Investor PIERS LINNEY, who spent two years on the hit BBC show, tells how Brexit could effect all aspects of the business world.

Haulage firms could go out of business “overnight” because of a lack of permits which may be needed in the event of a no-deal Brexit, a trade association has warned.

They be only modest, but let’s take them while we can, says MICHAEL WHITE

Theresa May’s argument against a People’s Vote was succinctly destroyed on BBC News in just 40 seconds.

Would a People’s Vote actually be in the interests of Brexiteers as well? Former UKIP official GAWAIN TOWLER on an intriguing school of thought.

Tory rebel and leading Remainer Anna Soubry has blasted the government in a stinging rebuke at Theresa May’s Brexit shambles.

With the government’s white paper set to be published, JAMES BALL argues that a hypersoft Brexit just doesn’t work - despite its appeal.

The co-ordinated Twitter bashing by key Corbynistas shows what the Labour leader really thinks of Brexit, writes Jonathan Hendrick.

They call it “prime minister’s question time” – which suggests the premier really should answer some.

Science guru Anne-Marie Imafidon on the dangers of imposing today’s prejudices on tomorrow’s science.

The social care system is at breaking point and Brexit is only going to make it worse. Dr Frances Ryan explores a looming catastrophe.

George Walden reviews recent books on Brexit and finds himself asking who can truly consider themselves patriots.

With Brexit negotiations due to come to a close this year, Michael White suggests that its time for the characters to step aside and the real politicians to step up

In a speech to think tank Progress our editor-at-large lays into Jeremy Corbyn and the failures of the Labour Party

Lib Dem elder statesman Menzies Campbell talks about the polarised nature of modern politics.

The return of exorbitant fees for using your phone abroad is yet another reason we need to think again on Brexit, says NINA DE AYALA PARKER

Jeremy Corbyn having sacked Owen Smith, the leader of the opposition is now closer to the government on Brexit than to a majority of Labour MPs, and a vast majority of the members he claims to listen to.

The government has been accused of a Brexit power grab amid a furious row with Scottish and Welsh ministers.

The Trade Secretary who travelled all that way for a packet of crisps.

In the wake of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch and the dismissal of The Flat Earth Society, MITCH BENN argues that Brexit is the flat earth theory of politics.

Anti-Brexit campaigners on Twitter are referencing the hashtag #FBPE in their posts and profile names to help build up a grassroots community of pro-EU posters.

Brexit head banger Boris Johnson has suffered a bruising day at Tory Party conference as calls to sack him grow.

Labour’s Brexit chief has sent a stark warning to the Government saying “we are not giving you a blank cheque” on how Britain leaves the European Union.

If you locked Fox and Hammond in a room which of the two would you expect to emerge as the other one’s pigskin bag?

London’s economy is “wobbling” due to the aftershock of the Britain’s decision to back Brexit, according to a new report.

The manifestos are a few weeks away yet. But here is a look at some of the main themes already taking shape.

Britain’s chief negotiator during the peace process, which successfully settled the question of a united Ireland, explains how Brexit has reignited the issue

Regardless of the damage it may wreak, the progress of Brexit is, at least, orderly. As for Trump and the US, the only certainty is volatility

Brexit has given new life to the Scottish National Party’s obsession for a new vote on independence

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