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Brexiteers in the European Research Group have threatened to go on “vote strikes” over a possible lengthy extension to Article 50 which would delay Brexit.

A defiant MP has said he quit his local Tory party because he would not be “bossed around by a very small number of people” hankering for a no deal Brexit.

Michael White on the Brexit magic carpet ride with an unknown destination.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

The Tory and Labour defectors have acted as extraordinary political catalysts, says Jane Merrick. They have raised the prospect of stopping Brexit altogether.

Theresa May’s closed mind has brought her country to the brink of disaster. NICK COHEN’s damning verdict on a prime minister unfit to lead.

The Labour leadership’s support alone will not guarantee a People’s Vote - but it is a crucial step towards one, argues ANDREW ADONIS.

STEVE ANGLESEY on Nadine Dorries’ attempts to lecture The Independent Group on party loyalty and her appearance on The Junk Food Experiment.

Government ministers have turned on the European Research Group - accusing them of “treachery” and acting as a “party within a party.”

It’s time to march in the final race, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

Brexit is going to blow a hole in the centre of politics. Could a new party fill it? JANE MERRICK analyses the prospects.

MICHAEL WHITE on May’s mission impossible as Tory unit trumps all again.

Jeremy Corbyn ally Chris Williamson has left a Labour figurehead feeling frustrated as he appeared to agree with Brexiteers that a no deal Brexit would not be a problem.

“Brexit was a demand for change in people’s lives that Brexit will make hard, if not impossible.”

After 12 months of lunacy, Steve Anglesey names his twit parade, with JRM of the ERG at number one.

George Osborne so busy with his nine jobs he neglects paperwork for Northern Powerhouse Partnership, Womad Festival under pressure over Jacob Rees-Mogg connection and the Telegraph hires from TaxPayers’ Alliance in this week’s MANDRAKE.

European Research Group chair Jacob Rees-Mogg has u-turned on his views on Theresa May - days after he demanded she quit.

Brexiteers who have spent two years crying “you lost, get over it!” at Remainers have ignored their own mantra and called for Theresa May to go - despite them losing the vote of no confidence they called.

For months headbangers in the European Research Group have threatened the prime minister.

Enough Tory MPs have requested a vote of no confidence in Theresa May to trigger a contest, the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee has announced.

Someone’s organised leaving drinks for the prime minister, scheduled to take place after the big Brexit meaningful vote.

Radio broadcaster and Brexiteer Nick Ferrari has ridiculed the ERG as “Dud’s Army” - in front of former Brexit secretary David Davis.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL admits that he agrees with the European Research Group’s analysis of Theresa May’s Brexit plan..

Nadine Dorries has said she does not want Theresa May ousted - despite submitting a letter of no confidence in the prime minister.

He’s been standing outside Parliament for months, he’s been appearing in every political interview for days.

Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen has told a national newspaper he believes the Tories are hiding the number of letters of no confidence.

Outspoken Brexiteer and Tory MP Andrew Bridgen continues to embarrass himself on the topic of Brexit.

The House of Commons fell silent as Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg threatened Theresa May with a letter of no confidence in the prime minister over her draft Brexit proposal.

Cabinet might have approved the Brexit deal, but will their support last? JAMES BALL looks at the challenges Theresa May faces.

So what now? What is the next hurdle for the prime minister to clear?

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