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With her tail firmly between her legs, Theresa May is to go back to the European Union in a bid to renegotiate her Brexit plan.

Theresa May got a response she did not expect when she asked the Commons if it still wanted to deliver Brexit.

In the face of a devastating defeat the government has pulled the meaningful vote leaving Brexit in chaos.

Lord Heseltine is set to lead a rally in support of a People’s Vote ahead of a crucial vote in the House of Commons.

STEVE ANGLESEY picks his four worst Brexiteers of the week.

Channel 4 is set to air a proper Brexit debate featuring “four high-profile politicians reflecting the main divisions in the House of Commons.”

After Labour MP Stephen Kinnock wrote in support of a Norway-style Brexit, former minister and EU commissioner PETER MANDELSON responds on why it would be a disastrous outcome for Britain.

Lord Michael Heseltine has warned his party that the Tories will be seen as responsible once again for lowering living standards if Parliament votes for Brexit.

It was a day of defeats for Theresa May - sparked by Tory infighting and the loss of support from her DUP allies.

Anti-Brexit campaigner David Lammy delivered one of the best speeches in the first day of the Brexit debate in the Commons.

The attorney general has written to the speaker to claim a motion requesting “full and final” legal advice on Brexit was too “vague” to comply.

Theresa May has been criticised of betraying the country as she prepares to make a pitch to the House of Commons for a “better future outside the EU”.

A defiant Theresa May has insisted she will still be in a job in two weeks’ time after MPs have voted on her Brexit plan.

Theresa May and the Conservative party whips are threatening to “cancel Christmas” if her Brexit plans do not get passed by MPs.

Theresa May says that Labour voting down her Brexit plan would be a “betrayal of the British people”.

Ministers have been accused of breaking a “solemn promise” to release the full legal advice given to the government about its political declaration.

Brexiteers have warned they are ready for a People’s Vote - and they have a new battlebus ready to tour the country.

Boris Johnson has said that the proposed television debate between Corbyn and May would be a “false choice” between two Remainers.

More than 150 young anti-Brexit campaigners from across the UK took over the lobby of the House of Commons to get their voices heard.

With Theresa May struggling to win over MPs in the House of Commons what are the alternative options?

Theresa May might have got her Brexit agreement passed the EU27 but there seems little chance of her having the numbers to get it through parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon has challenged Theresa May to a debate on the UK government’s Brexit proposals.

Theresa May still will not reveal whether she believes the UK would be better-off under her Brexit deal than as a member of the EU.

Brexiteer IAIN DALE on his sadness over Theresa May... and the price he’s prepared to pay

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL admits that he agrees with the European Research Group’s analysis of Theresa May’s Brexit plan..

Tory rebel Ken Clarke will support Theresa May’s Brexit deal despite calling it a “dog’s breakfast”.

Labour could attempt to bring down the government in a desperate bid to foil a no-deal Brexit, Sir Keir Starmer has warned.

Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen has told a national newspaper he believes the Tories are hiding the number of letters of no confidence.

Outspoken Brexiteer and Tory MP Andrew Bridgen continues to embarrass himself on the topic of Brexit.

The House of Commons fell silent as Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg threatened Theresa May with a letter of no confidence in the prime minister over her draft Brexit proposal.

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Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.

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