Forty years ago this month, Jean Monnet, arguably the EU’s most important ‘founding father,’ died aged 90 at home in Houjarray, 43 miles west of Paris.

On the anniversary of Britain’s last great international own goal, BARNABY TOWNS finds that the damage this time around is more severe.

Britain’s declining influence has put global security in peril. And it is entirely self-inflicted, says James P. Rubin, a former aide to Bill Clinton

Richard Holledge​ on a new exhibition at the British Museum which takes in thousands of years of defiance.

A new exhibition seeks to reclaim Lee Miller’s legacy as an artist in her own right, rather than a muse for others. It does so rather well, says CLAUDIA PRITCHARD

Don’t let the Brexit vandals take control of our politics, writes Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

In a flawed bid to prevent migrants arriving in Europe, the Sahara is being sealed off to travellers - no matter what the consequences. JULIEN BRACHET reports:

Are protests in Jordan the precursor to more Arab Spring turmoil or an encouraging sign that the region might finally be moving in the right direction, asks PAUL KNOTT.

In a troubled world, facing multiple threats, the Pope is emerging as an important counterweight to some of the most dangerous forces, says PAUL KNOTT.

Cookbook writer Claudia Roden on how she began to amass recipes, and how they help preserve a vanishing world.

There is plenty of gloom about the global growth of authoritarianism. But, as Natasha Ezrow argues, it is not all good news for despots

In a very personal reflection on Brexit, YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN recalls her own journey of identity from Colonial subject, to Briton, to European.

If Theresa May had made her “citizens of nowhere” speech a few years earlier, she would probably have received a letter of stern rebuke marked Kardamyli, Greece.

Deep in the Arctic is a vault built to help save the world from disaster. But it may not be as secure as we had hoped

If next week’s G20 summit in Hamburg were a political beauty pageant, Donald Trump, the man who owned the Miss Universe franchise for 20 years, would prefer to stay at home.

The flames might be out in Grenfell Tower but the pain is still searing - conspiracy theories have taken hold of the shell-shocked community

ISIS is failing and will soon be driven out of its heartlands. But those who wish to fight on will form new groups and pose new danger

What would happen if Theresa and the rest of Team May have got it all wrong?

Halloumi, edam, camembert? Which is your favourite European cheese?

Forget Harry Potter mania - fan fever for Goethe’s tragic hero Werther was blamed for copycat tragedies and popularising yellow trousers

Behind enemy lines: Trump’s US becomes hostile territory for the media

Are we safe with a pro-Putin, anti-EU, NATO-sceptic in the White House?

With Brexit, and the election of president Trump, UK-US relations are set to enter a new era - for Britain it will be one of impotence and desperation

Our newspapers have decided that celebrities should be seen and not heard, says Liz Gerard

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