In the wake of a landmark legal case which redefines domestic violence, EMMA JONES speaks to two bereaved brothers about the devastating effects of living in a ‘coercively controlled’ family.

Steve Anglesey on the commemorative tat celebrating Brexit and the Brexiteers of the Week.

Nigel Farage has still to claim expenses for his much-talked-about private jet to Strasbourg, the Brexit evangelist who wrote about the “cloying molasses of Brussels,” and who was behind Amber Rudd’s defiant stand against Theresa May?

New investigations, fresh scandals emerging, Republicans considering alternative candidates, has it all gone wrong for Trump?

The UK can learn from New Zealand on how a second referendum can re-boot democracy, says MATT QVORTRUP.

Ray Kershaw travels to a city which has been through many reincarnations over the centuries, but none so dramatic or violent as its most recent

STEVE ANGLESEY picks his four worst Brexiteers of the week.

With Ian Rankin’s latest novel featuring the cop topping the bestseller charts, STEVE ANGLESEY asks why the Scottish sleuth has not found similar success on the screen

MICHAEL WHITE on a counter-factual ‘what-if?’ moment that could have stopped Brexit at birth.

MIC WRIGHT​ finds plenty to ponder in a new exhibition exploring the complex world of addiction, even if it has less to say about more modern vices.

Michael White on the increasingly hopeless manoeuvres from all sides as they realise the finish line is near.

We pay for social media with our data. But not for much longer, says PARMY OLSON. With regulators getting tough and consumers more wary, we’re about to start paying in cash.

Our diary reveals how the BBC had second thoughts about Gina Miller, the three top Labour people blocking any change of policy on Brexit and why has Boris Johnson still not declared his Telegraph salary?

The EU’s forthcoming anti-tax avoidance rules could be a big boost for our public services but, as Chevan Ilangaratne and Dami Olatuyi explain, they will be binned if Farage and Rees-Mogg get their way.

Michael White says all political parties have an as-yet-unfulfilled duty to think much harder about reforms.

Tim Walker’s diary focuses on how the Brexit-backing Telegraph owners’ businesses are impacted by Brexit, David Cameron delays submitting company accounts, Patrick Stewart and the challenge of playing King Lear and Chuka Umunna’s campaign to reclaim the colour mauve.

Complacency’s about fascism’s return must end, says our editor-at-large.

Theresa May’s divided cabinet has headed north in a bid to come together over her Brexit strategy.

Tim Walker’s diary focuses on the astonishing 168 films Boris Johnson has commissioned - starring himself, naturally - and asks if Bernard Jenkin will turn up fully clothed at Buckingham Palace for his investiture.

This week in James Ball’s Deconstructed feature, we look under the bonnet of zero hours contracts; whether they are just a by-product of a changing economy, or whether they’ve been created this way.

Is it really worth throwing the country into chaos just to save a fiver on a pair of shoes?

From Theresa May to Dominic Cummings to Arron Banks - readers ask who is really subverting the ‘will of the people’?

Here’s a question for the next time you are in conversation with a confirmed Brexiteer.

This reader would like to issue an apology to the United Kingdom.

Just as Britain edges closer to ditching the EU, new data protection laws from Brussels provide some much-needed safeguards and protections returning power to individuals over the handling of their most sensitive and personal data.

Recent economic results are not good for the UK. When, will​ we blame you-know-what?

Rather than worry about AI becoming more human, we should be more concerned about the technology making us more artificial, argues Brendan Canavan

The data scandal embroiling social network perfectly illustrates the dangers of naïvety, arrogance and evangelism to which all the tech giants are vulnerable, says former industry insider GEOFF SUTTON

We need to confront the Angry White Man (AWM) emergency before it is too late, says BONNIE GREER.

There aren’t many greater symbols of the UK’s ties to Europe than the Channel Tunnel - a transport operator many are desperately trying to keep on track after Brexit

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