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BONNIE GREER on why white supremacists seeking to whitewash Europe's history rely on a faux-medieval past.

Members threaten to quit Arts Club after Michael Gove given free membership, Telegraph's hypocrisy on Islamophobia exposed, and how the BBC's Chris Morris is "trying" to make colleagues aware that public opinion on Brexit has shifted.

The atrocity in New Zealand should prompt a reckoning for the Islamophobia which has infected our mainstream media, says Liz Gerard.

Pulitzer prize-winning writer ALBERT SCARDINO offers a global perspective on how Britain's national hero is seen.

A striking feature of the Brexit camp's narrative in the UK both before and after the 2016 referendum has been the repeated claim that leaving the EU is consistent with the lessons of history.

The reality of Britain's position after it leaves the EU is becoming clearer

As Sergio Parisse takes part in perhaps his last Six Nations, RICHARD LUCK pays tribute to a sporting great who found himself in a team of also-rans, and wonders what might have been.

A no-deal Brexit using WTO rules would be disastrous and Brexiteers claiming otherwise are engaging in make-believe, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

The UK can learn from New Zealand on how a second referendum can re-boot democracy, says MATT QVORTRUP.

The astonishing spread of Polynesian languages spans an ocean, but have they also reached space? PETER TRUDGILL wonders.

STEVE ANGLESEY's Brex Factor on Wetherspoon's boss Tim Martin

The Kiwis would be more than happy with a free trade agreement. It is Britain who shouldn't be, says MATTEO DI MAIO

Michael White says all political parties have an as-yet-unfulfilled duty to think much harder about reforms.

I'm concerned that so far, too few Leavers seem to have changed their minds and holding a second referendum before the time is right may be counterproductive.

Michael White takes a look at the chaos derailing the government and the less than helpful visit of Donald Trump.

RICHARD LUCK on a forgotten chapter in tennis history and the man who became the unexpected beneficiary of the Grand Slam glory at SW19.

He was the voice of the shy youth who left the party early, went home alone and cried. But of late Morrissey's once ​rapier rhetoric has acquired a darker hue, superfan NICHOLAS BARRETT investigates

The crisis in British politics is the result of an obsession with leaders trying to invoke an imaginary 'people', says ZOE WILLIAMS. It is high time they gave up

Britain will "cripple" its reputation as a free-trading nation if it quits Europe's economic area and customs union.

George Walden reviews recent books on Brexit and finds himself asking who can truly consider themselves patriots.

Richard Dawkins is one of the latest to consider a move to New Zealand following the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote.

Claims by Leavers that the Alpine country's 'invisible' borders show how Britain can operate outside the customs union are filled with more holes than a Swiss cheese.

MICHAEL WHITE on the transitional deal and the problems that still remain over the Irish border

To mark International Women's Day YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN looks at how the EU has made a difference to women

Steve Anglesey names the worst Brexiteers of the week

The New European's Editor-at-Large, Alstair Campbell, on the reasons why French president Emmanuel Macron is the real heir to Tony Blair.

Behind the plots and schemes to achieve the hardest possible Brexit, a tangled web is beginning to emerge. PETER GEOGHEGAN investigates the figures pulling strings behind the scenes.

Christopher Chandler correction: In an article headlined "Who is hacking Brexit? And why we need our own Robert Mueller inquiry" published on 25 November 2017, our columnist, Liam Byrne MP, claimed that Mr Christopher Chandler had "helped to lead a boardroom coup to emplace Alexey Miller, Putin's deputy from St Petersburg days, as head of Gazprom". Mr Chandler strenuously denies any allegation that he helped to lead a boardroom coup to emplace Alexey Miller as head of GazProm. We did not have a basis to make this claim, which suggested that Mr Chandler had acted with an intention to place Miller, an associate of President Putin, as CEO of Gazprom. We also reported that Mr Chandler lives in Singapore. In fact, he does not (and has not) lived in Singapore. This correction has been published following an upheld ruling by the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

Is Europe's biggest ever movie Europe's biggest ever flop? Cult director Luc Besson talks about his new sci-fi epic Valerian

One hundred years ago, on July 31 1917, saw the start of the slaughter in that hell they called Passchendaele. Here's why the battle still exerts such a hold on the national psyche...

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