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Pro-Europeans are set to gather in Oxford to celebrate the EU - and to mark Brexit day with a candlelit vigil.

Emily Thornberry has denied 'sneering' at the working class and Brexit voters in a sustained grilling from Andrew Neil on the BBC.

Despite it being a long way from being completed, Boris Johnson has claimed we have reached the 'Brexit finish line'.

Electability or ideology, reclaiming old heartlands or targeting new ones... BARNABY TOWNS on the choices facing Labour

Editor-at-large ALASTAIR CAMPBELL's excoriating essay on the virus spreading through the Labour Party

Row over John Bercow's peerage distracts from honour for controversial tycoon and when will PM own up to how much he cost as foreign secretary? Tim Walker asks.

Green MEP Catherine Rowett on some fundamental questions raised by the bushfires

The fall out between American progressives will only help Trump, aruges BONNIE GREER.

Trump's crimes are far worse than Nixon's, but unlike his political hero he is going to get away with it, says JAMES BALL.

swith HS" under increasing threat, ANDREW ADONIS launches and impassioned defence of the project.

Who is on Question Time tonight? Here's your guide...

Defiant MPs have overturned the House of Lords' amendments to Boris Johnson's Brexit bill.

The Labour Party's chairman has called for Sir Keir Starmer to stand aside in the leadership race to allow a woman leader.

Nigel Farage has suggested he is 'open' to appearing on I'm A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here in a future series.

Tory Brexiteer and culture minister Nigel Adams has backed calls for freedom of movement, at least for musicians, despite the fact his government is planning to take it away.

Jess Phillips has endorsed Ian Murray as he bids to become Labour's new deputy leader.

Blue passports, a commemorative 50p coin... and now a stamp. The government is looking into Brexiteers' latest demands to mark the UK leaving the European Union.

A PMQs on the day Terry Jones' death was announced brought one Monty Python sketch to mind

Home Office ministers have denied that Extinction Rebellion has been classified as an 'extremist group', despite being listed as a terrorist threat by police.

TIM WALKER reviews Coming Clean - a performance at Trafalgar Studios in London until February 1st.

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has restated her position that the UK's access to the single market would be weakened if it diverged from Brussels' rules.

A Brexiteer politician has raised concerns that fishes could become 'bargaining chips' in post-Brexit talks - and claimed they could be punished for their stance.

The UK is facing a constitutional crisis after the three devolved administrations voted against the Brexit bill, the SNP's Westminster leader has said.

Labour leadership contender Lisa Nandy has slapped down Piers Morgan for his comments about Meghan Markle after he insisted she was not a victim of racism.

Former Tory party chair Baroness Warsi has warned people have been given 'a licence to be racist' since Brexit.

Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has expressed his exasperation over Britain's attempts to negotiate trade deals after Brexit.

The government suffered five defeats in the House of Lords over the Brexit bill as it returns to the House of Commons for debate.

Politicians in Wales have joined those in Northern Ireland and Scotland to reject Boris Johnson's Brexit bill.

The GMB union has backed Lisa Nandy in the Labour leadership contest.

The organiser of a pro-EU rally on January 31 says he does not care if the media want to compare it to Nigel Farage's Brexit celebration.

With Jess Phillips out of the race the number of contenders to be the next leader falls to four.

Thousands have signed a petition that calls on Holyrood to keep the European flag flying after the Brexit departure date on January 31st.

Ministers have been defeated a fourth time in the Lords over Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

The cabinet will mark the day the UK is expected to leave the EU by visiting the north of England - and holding a meeting there.

Jess Phillips has dropped out of the Labour leadership race - leaving four candidates attempting to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Emily Thornberry has claimed she would "frighten the life out of" Boris Johnson as Labour leader as she faces a tough fight to stay in the contest.

Former speaker John Bercow has claimed Remain's best opportunity to stop Brexit was in October - and suggested they could have succeeded if they had managed to work together.

A majority of British business believes that the government is still not providing enough detail on the UK's relationship with the EU, a new survey has found.

Jess Phillips has said that Labour needs to rethink its 'patronising' view that having a working-class background is all that matters to voters.

Anti-Brexit actor Sir Patrick Stewart has given his view on the Labour leadership race - saying David Miliband should be in charge of both the party and the UK.

Pro-EU campaigners are crowdfunding to display a massive pro-EU banner on the White Cliffs of Dover ahead of Brexit.

The House of Lords has inflicted three defeats on the government over Boris Johnson's Brexit bill - meaning it must now return to the House of Commons.

The penny has finally dropped for a Brexit Party MEP days before the UK is due to depart from the European Union.

Downing Street are reportedly unhappy with the news Labour could nominate John Bercow for a peerage after the Tories failed to put him forward over the New Year period.

Brexit trade talks may not begin until March, Brussels has said, dealing a blow to Boris Johnson's chances of securing a deal by the end of the year.

Laurence Fox is continuing to dig a hole for himself after a disastrous performance on BBC Question Time.

A new petition urging the government to retain membership of the influential Erasmus+ scheme for university students has hit 40,000 signatures.

The Stormont assembly has joined the Scottish parliament and Welsh assembly in rejecting Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

Remaniacs podcast host Alex Andreou has perfectly taken apart the Brexiteers' celebrations in just 90 seconds - pointing out how it will not be a great moment of healing.

Boris Johnson remains under pressure to release a report into alleged Russian interference in UK democratic process, after it was revealed it could be delayed until late spring.

Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse says she is seriously considering running for leader of the party.

Lord Tony Hall will step down as director general of the BBC this summer after seven years in the job.

Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray has been subjected to another attack from a group of 'thugs' while campaigning outside the Houses of Parliament.

The Labour membership has increased by 100,000 since the general election - reaching the pivotal number that grandees suggested would be needed to change the direction of leadership.

A frustrated Brexiteer MP has compared Boris Johnson to the 'grand old Duke of York' for signalling support for a Big Ben crowdfunder - only to distance himself from it hours later.

The leader of Fianna Fail has urged caution after a poll gave his party a 12-point lead over rivals Fine Gael.

The Wetherspoon pub chain is to cut prices on a series of European drinks for a month from Brexit day in a bid that will supposedly help UK-EU relations.

WILL SELF takes to task his own tribe, the metropolitan liberal elite.

CHARLIE CONNOLLY profiles on the Frenchman rescued from obscurity by a chance discovery in a Normandy dairy shed.

Newspaper reports have suggested that Boris Johnson is planning a reshuffle of his cabinet after Brexit day.

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