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Hardcore Brexiteers have vowed they will not budge on the prime minister's Chequers plan.

The Conservatives used to pride themselves on being the party of business. But that relationship has unequivocally broken down, as ANGELA JAMESON reports.

This is the email Anna Soubry sent to her constituents ahead of a key vote in the House of Commons on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Brexit isn't achieveable and it isn't going to happen. Professor Juliet Lodge explains why she's fighting against Britain leaving the EU.

Last Friday on the Daily Politics I watched a rather smug Peter Bone and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown discussing the mental stresses caused by the Brexit process on Remainers.

The will of the people want to stay within the Customs Union with the EU, argues Paul Smith.

John Redwood, the Conservative MP and outspoken Brexiteer, appeared to duck out of a debate with a young Remain activist on national radio on Sunday afternoon.

Why didn't the BBC report the House of Lords' victory over the Customs Union on their morning news, asks David Perrin.

Britain's Brexit deal has been thrown into further confusion after a senior cabinet minister suggested that the question of the UK's membership in the customs union remained open.

Tony Blair's latest Brexit intervention takes aim at the government and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour - read it in full here

We got stag parties, carrots and vacuum cleaners - but what was Boris Johnson actually talking about?

When the political season resumes with the party conferences, we had better have got our act together. All of us. Or else this thing is happening

Things are now so grim in Brexit Britain - there is no hero riding to the rescue - but it's not too late to rethink

The A of austerity, plus the B of Brexit may be heading to the C of a crashing economy, but there is still time to change things.

In an uncertain global landscape, the former deputy prime minister outlines reforms needed to safeguard the international order against nationalism and 'strong man' politics

The general election has left the outcome of Brexit more uncertain than ever.

Brexit is not a done deal now the General Election is over, in fact the fight is just beginning

Labour would not allow Britain to crash out of the European Union if no trade deal was in place at the end of Brexit negotiations.

Former prime minister Tony Blair has warned of the huge "damage" to the country that will follow if Theresa May is able to pursue "Brexit at any cost".

The Brextremists' only response to Tony Blair's speech was abuse. We should take heart from their refusal to engage on the substance - and force them to answer these 48 questions

I am a peer in the House of Lords preparing to fight Article 50

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