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Experts have warned that panic-buying in the UK could return at the end of the year if there is a no-deal Brexit, and the result could be worse than the initial response to the coronavirus.

The prime minister’s brother is used to his politics splitting opinion within his family.

De facto deputy prime minister Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, is expected to chair the daily Covid-19 meeting after Boris Johnson spent a night in hospital.

A new fundraiser is aiming to ask the Court of Justice to confirm that EU citizenship is a permanent status for all of those living in the UK.

This front cover of The New European is dedicated to the frontline workers of the NHS doing all they can to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Millions of coronavirus antibody testing kits ordered by the government will not be used because experts say they are not good enough.

Remainer MPs David Lammy and Bridget Phillipson have been tipped for jobs in Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet as he shakes up Labour’s frontbench.

There might seem little obvious attraction in revisiting old ‘apocalypse movies’ in the current climate. But, says JAMES OLIVER, the genre actually offers a sense of reassurance you won’t find elsewhere

A stunning musical heritage is one of the things that keeps this disparate nation together - even through the hard times. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

Shining humour on to dark times, comedian MITCH BENN says if this was The Walking Dead, he would skip ahead.

Scotland’s chief medical officer has apologised for visiting her family’s second home in Fife during the coronavirus pandemic, against her own advice that all Scots should stay home.

Police are not overlords, they are citizens in uniform, argues JAMES BALL. They need to guide us through this crisis, not force us.

Health secretary Matt Hancock should have stayed home longer than seven days after contracting coronavirus, Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has claimed.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s investment firm has been accused of profiteering from the coronavirus by exploiting the worldwide market volatility.

Health secretary has dramatically reduced the government target for the number of ventilators it needs to tackle the coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses are being forced to reuse masks and to hold their breath when carrying out medical procedures due to a lack of protective equipment, it has been claimed.

Sir Keir Starmer is to begin appointing his shadow cabinet after he won a landslide victory in the Labour leadership contest.

A hard Brexit after the coronavirus pandemic at the end of the year would leave many struggling to cope with the pressures, the SNP has warned.

Hostilities may not break out for a while, but the verdict in the Alex Salmond trial looks set to unleash a period of dramatic upheaval in the SNP. MAURICE SMITH reports

RICHARD LUCK looks back at one of the greatest and most defining scandals of the TV age.

Carrie Symonds, the pregnant fiancée of prime minister Boris Johnson, has said she has spent the past week in bed with the main symptoms of coronavirus.

Layla Moran talks to TIM WALKER about how parties and political opponents should find ways to work together to tackle the coronavirus.

With no more plays to review, TIM WALKER reviews the stars he’s met, starting with Roger Moore and one role that really mattered to him

Prime minister Boris Johnson has congratulated the new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer on his election victory and invited him to a briefing on Covid-19 next week.

Having left school at 16 years old while pregnant and with no qualifications, Angela Rayner was supported on a parenting course she attended at a Sure Start centre, a system introduced by New Labour.

Sir Keir Starmer has won the leadership of the Labour Party by a landslide, with Angela Rayner becoming the party’s deputy leader.

Sir Keir Starmer is the man who replaces Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader after the party was defeated in a general election for fourth time in December 2019.

The coronavirus lockdown rules could be relaxed in weeks if the rules are followed and the number of infections start to fall.

Fifty years ago, the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission managed to turn a technical failure into a stunning success. But, in the longer term did NASA come out stronger or weaker? MICK O’HARE reports

Belgian author ANNELIES BECK reflects on the role that Brussels has played as the capital of the EU and a focus for its people.

MICHAEL WHITE on the week bluster on Brexittalks rather missed the point on dealing with coronavirus.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he has let the Labour Party ready to win the next general election - despite leading the party to its worst showing since the 1930s during the December election.

The Conservative Party is under investigation over their campaign spending during the European Parliament elections, according to a watchdog.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak the government is continuing with Brexit talks. Consequently a campaign for assoicate EU citizenship must continue.

Whether it’s the NHS, students or sport we should write off 2020.

Boris Johnson has said he is ‘feeling better’ after suffering from coronavirus but will remain in self-isolation until his temperature drops.

One reader says those blaming China should look closer to home for who to blame over the response to coronavirus.

One reader thinks the daily press briefings from the government has improved without Boris Johnson.

As a New European reader, you probably reckon you keep a close eye on the continent’s news. Test yourself with our quiz...

The challenge awaiting Labour’s expected new leader could hardly be greater. Glen O’Hara reports on the man about to be pitched into an unprecedented crisis

CONSTANCE KAMPFNER reports from Nantes on how the country is coming to terms with its continued confinement

BONNIE GREER writes how the central ‘beautiful figure’ of Italian culture cannot be seperated from the tragedy facing Italians

The UK will carry out 100,000 Covid-19 tests per day by the end of April, Matt Hancock has said, as he set a new target as part of the government’s testing strategy.

New government adverts over the coronavirus will warn ‘people will die’ if they don’t stay home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has proposed a multibillion-euro European Union fund to help the countries whose healthcare systems have been hardest hit by Covid-19.

Millionaire Brexit-backing businessman Arron Banks has lost a bid to use European human rights law to overturn a six-figure inheritance tax bill on political donations to UKIP.

Who is on Question Time tonight? Here’s your guide

The coronavirus pandemic is a result of an ‘immoral and corrupt’ government legalising abortion in Northern Ireland and angering God, a DUP councillor has said.

WhatsApp, Facebook and the rest are playing a central role in this crisis. EMMA LUCK asks if they help or hinder

JOHN KAMPFNER on the EU’s faltering response to the coronavirus crisis. And why it still offers the greatest hope for a solution

A leading union is calling for all NHS workers and other essential staff fighting the coronavirus pandemic to be given free travel across public transport.

Following the latest coronavirus news can be hard on your mental health, but for ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, we can always get good out of the bad.

Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s chief international correspondent, reports on the global nature of the coronavirus pandemic, and the international response needed to tackle it

The only ‘herd immunity’ world leaders should opt for is a united global effort for the state to invest, writes ANDREW ADONIS,

Care homes could be priced out of sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) by ‘unethical’ suppliers seeking to cash in on the coronavirus crisus, one English provider has said.

Even the Conservative-backing newspapers are growing weary of the government’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic.

The owners of the Daily Telegraph are said to be living in a castle on the island of Brecqhou to avoid the coronavirus, TIM WALKER reports.

A newsreader has been left baffled by a government announcement that the NHS will receive just 30 extra ventilators next week rather than the 30,000 it needs.

Defence secretary Ben Wallace has been self-isolating after feeling the symptoms of the coronavirus, it has been disclosed.

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