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Our diary reports of the financial woes of Better for the Country, Tory Brextremist Andrew Bridgen's problems with "truthfulness" and Jose Manuel Barroso's verdict on the Tiggers.

The latest talks aimed at breaking the Brexit deadlock over the Northern Ireland backstop have failed to achieve a breakthrough, the European Commission has said.

The Balkan country's emergence from its own peculiar brand of communism has been long and faltering. STAN ABBOTT visits and finds a people still yearning for a brighter future

Former European Commission president José Manuel Barroso has said there could be "some kind of compromise" to resolve the Brexit impasse, but warned the UK still faced relegation from the economic Premier League.

Barnaby Towns slays another unicorn - the enduring myth of a Canada-style deal

The UK government is barrelling down the Brexit motorway while ignoring the no-deal shaped brick wall in front of it, writes MICHAEL WHITE.

Sweden's foreign minister and a former European Commission vice president has said that she cannot forgive the UK or its political leaders for causing Brexit.

The European Commission's secretary general has said that "nobody" on the EU side is considering legally-binding assurances to help get Theresa May's unloved Brexit deal through Parliament.

JANE MERRICK writes about an immovable political object facing irresistible forces.

Theresa May has set the timetable for a decisive showdown with MPs over her Brexit deal in January.

Phillip Lee MP has used a television interview to attack both the prime minister and the Brexiteers in his party for their willful blindness to the mess that has unfolded.

By 17,000 years ago, with Neanderthals having long since died out, Homo sapiens had triumphed as the only surviving species of the human family tree, and their dominion over the Earth was truly beginning. But their manipulation of the world around them began not with farming, which came some 5,000 years later, but with art.

UK citizens will have to pay for visa-free travel in the European Union after Brexit, the European Commission has confirmed.

Disagreement between Theresa May and Jean Claude-Juncker appeared to spill out into the public on the second day of the latest EU summit.

JANE MERRICK on the wrangling at Westminster and the problem it doesn't address

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said the Withdrawal Agreement on offer is the "best deal possible" and the "only deal possible", with "no room whatsoever for renegotiation".

Anti-Brexit campaigner David Lammy delivered one of the best speeches in the first day of the Brexit debate in the Commons.

Britain can unilaterally reverse its decision to leave the EU, Europe's top court has been told, as Remain supporters try to pave the way for a People's Vote that would stop Brexit.

In an understatement of how tough it will be for Theresa May to get her Brexit deal passed, the Brexit secretary has admitted it will be "challenging".

Former Tory adviser Barnaby Towns on the ignorance, irresponsibility and ideology which menace the party - and the country.

MICHAEL WHITE: Lack of alternative leaders - on all sides - is narrowing the options

A prominent Conservative MP has called for a second referendum or a general election if a Withdrawal Agreement cannot be struck with the EU.

Theresa May is facing yet more challenges on her Brexit plans - with a "warning shot" from the DUP and an objection to the draft agreement from Spain.

The battle for equal pay is far from won - and outside the EU it is going to get a lot harder, says CAROLINE CRIADO PEREZ.

Former Tory party adviser Barnaby Towns​ picks apart an idea which is gaining currency among many politicians

The United Kingdom is already falling behind Europe economically and it is going to get a lot worse, according to new forecasts.

Sir Keir Starmer will use a top-level, Brussels meeting to warn of the looming danger of a "blind Brexit".

Brexiteers are undermining 20 years of peace in Northern Ireland and are fraying relationships between Britain and Ireland, the Irish prime minister has warned.

Never mind Brexit Britain - next year will be a defining one for the EU. Former Europe minister DENIS MacSHANE looks ahead to a momentous 2019

The former minister who is leading the attack on Theresa May's Chequers plan has hit out at Jean-Claude Juncker for "mocking" the PM.

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