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Since launching in the immediate aftermath of the June 23, 2016, Referendum, every week The New European has published some of the finest political and cultural insight and analysis in the British press. Irreverent, witty and home to brilliant long-form journalism, The New European editor Matt Kelly says: "Our aim is to provide a new platform for those voices wishing to balance the bile of the right-wing popular press with a factual and passionate defence of Britain’s place within the European Union."

Yasmin Alibhai Brown

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is an author, columnist and broadcaster

Polly Allen

Polly Allen is a freelance journalist and blogger

Tom Armstrong

Tom is a freelance writer and editor of online magazine, Sabotage Times. He contributes to the Telegraph, HYPEBEAST, Shortlist and Resident Advisor and is also founder and editor of The Move magazine.

Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn is a musician, comedian, author and regular contributor to The New European

Tony Blair

Tony Blair is former prime minister of the UK (1997-2007) and leader of the Labour party (1994-2007). Tony Blair works to combat extremism in the Middle East and Africa and chairs the Climate Group International Leadership council. He is a contributor to The New European.

Brad K. Blitz

Brad K. Blitz is professor of international politics at Middlesex University and senior fellow at the Global Migration Centre at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. He is a regular contributor to The New European.

Cate Brown

Cate Brown is a qualified solicitor and freelance journalist

James Brown

James Brown is a journalist and media entrepreneur. He worked on the NME, founded Loaded and was Editor-in-Chief of British GQ.

Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan is a columnist and features writer at The Guardian. She is the author of The Wickedly Unofficial Guide To Made In Chelsea and Meeting Your Match: Navigating the Minefield of Online Dating

Will Buckley

Will Buckley is a journalist and broadcaster. He is a former senior sports writer at the Observer, and author of The Man Who Hated Football.

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell is a journalist, broadcaster, political aide. He is best known for his role as Downing Street Press Secretary and Director of Communications and Strategy, for prime minister Tony Blair. He has worked as political editor for the Mirror and written 11 books.

Louise Chunn

Louise Chunn is a columnist for The New European and the founder of welldoing.org, a find-a-therapist directory, with content devoted to self-development, mental health and wellbeing. She has been the editor of Psychologies, Good Housekeeping and In Style.

Charlie Connelly

Charlie Connelly is an author, broadcaster and regular contributor to The New European. His books include Bring Me Sunshine, In Search of Elvis and Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast.

Sophia Deboick

Sophia Deboick is a freelance writer specialising in the intersection of popular religion and popular culture

Barbara Ellen

Barbara Ellen is a columnist for The Observer. She has also written for the NME, Loaded, Marie Claire and Grazia.

Suna Erdem

Suna Erdem is a freelance writer and TV producer. She has worked with national newspapers, Sunday Times Style and Reuters TV

Liz Gerard

Liz Gerard is a former night editor of The Times and writes the blog SubScribe: http://www.sub-scribe.co.uk/

Sandy Grant

Dr Sandy Grant is a writer, philosopher and tutor in philosophy at the University of Cambridge

A C Grayling

Professor A C Grayling is a philosopher and author. His books include The Meaning of Things, The God Argument and Ideas that Matter. He is a regular contributor to The New European and Master of the New College of the Humanities.

Bonnie Greer

Bonnie Greer OBE is an American-British playwright, critic and novelist. Her books include Hanging By Her Teeth and her memoir, Parallel Life. Her radio plays have been broadcast by BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4 and she is chancellor of Kingston University. Bonnie is a regular contributor to The New European.

David Hillier

David Hillier is a journalist and contributor to The New European, specialising in music, festivals, nightlife and drugs. He writes for The Guardian, Vice, Noisey, Playboy and Wonderland

Adam Jacot De Boinod

Adam Jacot de Boinod worked on the first series of the BBC panel game QI. He is the author of The Meaning of Tingo and Toujours Tingo, which look at words that have no equivalent in the English language. His latest book, The Wonder of Whiffling, looks at unusual words in English.

Angela Jameson

Angela Jameson is a business journalist.

Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones OBE is editor of GQ, editor-in-chief of GQ Style and chairman of London Collections Men.

Emma Jones

Emma Jones is a journalist and former editor of Smash Hits magazine

John Kampfner

John Kampfner is an author, journalist and broadcaster; he edited the New Statesman from 2005-2008 and is a former chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation

Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly is editor of The New European and chief content officer at Archant. He has been group digital director at Local World, director of content of Mirror Group Digital and associate editor of The Daily Mirror. Matt is also chairman of the Global Editor’s Network annual summit.

Paul Knott

Paul Knott is a journalist and international relations advisor. He has worked as a diplomat in Russia, Ukraine and Brussels and is the foreign editor of Sabotage Times.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Hardeep Singh Kohli is a writer and broadcaster. He was a finalist on BBC One's Celebrity MasterChef and writes a weekly food column for The New European.

Denis Macshane

Denis Macshane is a former minister of Europe and author of Brexit: How Britain Left Europe. He has written Prison Diaries, an account of six months spent in Belmarsh following his conviction in December 2013 over expenses claims.

Daisy McCorgray

Daisy McCorgray is a freelance writer and social media journalist

Jack Monroe

Jack Monroe is a writer, journalist and activist

Ajit Niranjan

Ajit Niranjan is a freelance journalist. He writes for the Guardian, the New Statesman and The Economist and is a regular contributor to The New European.

Parmy Olson

Parmy Olson is a technology writer for Forbes magazine and author of We Are Anonymous. She has worked at the BBC and as a radio journalist.

Marion van Renterghem

Marion van Renterghem is a senior reporter at Le Monde

Steve Richards

Steve Richards is a political writer and broadcaster. He is chief political columnist for The Independent newspaper and a regular contributor to The New European.

Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna is a Labour MP for Streatham and was shadow business secretary (2011-2015). He is chairman of Vote Leave Watch - a campaign dedicated to holding the Vote Leave campaign to account.

Michael White

Michael White is a journalist and former Washington correspondent (1984-88) and political editor (1990-2006) of The Guardian. He is a regular commentator on the BBC and contributes to The New European.

Abi Wilkinson

Abi Wilkinson is a freelance writer. She has written for The Guardian, New Statesman and Daily Mirror among others.

Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams is a columnist, journalist and author.

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