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Michael White on the Brexit magic carpet ride with an unknown destination.

Holyrood and Cardiff have taken back control by voting against the prime minister’s Brexit deal - and the first ministers have warned her “reckless” behaviour over Brexit “must stop now”.

Forget Pele – the man who really put football on the map in New York was an Italian with a Swansea accent who had an ego as big as his talent. RICHARD LUCK reports

Why does the death of a footballer produce such a particular and profound sense of pathos? asks CHARLIE CONNELLY

Brexit will do nothing for the overlooked parts of the UK, says JOHN KAMPFNER. Instead, it will hurt them the most.

Cardiff have distanced themselves from manager Neil Warnock’s pro-Brexit remarks by saying his views do not represent that of the club.

A new battlebus is gathering plenty of attention right now.

Cabinet might have approved the Brexit deal, but will their support last? JAMES BALL looks at the challenges Theresa May faces.

The People’s Vote campaign has launched a series of new billboards across the country calling for a final say on the Brexit deal.

Wales was the only devolved nation to vote Leave. But, says Geraint Talfan Davies, all suggestions are that it has changed its mind

Comedian Mitch Benn takes to task the political commentators going to absurd lengths in search of the moral high-ground.

A new poll has found that Wales no longer supports Brexit instead backing a People’s Vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Don’t be fooled by the urbane environment secretary, says ANDREW ADONIS. He is from a long line of zealots who have harmed our country.

Former Labour heavyweight David Miliband has joined a cross-party bid to take on the Brexiteers.

By disregarding Scotland in its pursuit of Brexit, the Westminster government could yet foment a full-blown constitutional crisis, says PETER HETHERINGTON.

MICHAEL WHITE on the Kremlin, Rex Tillerson and spreadsheet Phil’s positive spin.

The government has been accused of a Brexit power grab amid a furious row with Scottish and Welsh ministers.

As bungling Boris Johnson offers his solution to the Irish border problem, the former transport secretary sets off across the nation touring Leave areas.

Brexit has become indelibly linked with Scottish independence north of the border. But PETER GEOGHEGAN investigates a delicate political situation.

Here is a flavour of some of the recent letters we’ve received in The New European’s mailbag. Send your letters for publication to

A day of action across the UK saw thousands of people take to the streets to demand Brexit is stopped.

The loss of EU funding used to help poorer parts of the UK has had far less attention than other ill effects of Brexit. But it will soon be hard to ignore the problem.

We pick out the most wrong and unstable Leavers of the week

Macron’s election raises the stakes in the governing game

We sort the chaff from the chaff to bring you another 10 of the worst leavers of the week

Trump could have us in the palm of his hand - and that’s a bad place to be

Immigration was, by most accounts, the deciding factor in the EU referendum. Warnings about the economy, promises of £350m for the health service, even bendy bananas played their part. But nothing pushed the voters’ buttons as much as the idea of more people landing on our shores.

Confused by another week in Brexit? We round up the losers and the losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

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Find your nearest pro-European campaigning activities, talks, protests and events nationwide.