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The embattled prime minister’s biographer looks back over the last year to assess prospects for the futures of May, her party and her country.

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Jeremy Hunt has been mocked after insisting that Britain would "survive and prosper" after a no-deal Brexit, the day after describing it as a "mistake we would regret for generations".

Accountancy giant Deloitte has been handed £2.6m to give Liam Fox's officials a crash course in how to handle trade disputes.

London mayor Sadiq Khan is set to instruct crisis planners to prepare for Britain crashing out of the EU without a deal.

MICHAEL WHITE on how distractions are diverting us from the issues central to humanity’s survival and dissipating attention from the real issues.

Former BBC staffer PATRICK HOWSE says his former employer’s misguided attempts at evenhandedness mean it is failing its greatest test since the Second World War.

TIM WALKER on how this seductive production of the comedy classic makes it funnier than ever.

Rachel Johnson discusses the country’s desperation to talk and row about something else.

Brussels Brexit negotiators fear they are being spied on by Britain.

Brexit could be "hugely damaging" to English football, according to the chairmen of Burnley and Stoke City.

Tim Walker’s diary also focuses on why Sarah Sands won’t be sacked as editor of the Today show and a former colleague recalls Daniel Hannan’s difficulties mastering facts.

The first signs of Labour's erosion under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership might just be appearing, says JAMES BALL

STEVE ANGLESEY looks at the Vote Leave campaigner’s rule-breaking and rounds up the worst Brexiteers of the week.

TIM WALKER talks to actor and campaigner Sir Patrick Stewart about politics, Star Trek and a very spiky encounter with the Labour leader

Brexit can be stopped - and Salvini provides yet another reason why it should be.

Just under half of people in Scotland want a referendum on the Brexit deal, according to a new poll.

The chance of a chaotic no-deal Brexit is now "50-50", Latvia's foreign minister said today in a stark warning to Theresa May.

Fancy an award-winning Belgian White or a German Weisse? Tough - Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has announced he is looking at getting rid of all EU products

After Nick Cohen’s recent stunning essay criticising the BBC’s coverage, the Corporation’s former communications chief ED WILLIAMS leads the case for defence.

The English Renaissance took music into new directions and saw that emergence of a tune which still echoes down the ages. Sophia Deboick reports.

The amount of European funding allocated to British universities has fallen as Brexit approaches.

PETER TRUDGILL finds much in common between European languages and the English spoken by African Americans.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and his European Research Group are to directly challenge Theresa May with their own blueprint setting out plans for a Hard Brexit.

TIM WALKER gives five stars to King Lear at London's Duke of York's theatre

From Brexit to climate change, there are still too many refusing to acknowledge that our current trajectory is headed for disaster. Young activist LIBBY CHERRY explains why urgent action needs to be taken.

Some of the country’s leading disability activists, including Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson, have published an open letter calling for the public to have the final say on Brexit.

The clamour for Boris Johnson to say sorry continues to grow. But, MIC WRIGHT asks, ‘what is the point of the political apology?’

Southern soul may have lost its lustre in the States but it has found a home in northern Italy. GARTH CARTWRIGHT reports.

Keep calm and carry on is the old British motto but comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN explains it’s not going to work this time round.

More than 100 Leave constituencies across the UK now back Remain, a major new study has revealed.

The “centre of gravity” on Brexit is shifting towards a People’s Vote, the Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable has told campaigners in Bristol.

In the past, the Edinburgh Fringe has been a hotbed of some of the most satirical and illuminating political comedy. So what does 2018 have to offer? Writer and novelist John Nicholson reports.

I voted out in the referendum, but rapidly recovered my senses when Brexit fell prey to the far-right agenda.

Deborah Meaden has not featured heavily in the Brexit debate so far, but in recent weeks she has become more vocal in her criticisms.

Veteran BBC journalist GAVIN ESLER delivers an excoriating blast against broadcasters, Leavers and the lies that have left the country a more divided, poorer place.

I noted with interest Tory trade secretary, Liam Fox, warning that a no-deal Brexit was now more likely than the UK getting an agreement with the EU.

As the new season kicks-off JAMES BROWN looks at an unexpectedly exotic managerial appointment which offers a ray of hope for his club.

Jeremy Corbyn’s most vocal fan is going to extreme lengths to defend his idol from Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis. DAVID PAXTON analyses his increasingly-tortured logic.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent's news. Test yourself with our quiz...

In summer 2016 my wife sent to our MP a detailed response about the conduct of the referendum, outlining all our now too-familiar concerns.

An MP has warned we are putting England's football clubs at a disadvantage after Tottenham Hotspur's manager blamed their failure to make a summer signing on the pound's Brexit-driven slump.

Steve Anglesey looks at online reaction as Britain’s food shops prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

Voters would back remaining in the EU by 53% to 47% if a referendum was held now, according to a major poll.

Immigration targets will have to be scrapped after Brexit to allow companies to recruit enough staff, the Confederation of British Industries (CBI) has said.

Tim Walker’s diary focuses on how the Brexit-backing Telegraph owners’ businesses are impacted by Brexit, David Cameron delays submitting company accounts, Patrick Stewart and the challenge of playing King Lear and Chuka Umunna’s campaign to reclaim the colour mauve.

Another clickbait headline is getting Twitter exercised. But, says CAROLINE CRIADO PEREZ, the anger misses the target.

Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe – the country’s wealthiest man and an advocate of Brexit – is leaving the UK for Monaco.

Boris Johnson broke ministerial rules when he took on his Daily Telegraph column after quitting as foreign secretary, the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments has said.

A weekend of action is set to take place in Bristol with a ‘clean graffiti’ art protest providing one of the highlights.

On a week when more reminders of the past left us fearing for the future MICHAEL WHITE asks what would Winnie do?

Boris Johnson is to face investigation by an independent panel following complaints that his comments on the burka breached the Conservative Party's code of conduct.

With food shortages just one likely outcome of a no-deal Brexit, download and display our poster and Make Britain Rake Again

One of the leading campaigners against Brexit looks for upsides in the aftermath of the UK’s looming departure from the European Union.

Sir David Jason has suggested that Del Boy would have backed Brexit because the hapless character – whose harebrained, get-rich ventures invariably failed – would have seen it as opportunity to make money.

With the MPs absent from Westminster and the country approaching crisis Andrew Adonis imagines how our Belgium sleuth Poirot would get to the bottom of Britian’s malaise.

While the country burns around him former prime minister David Cameron was once again spotted at a festival - surrounded by women and with a cocktail in hand.

For some it may be one of the few benefits of Brexit, however for millions of young Love Island viewers this could be yet another consequence of a political decision they didn’t back.

Boos and cries of ‘Stop Brexit’ greeted Theresa May as she arrived in Edinburgh.

Ruth Davidson has backed calls for Boris Johnson to apologise over his "gratuitously offensive" comments on the burka.



Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.


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