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Michael White on the Brexit magic carpet ride with an unknown destination.

“If TIG should call by-elections so should the MPs in the ERG or linked to Momentum”

As things get glummer it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry

The UK government is barrelling down the Brexit motorway while ignoring the no-deal shaped brick wall in front of it, writes MICHAEL WHITE.

MICHAEL WHITE looks at how public contempt for politicians is increasingly mutual towards the public.

The fall-out between the two titans of Scottish independence could have far-reaching consequences, says Maurice Smith

Brexit will do nothing for the overlooked parts of the UK, says JOHN KAMPFNER. Instead, it will hurt them the most.

A new song stakes a claim to be the first rock ‘n’ roll single, while music elsewhere plays catch-up. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

RACHEL JOHNSON on her encounter with shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and receiving Christmas cards too early.

A new battlebus is gathering plenty of attention right now.

The European Court of Justice will deliver its ruling on whether the UK can unilaterally revoke its withdrawal from the EU the day the crunch vote on the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

I am struck by the comments of Theresa May that her Brexit plan will stop EU migrants “jumping the queue” when it comes to working in the UK.

Plaid Cymru’s Brexit spokesman HYWEL WILLIAMS is urging Theresa May to pause Brexit.

Cabinet might have approved the Brexit deal, but will their support last? JAMES BALL looks at the challenges Theresa May faces.

With Ian Rankin’s latest novel featuring the cop topping the bestseller charts, STEVE ANGLESEY asks why the Scottish sleuth has not found similar success on the screen

The PM is gambling on an appeal to Labour but she could still get her cards from the Tories

A retired offshore engineer has succinctly taken down both Boris Johnson’s Irish bridge proposal and his attempts to become prime minister in just four paragraphs.

I strongly support the campaign for a People’s Vote, but I am at loss to understand why its promoters will not even reveal the most powerful argument for it...

Scotland looked certain to play a pivotal role in how Brexit would play out, but has since been sidelined. Could the country spring one last surprise? MAURICE SMITH​ reports

The dual role of the resort of Torquay has played a significant part in the development of English comedy.

Mitch Benn on the danger of creeping optimism and the power of Scotland.

Nigel Farage’s tour of Australia gets off to a false start

Comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN recalls the speech he gave at a People’s Vote rally

Jeremy Corbyn has once again failed to answer a key question on Brexit - despite being asked it six times just the day before.

Former BBC journalist Gavin Esler has told People’s Vote campaigners in Edinburgh that Brexit is in trouble because of the “most incompetent bunch of politicians”.

Keep calm and carry on is the old British motto but comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN explains it’s not going to work this time round.

I noted with interest Tory trade secretary, Liam Fox, warning that a no-deal Brexit was now more likely than the UK getting an agreement with the EU.

Boos and cries of ‘Stop Brexit’ greeted Theresa May as she arrived in Edinburgh.

With her Chequers agreement Theresa May is not trying to dilute Brexit: she is positively trying to deliver it.

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Find your nearest pro-European campaigning activities, talks, protests and events nationwide.