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New chancellor Rishi Sunak may delay the date of next month's Budget in order to give himself more time to prepare, a senior minister has said.

Downing Street has signalled a new onslaught on the BBC - with a threat to scrap the television licence fee and turn it into a subscription service.

STEVE ANGLESEY on the double standards of Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns over abuse in politics.

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A reader claims that the media narrative on Brexit will not change even if it fails to be a success.

Ministers on both sides of the Irish sea have rejected Boris Johnson's proposals for a bridge over the Irish Sea - branding it a waste of money.

A Brexiteer has provoked a massive response after he took to Twitter to fume that longer passport queues were 'not the Brexit' that he voted for.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request surrounding the Russian interference report by a group of journalists has been dismissed as 'vexatious' by Downing Street officials.

One reader claims associate EU citizenship is simply Remain cakeism.

An off-the-shoulder dress worn by Tracy Brabin in the House of Commons has raised more £20,200 for Girlguiding UK.

The number of women attending Boris Johnson's cabinet has fallen, despite vowing to promote more to the top jobs.

A Tory hereditary peer has encouraged people to eat grey squirrels, after telling the House of Lords they are 'extremely good to eat'.

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WILL SELF goes searching for metaphors on the shores of Little Britain Lake.

On the eve of the Feast of St Valentine, where people across the European continent and beyond show their affection to their loved ones and closest friends, a giant greeting card has been sent from citizens in the UK to the European parliament in Strasbourg.

PETER TRUDGILL on the correct use of 'best' - a grammar 'rule' it is safe to ignore.

CHARLIE CONNELLY on Snow, Dog, Foot, a moving novel about living life alone in a complex existence high up in the Alps.

Jacob Rees-Mogg declared himself an expert on cartoon characters in the House of Commons after keeping his job in Boris Johnson's cabinet.

TIM WALKER reviews Endgame/Rough for Theatre II at The Old Vic Theatre, London.

Once a byword for glamour and exuberance, the Chinese city was effectively silenced for much of the 20th century. But now it is becoming a centre for music publishing and distribution, says Sophia Deboick.

Sajid Javid has quit as chancellor after Number 10 ordered him to sack his team of aides.

As a new collection of films by Jacques Demy is released, JAMES OLIVER shows how his colourful and passionate works 
also reflected shades of grey.

A Labour MP has said Winston Churchill would be 'turning in his grave' over a minister's latest statement on Brexit.

As New Orleans gears up for Mardi Gras, RICHARD HOLLEDGE explains how it is more than just a party.

A bridge over the Irish Sea is never going to happen, says MITCH BENN. So what are we being distracted from?

MICK O'HARE finds some familiar themes emerging in the first edition of The New European's print predecessor.

The sacking of Julian Smith, the Northern Ireland secretary, has been branded a 'WTF moment' by those close to the politician.

Cheap, easy to use and deadly, autonomous weapons have been called the "Kalashnikovs of tomorrow". FRED HARTER and GILES WHITTELL chart the drones terrifying rise.

A 101-year-old Italian man who has lived in the UK since 1966 has been told that his parents must confirm his identity if he wishes to stay in the country beyond Brexit.

Michael Crick to write unauthorised biography of Nigel Farage, Michael Gove's football freebies and a vote of confidence for John Bercow.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL meets the actor Brian Cox, to discuss Brexit, Scottish independence and swearing techniques.

JASON WALSH on l'affaire Mila... how a teenage girl prompted a frenzied national debate on French prejudices.

The political crisis gripping Germany demonstrates the difficulty it has faced in dealing with the rise of the AfD party. JOHN KAMPFNER reports.

Esther McVey, Theresa Villiers and Andrea Leadsom are some of the MPs to be unceremoniously dumped from government.

Washington is considered one of the more progressive states but BONNIE GREER underlines the problems of homelessness, mental health and its opioid crisis.

There is a strategy that could defeat Trump, says PAUL CONNEW. But is there a candidate who could do so?

MPs have hit out against big companies like Google and Heathrow Airport for attempting to 'swing votes' with packages - which includes of jam, biscuits and crisps.

The prime minister shows no signs that he is up to the challenge presented by climate change, says CATHERINE ROWETT.

The urgency of the environmental cause is not just down to damage being caused, but the creeping fatalism that could overtake it, says ZOE WILLIAMS. More optimism is needed.

Emily Thornberry has accused her shadow cabinet colleague Rebecca Long-Bailey of silence in the calls for tougher action on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

MICHAEL WHITE discusses how populism has taken over the agenda across Europe.

JAMES BALL on how Dominic Cummings could bring about his own downfall.

A number of Brexit-backing cabinet ministers are fearing for their jobs as cabinet awaits the 'brutal' process which could see a number of well-known MPs lose their jobs.

Is a united Ireland on the cards in the near future? ANDREW ADONIS says politicians should put local politics first for now.

Questions have been raised about Boris Johnson's Caribbean holiday over the Christmas break after it was revealed it was gifted by a business tycoon.

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Rory Stewart said he has previously slept in more than 500 strangers' homes, as he continues to promote his #comekipwithme campaign.

Rebecca Long-Bailey said she is 'not concerned' about receiving half the constituency party nominations of her leadership rival because she thinks she's going to win.

A Tory MP has claimed that the BBC did not understand why people voted for Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has questioned whether Boris Johnson should have been deported to the United States because he 'dabbled in class A drugs' and 'conspired' to beat up a journalist.

Only four years late, Jeremy Corbyn today put in a vaguely efficient PMQs performance - at least suggesting a skilled successor could get under Boris Johnson's skin

Attorney general Geoffrey Cox has suggested that MPs and peers could play a role in the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court.

Cabinet secretary Chloe Smith has been tipped as the new 'minister for the Union' in the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said he realised he had been given a 'purpose' when he survived a plane crash during campaigning in the general election in 2010.

A series of new Eurocafés have been launched around the UK with the intention of making sure everyone, regardless of their nationality, feels safe in their local area.

New blue passports to mark Brexit will be rolled out across the UK from March, the Home Office has confirmed.

A new tracking app for traditional fishermen could prevent them from enjoying their much-heralded 'Brexit bonus'.

CHARLIE CONNELLY runs his eye over the ever-growing range of literary podcasts

Home secretary Priti Patel has been branded 'insincere' after she issued an apology to a Labour MP over the behaviour of a Tory activist.

Despite promises that the UK would be next in line for trade talks, Trump officials could end up entering fresh talks with the EU instead.

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