ALASTAIR CAMPBELL examines how neither Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn have led the way on Brexit.

As things get glummer it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry

Former Conservative party adviser BARNABY TOWNS says that the Brexiteers’ free trade fantasy and ideology belongs back in the Victorian age.

Backbench Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns has admitted that the Government has made a mess of Brexit but that they are stuck with PM Theresa May.

MICHAEL WHITE looks at how public contempt for politicians is increasingly mutual towards the public.

CHARLIE CONNELLY examines the life of Edvard Munch, December 12, 1863 - January 23, 1944

“Brexit was a demand for change in people’s lives that Brexit will make hard, if not impossible.”

MICHAEL WHITE says the most likely next steps will involve an extension of Article 50.

A Norway-style Brexit could quickly gain in popularity should the prime minister’s Brexit deal flounder as expected in the House of Commons next week, a Conservative MP has said.

Even at this late stage, Brexiteers are projecting their own dreams onto their failing enterprise, in the knowledge they will escape the blame. John Kampfner reports.

Forget all that ‘most depressing day of the year’ malarkey - RICHARD LUCK celebrates the New Order track that left dance music forever changed

Michael White says the home secretary’s overreaction to the migrant drama at Dover was too tempting for a vote-hungry politician to resist

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Early in 2018 the chances of no Brexit seemed totally out of reach, but the battle is now between a second referendum or the disaster of no-deal, writes JAMES BALL in this week’s Deconstructed.

There are still many questions to think about when it comes to another EU referendum. Former Conservative party adviser BARNABY TOWNS argues that anti-Brexit campaigners should be pushing to stop the Article 50 clock first.

Theresa May has been accused of both “not listening” and stifling debate over Brexit in a powerful speech in the Commons.

Back to the farmstead, PETER TRUDGILL reveals the etymology of Paris Hilton’s name but he’s not going to France for the answer.

Campaigners from Our Future, Our Choice have launched a people’s boat in support of a People’s Vote to throw Parliament a lifeline.

The European Court of Justice’s announcement earlier this week means the odds of stopping Brexit have changed but now new hurdles loom.

Young people from across the United Kingdom will gather in the House of Commons as it is packed out with MPs for Prime Minister’s Questions. BELLA FRIMPONG and PHOEBE POTTER explain why.

At the eleventh hour, we need not only cross-party cooperation but a cross-party government, says JONATHAN CHAPLIN.

After Labour MP Stephen Kinnock wrote in support of a Norway-style Brexit, former minister and EU commissioner PETER MANDELSON responds on why it would be a disastrous outcome for Britain.

Advocates of a People’s Vote may not like it, but the way out of this constitutional crisis is ‘Norway Plus’, says Labour MP STEPHEN KINNOCK

MICHAEL WHITE on the dark forces that circle as the hunt continues for a way out.

JASON SOLOMONS on a tale of two films of the same story, and their very different fates.

With Theresa May struggling to win over MPs in the House of Commons what are the alternative options?

MICHAEL WHITE: Lack of alternative leaders - on all sides - is narrowing the options

Andrew Adonis explains why now is not the time to settle or surrender.

The prime minister is facing the biggest crisis of her premiership as several minsters walked out over the Brexit deal.

Michael White on a week which brought both a people’s vote and a no-deal Brexit closer.

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