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The sorting hat would have put Boris Johnson into Slytherin House at Hogwarts, according to the latest polling - which also he's going to find it far harder to win votes outside of his own party.

Boris Johnson has been elected as leader of the Conservative party and is due to enter number 10 as Prime Minister.

MPs being briefed on the practicalities of a second referendum have been told that it could technically be done within just 10 weeks of being signed off.

In an impassioned letter sent to all MPs, AC GRAYLING has said that Brexit is a futile attempt to recover a Britain that never existed.

As leaders worldwide issue their congratulations to Boris Johnson, Ivanka Trump has made an embarrassing gaffe in her tweet to the UK's next prime minister.

Leave.EU co-founder Richard Tice is threatening to sue leading anti-Brexit activist Femi Oluwole for calling the pro-Brexit campaign "anti-Jewish" in a tweet.

Jo Swinson has been elected to take over from Sir Vince Cable as the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

A leading think tank has said it is possible the UK economy is already in recession as a result of the uncertain prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

The BeLeave activist who won his appeal against an Electoral Commission (EC) fine has suggested the ombusdman took action under pressure from "wealthy Remain activists".

An outspoken critic of Boris Johnson has resigned as government minister ahead of the results of the Tory leadership race.

The political leader of London's financial district has said a no-deal Brexit will would be a serious hit to the economy, and that Boris Johnson needs to rebuild trust with the City if he becomes prime minister.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has become the second Cabinet minister to announce they will quit the government if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister.

Ireland's deputy prime minister has warned that a no-deal Brexit will "devastate" the Northern Irish economy.

Justice Secretary David Gauke will quit the government on Wednesday if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister.

A Brexit Party worker has come forward to claim that he is responsible for publicising the diplomatic leak that led to the resignation of the UK's ambassador to the US.

Anti-Brexit marchers showed up in force in London to say 'no to Boris, yes to Europe' - and they pulled out all the stops. Here's our selection of some of the most creative signs and stunts from the protest.

SOPHIA DEBOICK looks back at a significant moment in British history as a new musical culture started to take shape on these shores.

There is a certain geopolitical inevitability to the location for Donald Trump's showdown with Iran. PAUL KNOTT reports on the significance of the Strait of Hormuz, one of the globe's great choke points.

Peter Starkings unveils a plan to ensure the most left-behind areas of the UK get the most from the contribution of immigrants.

TIM WALKER's take on the "mind-numbingly slow and boring" Captain Corelli's Mandolin at Pinter Theatre, London.

Writer WILL SELF finds an "artificial paradise" on his holiday high in the Hollywood Hills.

Peter Millar considers the unfortunate - and not uncommon - plight of those named after Europe's dictators.

Nelsonian traditions are one thing, but some of our modern political practices need to go out with the tide, says MITCH BENN.

TIM WALKER explores; Why David Cameron will not be promoting his book for Rupert Murdoch at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, Christopher Booker's funeral proves awkward for the Telegraph, and Leave.EU remains a licence to lose money.

Boris Johnson is among those arguing that freeports will give post-Brexit Britain a boost. But, as SUNA ERDEM argues, these global curiosities come with a harmful, shady reputation.

Green Party co-leader SIAN BERRY on why her party is marching for change in London.

The New European will be highlighting the most hilarious posters at the anti-Brexit March for Change, which are sure to find creative ways to say "no to Boris, yes to Europe".

A new film about the touching relationship between the singer and writer and Marianne Ihlen, the muse he met on a hippy hideout in the Mediterranean, comes with an added twist- Director Nick Broomfield was also her lover. He talks to JASON SOLOMONS.

CHARLIE CONNELLY warns that writing may become the preserve of the elite if Britain doesn't value and support its authors in an ever more precarious trade.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL describes how he fell for a fake news story about Love Island... but warns the joke is on all of us.

BONNIE GREER looks at the two-horse race emerging in the state of Kentucky where a war veteran is taking on a Trump stooge.

Michael Heseltine has delivered a resounding speech at a People's Vote rally, sharing the stage with his former political rival Margaret Beckett to say that Remainers are now the truest defenders of Britain's national interest.

Anti-Brexit campaigners are taking to the streets of central London this weekend with a simple message - 'no to Boris, yes to Europe'.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

Annunziata Rees-Mogg has complained that she doesn't have time to think about her votes in EU parliament, prompting more experienced MEPs - and a lot of Twitter users - to suggest she does her homework before showing up.

Former Irish ambassador to the UK BOBBY McDONAGH has some very undiplomatic words to say about Britain's likely next prime minister

Drop Project Fear and embrace a joyful, demanding, confident message about EU membership, say New European readers - that's how we'll reboot Remain and fight Brexit.

A cross-party delegation of MPs is meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier to ask for UK citizens' rights in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

A health minister was asked if he was prepared to press the "nuclear button" of a no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson's government if the likely next prime minister pursues a no-deal Brexit.

Who is on Any Questions this week and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

In a barnstorming speech against the far right at the European parliament, MEP Magid Magid has branded Italian deputy Matteo Salvini a coward for his stance on Mediterranean migration.

Rival political heavyweights have put aside their differences to join forces for a People's Vote rally.

Jeremy Hunt, who has been campaigning to be the next prime minister, has tweeted an apology saying he accidentally missed a crucial vote.

PAUL CONNEW on the chilling effect that the Jeffrey Epstein case is having on Washington.

An amendment aimed at preventing the forcing through of a no-deal Brexit has passed in the House of Commons by 41 votes, in a major defeat for the government.

JAMES BALL recounts his own experience of hate crime and explains why politicians must do more than pay lip service on LGBT rights.

The independent body for scrutinising government spending has made numerous warnings of the possible effects of a no-deal Brexit, including £30 billion of debt, a crash in house prices, over ten years of stagnant wages, and a recession.

Broadcaster Clive Tyldesley on the sheer joy of last Sunday's sporting action, and why Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly just doesn't get it.

On a week united in sporting glory, Boris is bowled out by an old pro. MICHAEL WHITE discusses the ups of sport and the lows of a divided Britain.

Boris Johnson used a kipper as a prop in the final Tory leadership hustings to make a point about EU regulatory "overkill" - but there was a fatal weakness in his argument.

Catastrophically poor national leadership lies behind Brexit and Britain's other mounting problems - and there's one factor behind it all, argues Andrew Adonis.

For the second time in a week, Morrisons has found itself at the centre of a row over copies of the Brexit Party's newspaper being distributed from its stores.

A giant, oversized inflatable of a blonde and blustering politician will sail majestically over the heads of marchers in London this weekend. Sound familiar?

Theresa May's penultimate appearance at PMQs descended into an unseemly squabble with Jeremy Corbyn over whose party is the most racist.

Nigel Farage seemed in a hurry to end the call of an LBC listener who pinned him down on his bluster about the legitimacy of political leaders.

After the new EU Commission president was elected by a slim majority, Nigel Farage tweeted that she has "power but no legitimacy" - and the irony was not lost on Twitter.

The chancellor has said that it's "terrifying" that Jacob Rees-Mogg is close to being in government when he claims the UK will be millions better off after a no-deal Brexit.

A Brexit Party MEP's own words were brought back to haunt him as he was quizzed on exactly how much he stands to gain as a private businessman from promoting a no-deal Brexit.

Alexandra Phillips, a Brexit Party MEP, has admitted she worked for disgraced political data firm Cambridge Analytica.

In a powerful open letter, AC Grayling asks Remain-voting Labour MP Lisa Nandy how she can justify her subsequent support for Leave when she knows how harmful it will be to her constituents, who nonetheless voted to leave by nearly 64%.

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