A petition of members of left-wing pressure group Momentum is nearing a key milestone.

Would a People’s Vote actually be in the interests of Brexiteers as well? Former UKIP official GAWAIN TOWLER on an intriguing school of thought.

Theresa May has been told to “take control of the situation” in Northern Ireland amid claims the country is being damaged by “shenanigans” in Westminster.

Michael White takes a look at the chaos derailing the government and the less than helpful visit of Donald Trump.

Grace Campbell discusses how much women have to lose from the UK’s departure from the EU.

Irish premier Leo Varadkar has boosted Theresa May in her ongoing tussle with the hard Brexiteers over her EU withdrawal White Paper.

Steve Anglesey selects the worst Brexiteers of the week.

Public health in the UK has been underpinned by a network of cross-border initiatives. But they are all now at risk. Professor MARTIN McKEE reports

Two years on from the referendum, what do we now know about Brexit? Professor AC GRAYLING explores the facts and reveals what must happen to stop the UK crashing out of the EU.

Tens of thousands of pro-EU demonstrators are massing in London to continue the fight against Brexit.

The co-ordinated Twitter bashing by key Corbynistas shows what the Labour leader really thinks of Brexit, writes Jonathan Hendrick.

The organisers of the People’s Vote march are predicting the biggest Brexit demonstration since the EU referendum exactly two years ago.

Before the SNP took their bat and ball home there was another school yard spat in the House of Commons.

The failure of the European cause in Britain has many fathers, says PETER MILLAR, including some who might seem to be among ‘the good guys’.

The showdown in parliament may end in a tactical victory for the government, but it represents yet another tragic strategic defeat, says ANDREW ADONIS.

Since suffering a burglary, EMMA JONES has turned detective to get her belongings back. But when she receives a WhatsApp message things take a dark turn.

Boris Johnson has stoked the Brexit fire within the cabinet delivering an extraordinary attack on the chancellor.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on why now is the moment to fight for a People’s Vote.

Referendums are best when the issue being voted upon is a narrow one where the pro and anti arguments can be easily explained on the back of an envelope. Sarah Austin explains more.

In 1875, weavers fighting for better pay knew exactly who to blame for their exploitation. Women.

Leading barrister and peer Helena Kennedy on how departure from the EU has made us all vulnerable – but especially women.

Is it ever acceptable to define a woman’s work by her husband? Afua Hirsch discusses the issue of society deciding a woman’s role and what they can do with their bodies.

For many, the historic abortion vote result struck a very personal chord. Here, Helen Linehan tells her story and vows Northern Ireland must be next.

Helen Lewis on the critical differences between Ireland’s referendum and the UK’s Brexit referendum.

Brexit isn’t achieveable and it isn’t going to happen. Professor Juliet Lodge explains why she’s fighting against Britain leaving the EU.

Hard Brexit agitator Jacob Rees-Mogg has demanded Theresa May takes a tougher line with Brussels – but denied he is launching a coup to become prime minister.

One of Britain’s best Brexit bloggers CHRIS GREY reveals the excuses that leavers are hiding behind, and why they won’t wash

As Liverpool FC attempt to write another chapter in their storied history in this weekend’s Champions League final, ANTHONY CLAVANE recounts the extraordinarily intimate relationship between Europe and the city itself.

MICHAEL WHITE discusses U-turns from the PM and Boris Johnson as they try to keep a lid on the Brexit betrayal chaos

From the actors, to the locations and the inspiration, Europe has always been at the heart of Star Wars, says JAMES OLIVER... even the Nazis.



Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.


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