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Members threaten to quit Arts Club after Michael Gove given free membership, Telegraph's hypocrisy on Islamophobia exposed, and how the BBC's Chris Morris is "trying" to make colleagues aware that public opinion on Brexit has shifted.

There's precious little in the news other than Brexit, but not much in the overall situation is actually changing.

Britain has slipped way behind other European countries in how it caters for cyclists. But, says CARLTON REID, there is still time to catch up.

Theresa May will meet with her cabinet to reportedly discuss ramping up no-deal preparations with little more than 100 days to go to Brexit, having effectively dared Jeremy Corbyn to try to bring down her government.

Theresa May has set the timetable for a decisive showdown with MPs over her Brexit deal in January.

Suffering from Brexit burnout? MITCH BENN takes solace in the world of Doctor Who

While the Brexit debate gets many fired up, there are signs that some people have grown tired of it all.

Jeremy Corbyn is "gradually moving" towards a People's Vote, the former Labour foreign secretary Jack Straw has insisted.

The government has finally admitted that under all Brexit scenarios we will be left worse off, with the chancellor admitting we would better off staying in the EU.

In an understatement of how tough it will be for Theresa May to get her Brexit deal passed, the Brexit secretary has admitted it will be "challenging".

Theresa May still will not reveal whether she believes the UK would be better-off under her Brexit deal than as a member of the EU.

Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has said staying in the EU would be preferable to exiting on Theresa May's terms.

A prominent Conservative MP has called for a second referendum or a general election if a Withdrawal Agreement cannot be struck with the EU.

The European Union is set to tempt the government into extending the Brexit transition period in a bid to break the current stalemate.

Theresa May loyalist Rory Stewart has said that hard Brexiteers are "not being honest" before inventing a made up statistic.

So what now? What is the next hurdle for the prime minister to clear?

More ministers are ready to walk out of Theresa May's cabinet over her Brexit plans, according to Tory insiders.

A no-deal Brexit would be a "disaster" for one of the UK's most important trade routes, the government has been warned.

Brexiteers are undermining 20 years of peace in Northern Ireland and are fraying relationships between Britain and Ireland, the Irish prime minister has warned.

Theresa May has rejected suggestions that the latest Budget was designed to pave the way for an early general election.

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A cabinet minister has predicted negotiations with the European Union will go to the "last minute" as he urged people to get behind the embattled PM.

David Davis has fuelled the growing rebellion against Theresa May by sending a letter to all Tory MPs urging them to "chuck Chequers".

Hardcore Brexiteers have vowed they will not budge on the prime minister's Chequers plan.

The royal family is a rock - and it has some pretty unsavoury things beneath it. But it is changing and the Duchess of Sussex is helping achieve that

Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, dismissing his Brexit proposals as "fantasy world" and repeatedly saying he does not expect him to become prime minister.

Boris Johnson gets so desperate for headlines he is like a cocaine addict, his former deputy at the Foreign Office has claimed.

Michael White explains why the collapse of the ERG blueprint joins Boris as twin embarrassments of the week.

The Conservatives risk a "catastrophic split" unless the prime minister dumps her Chequers plan, according to a leading Brexiteer.

Former Tory MP and Brexit hardliner Stewart Jackson believes the prime minister will be forced towards backing a hard exit from the EU.

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