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GARTH CARTWRIGHT talks to Horace Panter of the ska pioneers about the band’s astonishing new album, politics and painting.

Brexit will do nothing for the overlooked parts of the UK, says JOHN KAMPFNER. Instead, it will hurt them the most.

Boney M.’s 1978 just kept on getting better. RICHARD LUCK recalls the German disco outfit’s annus mirabilis and the smash-hit festive No.1 that finished it off.

After 12 months of lunacy, Steve Anglesey names his twit parade, with JRM of the ERG at number one.

A new battlebus is gathering plenty of attention right now.

By choosing to focus his work on his mother, Edouard Vuillard found something that had escaped other artists. Florence Hallett reports on a quietly revolutionary painter

Cabinet might have approved the Brexit deal, but will their support last? JAMES BALL looks at the challenges Theresa May faces.

STEVE ANGLESEY examines the fishy performance of the UKIP leader, Gerard Battern, and names his Brexiteers of the Week.

JASON SOLOMONS reports from the London Film Festival on a British hat-trick and the return of Peter Jackson

One reader thinks that we should accept Theresa May’s Brexit plan to avoid a ‘hard’ Brexit from Rees-Mogg and Johnson.

A burglary suspect being held on remand escaped from jail in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend by hiding in a trash can and covering himself with waste. His name was Jeremy Hunt.

A burglary leads to car trouble which is as insoluble as the Irish Border

The threat from climate change is as immediate as that from Brexit and the two problems must be tackled together.

The PM is gambling on an appeal to Labour but she could still get her cards from the Tories

The People’s Vote campaign has launched a series of new billboards across the country calling for a final say on the Brexit deal.

Delia Smith, Sir Patrick Stewart and Olly Alexander are among the names to fund free travel from their home towns to the People’s Vote March in London.

The assembled journalists in Birmingham gasped as Theresa May danced towards the podium for her conference speech.

Prime minister Theresa May used her crucial conference speech to make a last ditch attempt to resurrect her hated Chequers proposal.

Traditionally the newspapers would preview the prime minister’s big speech, but many of the column inches have been dedicated to her rival, Boris Johnson.

Brexiteer Boris Johnson used his speech at Tory conference to make a clear bid for leadership denouncing the prime minister’s Chequers plan as an “outrage”.

The leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has attended a “funeral” for Brexit at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

Three government ministers and plenty of other Tories back a People’s Vote, according to a senior Conservative.

After Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt’s arrival at the Foreign Office suggested Britain’s diplomatic standing might improve a little. But his comments to the Conservative Party conference have put paid to that, says DENIS MACSHANE, a former minister for Europe.

Politicians have turned fire on Jeremy Hunt, after the foreign secretary compared the EU to the Soviet Union.

Dominic Rabb has told Tory conference the prime minister’s Chequers plan is not perfect.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, dismissing his Brexit proposals as “fantasy world” and repeatedly saying he does not expect him to become prime minister.

Thousands of pro-EU campaigners descended on Birmingham to demand the government: “Bin Brexit.”

Boris Johnson has labelled Theresa May’s Brexit plan “deranged” and “preposterous” as Conservative party conference kicks off in Birmingham.

As the Conservatives gather for their conference in Birmingham, their Brexit policy in crisis, they should consider what lessons can be learned from the former PM, says GAVIN ESLER.

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Find your nearest pro-European campaigning activities, talks, protests and events nationwide.