work and Pensions has been accused of a cover-up after it emerged that officials destroyed reviews into suicides that took place more than five years ago, citing data protection rules for their actions.

Sajid Javid has used his resignation speech in the House of Commons to take a swipe at Dominic Cummings for the ultimatum that was issued by Boris Johnson over his special advisers.

JAMES BALL on the Tory Brexiteer's realisation that Britain does need experts after all.

STEVE ANGLESEY on the similarities between home secretary Priti Patel and her old classmate Geri Horner (née Halliwell).

Jeremy Corbyn won't be cutting anything out for Lent because he has already given up 'so many things', his spokesman claimed.

The Netherlands. Cambridgeshire. Flat Stanley. The Earth (according to Andrew Flintoff). All things considerably less flat than today's prime minister's questions.

The BBC has defended a journalist who described events in Parliament Square on Brexit night as 'very white'.

Boris Johnson's letter accompanying a delivery of the Conservative's Brexit tea towels has raised eyebrows after claiming he will bring broadband to 'hedgerows'.

The mayor of London has given Keir Starmer a boost in the Labour leadership race by backing him to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour officials have denied the party intended to deceive members by sending an email endorsement from John McDonnell backing Rebecca Long-Bailey as ballots dropped in the leadership race.

The deputy leader of Sinn Féin has said that Ireland must prepare for a border poll within the next five years.

The boss of the Wetherspoon pub chain believes the public will 'shun' EU goods if they give the UK a bad deal at the end of the year.

The leader of the right-wing Tory pressure group the European Research Group (ERG) has stepped down.

An SNP MP has urged BBC chiefs to review the practices of Question Time after a row surrounding an audience member who called for immigrants to be stopped from coming to the UK.

The row over a bigoted member of the Question Time audience deepened after claims that she was a far-right right activist who may have stood in a general election for the National Front.

Labour's only Scottish MP has received the backing of Tony Blair in the party's deputy leadership race.

After securing blue passports the Tory Brexiteers are continuing their mission to get everything to return to their favourite colour by calling for the police to follow suit.

The founder of the Brexit Party has launched a new group - alongside former EDL frontman Tommy Robinson and 'rape joke' UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin.

A Tory MP has apologised after he was filmed flashing his genitals in a pub.

Environment secretary George Eustice has been rolled out to defend Priti Patel's immigration proposals over the weekend, but a year ago he took a very different view on the points-based system.

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) is insisting that countries that want to trade with the UK must do so 'on our terms', following concerns it will 'undermine' food standards in Brexit talks.

The EU is reportedly planning to demand that the UK keeps its ban on chlorinated chicken as part of trade talks with Brussels.

A major German carnival has mocked Boris Johnson and Brexit in a float which shows Scotland running away from the rest of the UK.

Number 10 has defended Boris Johnson's decision to stay away from flooded areas - and denied his different approach during the general election was to win votes.

Brexit has been cited as one of the biggest problems for the Labour at the general election, so what approach should its next leader take to the big issue of the day?

A Tory minister side-stepped a question on whether he would support chlorinated chicken appearing on UK supermarket shelves following a post-Brexit trade deal with America, but suggested he might eat the product if it did.

The Cabinet Office is seeking a new civil servant to oversee human resources policy for ministerial special advisers.

A radio presenter has powerfully taken down the bigoted Question Time audience member who claimed the country is 'sinking' because of immigration.

France has warned the UK it will not be 'blackmailed' into accepting a 'bad' Brexit deal because of Boris Johnson's deadline for the transition period.

After dismissing them for the last four years, Iain Duncan Smith says that Brexit now needs to hear from the experts to make it a success.

Boris Johnson has reportedly ordered his Brexit team to find ways to 'get around' checks on goods passing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

The government has been forced to move to strongly deny claims that MI5 chiefs do not trust home secretary Priti Patel and were limiting intelligence sharing with her.

The ballot in the Labour leadership contest is to open as party members decide who will be Jeremy Corbyn's successor.

Welsh minister David Davies has defended Boris Johnson after the prime minister was criticised for not visiting flood-hit areas of the country.

The environment secretary has refused to rule out chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef being imported from the US in a post-Brexit trade deal three times during a television interview.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on Albania's bid to join the European Union at a time when the UK rushes to leave.

MAURICE SMITH assesses what Brexit and the latest political developments mean for the future of the United Kingdom.

STEVE ANGLESEY on how Rebecca Long-Bailey wants to change Labour's Brexit stance - but not a lot else.

Veteran BBC broadcaster David Dimbleby has told German media that Boris Johnson is a liar that nobody trusts, who has become 'arrogant with power' following the general election result.

For the first time in three decades blue passports will be issued to mark Britain's departure from the European Union.

A talented man who has been living in the UK for years has said he feels targeted due to the government's new immigration 'skill' system.

Rapper Dave has taken to Twitter to defend his accusations that prime minister Boris Johnson is a 'real racist'.

A Brexiteer on Question Time has tried to blame the European Union for recent flooding in the UK.

An audience member on Question Time has been praised on social media after making a point about the tabloid press after Caroline Flack's death.

Readers respond to claims that it would be wrong for Remainers to campaign for associate EU citizenship.

WILL SELF on Naples and how our generation's wake-up call on climate change is simply not enough to tackle the issue.

Dominic Cummings stands for everything that he advocated the country rejecting, writes a reader.

Andreas Hofer led a rural rebel army to fight against Napoleon's troops to try and claim back Tyrol, a region of Austria that had been given to the German state of Bavaria.

JASON WALSH on an intriguing election for the city's mayoralty... and a possible springboard to the presidency.

PETER TRUDGILL on the surprisingly wide array of surnames derived from colours.

A play which is all about saluting strong women was recreated at Young Vic Theatre in London.

CLAUDIA PRITCHARD on a stunning new show of paintings from a moment in history when the country and its rulers were at their most self-aggrandising.

As another portrayal of Ned Kelly arrives on the big screen, RICHARD LUCK explores the murderous legend's enduring appeal.

Nick Hopkinson recounts the long campaign by the separatist movement in his native Québec and finds striking parallels with the UK's departure from the EU.

Why is the BBC's coverage of politics in the US so much more extensive than its reporting of it in Europe, asks DENIS MacSHANE?

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