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Theresa May told the House of Commons that there was still not sufficient support among MPs to pass a third meaningful vote one her Brexit deal.

Much on display this week, John Bercow’s trademark belligerence – along with his circumlocutory rhetoric – are tactics he learnt young, says his biographer Bobby Friedman

Andrew Adonis on why the “striking and unpredictable” speaker John Bercow has made it possible for parliament to hold government accountable.

Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay has said that ministers will continue to press on with Theresa May’s Brexit deal despite the speaker’s intervention in the House of Commons.

Speaker John Bercow has blocked the Theresa May from bringing back a third Meaningful Vote in the House of Commons - unless there are “substantial” changes.

Pro-EU Tory MP Ken Clarke stumped Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen with his response about respecting the “will of the people” in the House of Commons.

To most observers, it looks like a government in chaos - but one pundit has suggested Theresa May could actually be executing a master stroke which is convincingly defeating her Brexit opponents.

MPs have voted to delay Brexit beyond the scheduled date of March 29 amid dramatic scenes in the House of Commons.

Extend Article 50 and use the European elections to stop Brexit, it is the only way to stop Brexit argues ANDREW ADONIS.

Theresa May has faced another humiliating defeat in the House of Commons after her Brexit deal was defeated yet again.

John Bercow has insisted the Commons will “not be messed around” by ministers over a crucial Brexit vote as MPs prepare for the showdown.

Donald Trump’s get out of jail card could sentence the US, writes James Ball.

A 21-month extension on leaving the EU could be the decisive victory in the war of Brexit, says Andrew Adonis.

The Tory and Labour defectors have acted as extraordinary political catalysts, says Jane Merrick. They have raised the prospect of stopping Brexit altogether.

“You do not have control when you cannot find work. You do not have control when your rights are sold off and dismantled for profit.”

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has pointed out, despite claims the government was trying to make changes to the Withdrawal Agreement, not one word has changed since it was first proposed to the House of Commons.

Dominic Grieve has damned the “mad fantasies” of Brexiteers and told the House of Commons it is not too late to put Brexit back to the people.

STEVE ANGLESEY on Nadine Dorries’ attempts to lecture The Independent Group on party loyalty and her appearance on The Junk Food Experiment.

The Liberal Democrats’ Exit from Brexit campaign has hit a new milestone as MPs prepare to vote on a series of crucial votes in the House of Commons.

The House of Commons will vote on a series of amendments to the government motion on Wednesday evening ahead of another “meaningful vote” on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement next month.

Theresa May has attempted to quash a Tory rebellion by promising to give MPs a vote on extending Article 50 and a no-deal Brexit if her plan is rejected next month.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to back calls for a People’s Vote in the House of Commons.

MPs will “kill off” any prospect of a no-deal Brexit in crucial House of Commons votes next week, Sir Vince Cable has predicted.

A Brexit-fuelled party split is unnecessary, say senior Labour figures, after Momentum set the whole drama to a pop hit.

MP Margaret Beckett said she has ‘never seen such chaos’ in government, in a scathing interview.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL examines how neither Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn have led the way on Brexit.

Theresa May has suffered another humiliating Commons defeat after MPs again voted down her latest Brexit plans.

As things get glummer it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry

The Olympic year represented a high point for a self-confident and outward-looking United Kingdom, says Sophia Deboick.

With so many reasons to abandon Brexit, writes MITCH BENN, Remain is winning the battle by a significant margin.

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