The fall-out between the two titans of Scottish independence could have far-reaching consequences, says Maurice Smith

A new battlebus is gathering plenty of attention right now.

An online tool has been created to make it easy for the “digital generation” to urge their MP to vote against Brexit.

New figures reveal that 26,000 EU nationals have left the NHS since 2016 with one hospital witnessing a 94% rise in departures in 2017.

The battle for equal pay is far from won – and outside the EU it is going to get a lot harder, says CAROLINE CRIADO PEREZ.

JASON SOLOMONS reports from the London Film Festival on a British hat-trick and the return of Peter Jackson

The People’s Vote campaign has launched a series of new billboards across the country calling for a final say on the Brexit deal.

Brexit is now turning into a battle between those who want to do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and those trying to do the right thing for the right reasons

Delia Smith, Sir Patrick Stewart and Olly Alexander are among the names to fund free travel from their home towns to the People’s Vote March in London.

Scotland looked certain to play a pivotal role in how Brexit would play out, but has since been sidelined. Could the country spring one last surprise? MAURICE SMITH​ reports

Mitch Benn on the danger of creeping optimism and the power of Scotland.

From the ruins left by the Luftwaffe Britain had to rebuild. IAN WALKER charts the process from high rise living to the out-of-town cineplex

Comedian MITCH BENN looks forward to how we can all spend our first summer after leaving the EU

Thousands of anti-Trump campaigners descended on the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh for a national demonstration against the US president’s visit.

Thousands of people have gathered in Glasgow’s George Square to protest against Donald Trump’s visit as he prepares to fly to Scotland.

Thousands are expected to turn out to protest against Donald Trump’s official visit to the UK over three days this week.

Touring Fuengirola’s seafront it isn’t only the British pubs adorned with the Union Jack, souvenir touts or pasty tourists that put you in mind of Skegness, Blackpool or Great Yarmouth.

​The free press attacked, migrants degraded and liberalism in tatters – YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN on what must happen to ensure the European dream is not destroyed

B​rexit could wreak havoc on our science industry. ANGELA JAMESON fears for the future of Britain’s brightest

We need to lighten up and stop being scared of changing our voting system, says EMMA JONES. It can’t be worse the iniquities of the current one

Lib Dem elder statesman Menzies Campbell talks about the polarised nature of modern politics.

Brexit has become indelibly linked with Scottish independence north of the border. But PETER GEOGHEGAN investigates a delicate political situation.

The TV historian talks about a missed opportunity and what you can and cannot learn from the past.

The big guns – Boris, DD, Farage – all had pleasingly tricky years. But here STEVE ANGLESEY picks out 20 unsung zeroes who brought their side of the argument into even bigger disrepute.

It was almost 35 years ago yet I still can’t believe my dad let me do it. I can’t have been much more than 14 years old.

It was the year the music business finally got to grips with new technology, Tony Blair quit and Amy Winehouse’s troubles became painfully clear. SOPHIA DEBOICK looks back at a pivotal 12 months

The European Union’s starry logo glistens in the sun on a plaque by a roundabout just outside Longford, a market town about 80 miles from Dublin in the Irish Midlands.

I don’t blame the Scots if Brexit leads them to want another shot at independence

The governments of Catalonia and Spain have set themselves on a collision course over the issue of independence.

When Hardeep Singh Kohli cooked for Rory Bremner, the resulting dish - a fusion of Scottish and Indian cuisine - went down a storm

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