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Laudable as they seem, attempts to tackle terrorism with science risk going horribly wrong, says Tracy King.

As other avenues are closed off to them, JOE WALLEN meets the desperate migrants in northern France willing to risk the perils of a Channel crossing in small craft.

A caller has been labelled a "bigot" in a heated radio phone-in debate about the Home Office's new video for EU nationals.

Remain campaigners and EU nationals have been angered by a new "jolly" video from the Home Office outlining the application process for EU citizens who want to stay in the UK beyond December 2020.

Without a swift shift of focus, Remain could lose a second referendum

MICHAEL WHITE: Lack of alternative leaders - on all sides - is narrowing the options

Hardcore Brexiteers have vowed they will not budge on the prime minister's Chequers plan.

Bluffocracy - the new book which has Britain's political class abuzz - chronicles how the country's establishment has been taken over by chancers. In the final part of our serialisation, authors JAMES BALL and ANDREW GREENWAY examine the Windrush debacle

To many people who voted Remain, it often feels like moving Britain back into the past is a major objective for many Brexiteers.

Sexism is a malevolent force within the Tory Brexit right, says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Its European staff have long been a backbone of the NHS. But, as Dr MIKE GALSWORTHY explains, Brexit has had a chilling effect

Female refugees are facing countless threats all around the globe, says Samira Shackle. And their mistreatment doesn't end when they reach our shores.

Will Britain's soft fruit industry be squashed as a result of Brexit? WikiTribune's HARRY RIDGEWELL reports

MICHAEL WHITE discusses U-turns from the PM and Boris Johnson as they try to keep a lid on the Brexit betrayal chaos

The UK may have to stay in the customs union beyond 2020 because of the government's abject failure to arrange any alternatives.

The royal wedding is supposed to be a moment of modernity and progress for the Uk. But that is not the current mood of the nation, says Jane Merrick.

Relations between journalists and politicians should never be too cosy, but being personally rebuked by a home secretary is always going to give an editor pause for thought.

Northern Ireland might be about to bear the brunt of Brexit but new government figures suggest that the region will be woefully unprepared for it.

After Syria and Salisbury, it is back to chaotic normal for the Prime Minister

Losing Amber Rudd from the Brexit war cabinet is a blow to the Remain cause.

The Government's plans for registering EU citizens after Brexit must be "appropriately resourced and funded" to avoid a repeat of the Windrush generation crisis, the EU today told the new Home Secretary.

"Deal or no deal? It appears that Theresa May's big idea is not to have one": writes Michael White.

STEVE ANGLESEY runs through the losers and losers - because there are no winners - in another week of Brexit madness

MICHAEL WHITE on gathering storms for vunerable May while Corbyn catches the mood

For EU citizens who had been offered the right to remain in the UK the Government has failed to "take back control", explains Paul Stein.

As Theresa May's leadership once again comes under close scrutiny, JANE MERRICK argues now is perfect opportunity to stop a hard Brexit

Labour sensed blood over the Windrush scandal and although sorry might be the hardest word it was the only option for the prime minister.

According to campaigners, Britain's immigration detention system is a secret scandal. WikiTribune's LYDIA MORRISH visits the crisis-hit Yarl's Wood centre to investigate.

In this week's diary column, EU workers find a champion in the Home Office and the plan is laid out for the next phase of the Leveson inquiry

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