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Our diary reports of the financial woes of Better for the Country, Tory Brextremist Andrew Bridgen’s problems with “truthfulness” and Jose Manuel Barroso’s verdict on the Tiggers.

Central Office. Transport House. The National Liberal Club, Millbank Tower. To the list of iconic headquarters of Britain’s political parties can be added a new address: The Annapurna Guest House, Lingwood, Norfolk.

Ex-UKIP aide GAWAIN TOWLER on the prospects for the new Brexit Party, set up with the blessing of his former boss, Nigel Farage

MICHAEL WHITE on May’s mission impossible as Tory unit trumps all again.

MEP rules mean Nigel Farage must declare who paid for his flight to Strasbourg, Losses mount up for Arron Banks and why Adam Boulton is the king of College Green explains TIM WALKER.

Early in 2018 the chances of no Brexit seemed totally out of reach, but the battle is now between a second referendum or the disaster of no-deal, writes JAMES BALL in this week’s Deconstructed.

Labour peer Lord Falconer has claimed that there hasn’t been a change of “circumstances” to warrant a People’s Vote. CHEVAN ILANGARATNE explains why he is wrong.

Theresa May has tried to convince us all she is just like batsman Geoffrey Boycott, but - as MICHAEL WHITE explains - on Tuesday her side lost three wickets.

Lord Feldman calls on David Cameron to back Conservative Party Foundation, Alan Miller takes a stab at Arron Banks’ accountants BDO and Daily Mail boss Paul Dacre pins his hopes on the New Year’s honours.

Is Arron Banks a bad boy or sad chancer, asks JAMES BALL

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL: Former-head of the Civil Service, Jeremy Heywood, was living proof that fairness and impartiality are essential

They be only modest, but let’s take them while we can, says MICHAEL WHITE

The BBC has defended a decision to book controversial Leave.EU campaign donor Arron Banks for the Andrew Marr show - despite the millionaire being under investigation by the National Crime Agency.

The self-anointed “bad boy of Brexit” Arron Banks is being investigated for “suspected criminal offences committed during the EU referendum”.

MPs across the political spectrum have called for Brexit to be postponed following the latest allegations surrounding prominent Leave donor Arron Banks.

A former Fleet Street editor explains how the national press has abandoned its duty to inform in favour of printing propaganda

Veteran BBC journalist GAVIN ESLER delivers an excoriating blast against broadcasters, Leavers and the lies that have left the country a more divided, poorer place.

The British National Party’s bank accounts are running dry due to a drop in donations from the dead.

STEVE ANGLESEY rounds up the losers and the losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

Senior BBC editor JAMES STEPHENSON responds to Cohen’s article on behalf of the Corporation.

Those summer holidays are looming large in everyone’s mind.

Vote Leave has been slapped with a fine and reported to the police over spending breaches during the Brexit referendum.

As Vote Leave are found guilty of campaign overspending, whistleblower CHRISTOPHER WYLIE on why the UK still seems unconcerned by allegations of referendum wrongdoing

How journalism sheds light on a murky referendum, Editor-at-large, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL writes

Two years on from the referendum, what do we now know about Brexit? Professor AC GRAYLING explores the facts and reveals what must happen to stop the UK crashing out of the EU.

Tim Walker’s diary focuses on the astonishing 168 films Boris Johnson has commissioned - starring himself, naturally - and asks if Bernard Jenkin will turn up fully clothed at Buckingham Palace for his investiture.

Millionaire Brexiteer Arron Banks walked out of a committee hearing into fake news claiming he did not want to be late for lunch.

So, it turns out the Bad Boys of Brexit were actually very bad indeed.

Brexit campaign group Leave.EU has been fined £70,000 for breaking rules on spending during the EU referendum campaign, the Electoral Commission has announced.

This week Alastair Campbell discusses whether the broadcast media should investigate the Brexit campaign and its consequences.

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