Brexfactor: the 10 biggest loser Leavers this week

PUBLISHED: 10:05 10 March 2017

Ukip candidate and party leader Paul Nuttall

Ukip candidate and party leader Paul Nuttall

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Confused by another week in Brexit? We round up the losers and the losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

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Lord Dartmouth

Kippers tend to hate wind farms – indeed MEP Roger Helmer has told Twitter that they can kill, though he neglected to explain how… perhaps if you stick your neck between the blades? So the party’s deputy chairman Lord William Dartmouth must be an enlightened chap as he’s been accused of lying about his role in a proposed wind farm on Slaithwaite Moor in West Yorkshire. Asked in a 2014 television interview whether he’d known that land he’d given to a relative in May 2011 might be used as a farm, the South West MEP replied, “I don’t know, um, no. No.” Now Steve Slator, chairman of the Wind Valley Co-operative, claims he had face-to-face talks about the project with Milord in 2006, saying, “I went down and spoke to Lord Dartmouth who was very co-operative and keen to help us if he could.” The peer says he was “ambushed” during the TV chat and spoke at “cross purposes”.



Spare a thought for the little chocolate frog, a children’s favourite since 1930. Not only does he suffer the indignity of looking like Nigel Farage, but he’s the target of social media ire after Cadbury owners Mondelez raised the price of a bar from 25p to 30p and blamed “foreign exchange pressures” following the referendum. “Freddos are now 30p… end of the world as we know it,” wrote one fan. Perhaps it’s time for The Sun to launch another ‘Hop Off You Frogs’ campaign.

Caroline Santos


“I’m sick of these constant ‘feminist’ marches! They achieve nothing,” Tweeted the former UKIP South of Scotland candidate on March 5, adding: “Go march in Saudi. They’d soon shed the fat marching in that heat.” Not exactly the show of sisterhood you’d expect in the week which hosts International Women’s Day, but then Ms Santos is no ordinary woman. Her Twitter biography reads ‘Less Government, Less Tax, More Freedom, More Erotica, Filthy Defender Of Free Speech’ and her pastimes include asking why feminists don’t organise more anti-FGM marches, while failing to specify how many anti-FGM marches she’s organised herself.

Theresa May


Maybe ‘The Irony Lady’ wasn’t such a bad joke by Jeremy Corbyn after all. The Prime Minister’s anti-SNP speech to Scottish Conservatives in Glasgow lashed out at “a tunnel-vision nationalism, which focuses only on independence at any cost” and attacked plans to “wrench Scotland out of its biggest market”. Hmmm - that rhetoric is reminiscent of SOMETHING, but what could it be? The woman who wants to overturn the Lords amendment safeguarding the rights of European workers in the EU so she can use them as bargaining chips in future negotiations then went on to accuse the Scottish Nationalists of “shameful attempts to use the jobs of workers as a political football” and declared that “politics is not a game.” No, but it’s increasingly becoming like rain on your wedding day, or a free ride when you’ve already paid.

Norman Tebbit


No sooner had the Tory peer lambasted his fellow Lords for “thinking of nothing but the rights of foreigners” than it was revealed that he’d employed immigrants in his home. Marketa Ziskova said she was paid the minimum wage to take care of Tebbit’s disabled wife Margaret in 2007, telling the Independent: “They always had foreign carers… We had to call them Lord and Lady Tebbit. It felt like they owned us. It was an unpleasant experience.” Tebbit confirmed that he had employed foreign staff in the past but added: “For some time now we’ve been entirely British staffed. The thing about non-British nationals is that they tend to not be ‘stayers’”. Odd, that.

Godfrey Bloom

(UP 1)

Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the former UKIP MEP and Nigel Farage flatmate is having something of an Indian summer. And like Zlatan, Godders will occasionally throw the odd wild elbow when you least expect it. Last week the man who in 2013 bemoaned the fact that British aid was going to ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ crept back onto Brex Factor’s radar by saying UKIP couldn’t be racist as they “had the highest proportion of foreign wives of any party in the (EU) parliament”. This week the Telegraph commissioned him to write a piece about a potential knighthood for Farage. And this was almost certainly a mistake. “UKIP has always been an anti-establishment party,” Bloom began, sensibly enough, but it wasn’t long before he was informing baffled readers that “Nigel’s knowledge of fine wines is quite enough to impress head waiters without political baubles of any kind”, whatever that has to do with the price of chips. Finally, he recommended that, “after a real, true, hand-on-heart Brexit”, Farage and other members of “this anti-establishment party” should accept all the CBEs and knighthoods they were offered – which confirms that UKIP are only interested in being anti-establishment until they can enjoy all the perks of the establishment.

‘Posh’ George Cottrell


A proud moment for Britain as the former Farage media advisor became the first – though almost certainly not the last – special guest at Donald Trump’s Republican nomination acceptance speech to be given a prison sentence. Leave.EU apparatchik Cottrell, 23 years old and the heir to a £250million fortune, got eight months in jail and a £24,350 fine after admitting to one charge of wire fraud and posing as a money launderer. Having been given credit for time served in custody in Arizona since last July, the man christened ‘Posh George’ by UKIP backer Arron Banks will soon be returning to the UK, though probably not in his former role. Farage appeared to wash his hands of Cottrell shortly after his arrest, which came when the pair touched down in Chicago on the way back from Trump’s speech, telling ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “Listen, I can’t be responsible for what everyone around me does.”

Richard Littlejohn


Locked in a death spiral of stupidity with Katie Hopkins as he battles to reclaim the title of most offensive Mail columnist, it can’t be long now before big beast Littlejohn peroxides his hair and is photographed naked in a field while telling the McCanns it’s all their fault that their daughter isn’t coming home. In the meantime, we have his column on the Lords and Brexit to enjoy, in which Littlejohn calls the upper house “a pro-Brussels fifth column”, compares them to the Vichy government in wartime France – which played its part in deporting 73,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps, so he’s showing a real sense of perspective – and adds: “in wartime, they’d have been put up against a wall and shot.” Keep digging Richard, nearly at the bottom now!

The Spexiteers

“Spain could follow Britain out of the European Union,” reported the Daily Star this week, outlining a scenario where the country would rapidly Spexit in order to keep UK tourists flowing in and stop expats from leaving. ‘Political commentator’ Paul Quigley was quoted telling the paper: “The Spanish simply have to keep hold of the Brits to survive.” Muy bien - or is it? Because news that Spain is about to leave the EU will surely come as news to the 80% of Spaniards who support staying in, according to the most recent national polls (by WIN/Gallup in December last year). Not even the supposedly Eurosceptic Podemos party, now second in general election polling, has called for Spexit. They haven’t even openly come out for leaving the Euro. And Paul Quigley? The photo of him the Star have used is same as one on the @quigleyp Twitter account, whose owner recently Tweeted a list of Lords who voted for the Brexit amendment along with the message ‘List Of Unelected Feudal Libtard Scum That Interfered WIth The Democratic Will Of The British People’. So, no real signs of which side of the Brexit fence he’s on, but he sure does seem fun.

Paul Nuttall

(UP 9)

The Kippers’ hapless leader again demonstrated his mastery of the media by telling Sky’s Sophy Ridge that false claims on his website about him losing close friends in the Hillsborough disaster weren’t so bad as “I have never been caught in a paedophile gang or anything”. Even the pro-UKIP Express called it “a bizarre defence”. What this bloke needs is a press officer… or maybe not. Nuttall then continued his casual acquaintance with the truth by telling the Telegraph “you may have noticed that the last two weeks have not been the best for UKIP, although we have gone up in the polls in that time.” In fact, there have been two YouGov polls taken since Nuttall blew the Stoke by-election, one from February 25 showing the party down two percentage points on 13% and another showing them down a further point to 12% in polling done over February 27th and 28th. The real fight starts here!

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