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The grim politics of the Irish border are far from the bravado of Brexiteers says Stephen Travers, survivor of the Miami Showband massacre, one of the most notorious atrocities of the Troubles. Ahead of a new documentary on the subject, he spoke to TONY EVANS

In this diary entry RACHEL JOHNSON discusses Brexit between the Sri Lankan prime minister, social media and working at Lady magazine.

#83: Lola Montez, dancer and adventuress. February 17, 1821 - January 17, 1861

A poll printed in the Daily Mail – once the bible for Brexit ultras – has revealed most Britons now back a new referendum.

Michael White on a week which brought both a people’s vote and a no-deal Brexit closer.

The most frustrating thing about the culture secretary’s apparent indifference to his brief is that there is a much better candidate for his job, says JANE MERRICK

The Sunday Times has been accused of hiding a poll which showed that an overwhelming majority supported a fresh referendum on Brexit.

Labour MP Barry Sheerman has lambasted the political decisions of David Cameron and George Osborne. He claimed we are witnessing the same “failure of leadership” seen during World War I.

The Today programme disinvites Patrick Kielty after his epic Twitter showdown with Boris Johnson, the tears of Steve Baker and Boris Johnson’s freebie tickets to get booed at The Oval

Brexit is now turning into a battle between those who want to do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and those trying to do the right thing for the right reasons

In this week’s diary column, the BBC continue to overlook The New European and fracked off playwright digs out Boris Johnson.

MICHAEL WHITE on a muted reshuffle and why waiting for Corbyn is a waste of time

Lucian Freud was more than just one Britain’s finest ever artists. Here ADRIAN BURNHAM explores an artist that pursued his subjects like quarry

Plenty of eyebrows were raised when former Chancellor George Osborne was handed the role as Editor of London’s Evening Standard.

Steve Coogan discusses buttonholing his illuminati mates at posh parties and quitting the booze

Legacy publishers such as the Mail and the Sun are condemning the environment they create

From George Osborne at the Evening Standard to Ed Miliband at Radio 2, fallen politicians are finding new platforms.

The Brexit vote has divided us in a new way between the Optimists and the Pessimists. Just to complicate things, both tendencies exist in both Remain and Leave.

Communities must not become havens for the international super-rich who pay next to no tax

None of us want this great nation to be laughed at ... But that is what is happening

We pick out the most wrong and unstable Leavers of the week

Why May, Corbyn and Junker are the villains who will ensure we all lose.

Tony Blair has called for a “movement” of pro-EU voters to prevent Theresa May getting a mandate for a “Brexit at any cost”.

As the row over Trousergate rumbles on, Liz Gerard explores why Fleet Street and Westminster are so obsessed with the Prime Minister’s fashion sense

The 48 most WTF Ukip moments. You won’t be surprised to learn that this wasn’t all of them...

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