New York

Dorothea Tanning was a rare female protagonist of surrealism and bridged many art disciplines and movements. A new exhibition pays due tribute to this pioneer, says CLAUDIA PRITCHARD.

JASON SOLOMONS on a new book which captures - and cherishes - the idiosyncrasies and occasional flaws of the capital.

Forty years ago this month, Jean Monnet, arguably the EU's most important 'founding father,' died aged 90 at home in Houjarray, 43 miles west of Paris.

Britain - as ever - focused on the twin fascinations of sex and scandal. And did so with a glorious abundance of fun and frivolity. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

RACHEL JOHNSON on why credit - if not a standing ovation - must be paid to Wetherspoon's boss Tim Martin

PATRICK SAWER looks back at an overlooked chapter in Anglo-Italian relations, when the hero of the Risorgimento caused a sensation among admiring Britons.

An friend's experience of the American healthcare system showed BONNIE GREER the horror of a US-style NHS.

Paul Connew on the tragedy which is tarnishing the White House.

Donald Trump's get out of jail card could sentence the US, writes James Ball.

Michael White on the Brexit magic carpet ride with an unknown destination.

Forget Pele - the man who really put football on the map in New York was an Italian with a Swansea accent who had an ego as big as his talent. RICHARD LUCK reports

CHARLIE CONNELLY takes a look into the life of German heavyweight boxing champion Max Schmeling.

50 years ago, the first Boeing 747 took to the air and changed the world. IAN WALKER pays tribute to an astonishing feat of engineering, endeavour and imagination.

Fifty years ago this week saw one of the most memorable chapters in rock history. But, as RICHARD LUCK explains, not everything about the Fab Four's last public act was quite as history remembers it.

LARA WILLIAMS on the incredible appeal of Elena Ferrante's series of novels, beginning with My Brilliant Friend, and the way they have given a voice to Italian women.

IAN WALKER visits the remarkable Polish town which stands testament to both a failed ideology and proud people.

You can't discuss Richard Nixon without mentioning his downfall. But on the 50th anniversary of his inauguration, IAN WALKER considers his other legacy, as the man who fired the first shots of America's culture wars.

Brexit will do nothing for the overlooked parts of the UK, says JOHN KAMPFNER. Instead, it will hurt them the most.

The castrato singer Farinelli was the undoubted superstar of an era in which musical advances were made not just with compositions, but instruments too. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

Forget all that 'most depressing day of the year' malarkey - RICHARD LUCK celebrates the New Order track that left dance music forever changed

Bonnie Greer on the administration-defining showdown awaiting Trump and Mueller in 2019

Gilda Gray built an entire career on the shimmy, the dance she developed as a teenager, writes CHARLIE CONNELLY in the most recent Great European Lives.

A pioneering partnership between Google and a leading Dutch museum has brought together every surviving Vermeer painting for the first time ever and exhibited them online. FLORENCE HALLETT considers what it means for art.

The polls may show his ratings are holding steady, but Trump is losing control of events and his own destiny, says ALBERT SCARDINO.

CHARLIE CONNELLY on the life of the last president of Czechoslovakia

British drama used to operate outside the constricting template of its American cousin. But does it still?

ALASTAIR SMART on the fate of one of the greatest ever collections of art, and a new exhibition which pieces it back together.

Is the president unleashing a fierce anger within us all? Bonnie Greer investigates

RACHEL JOHNSON on remembering conversations and getting a name drop in Vanity Fair

A dominant, if unconventional, Irving Berlin was confounding the critics, as music took its first tentative steps towards 'pop'. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

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