Liberal Democrat leader VINCE CABLE says let’s march to end this chaotic journey

TIM WALKER on how Boris Becker wants justice for Gottfried von Cramm, Katya Banks’ property empire, an awkward encounter with Daniel Hannan and Jeremy Corbyn’s horror of the EU flag.

The co-ordinated Twitter bashing by key Corbynistas shows what the Labour leader really thinks of Brexit, writes Jonathan Hendrick.

Before the SNP took their bat and ball home there was another school yard spat in the House of Commons.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on why now is the moment to fight for a People’s Vote.

MICHAEL WHITE is on the hunt for solutions as Europe prepares for its showdown summit.

They call it “prime minister’s question time” – which suggests the premier really should answer some.

Britain will “cripple” its reputation as a free-trading nation if it quits Europe’s economic area and customs union.

As Liverpool FC attempt to write another chapter in their storied history in this weekend’s Champions League final, ANTHONY CLAVANE recounts the extraordinarily intimate relationship between Europe and the city itself.

Corbyn has enjoyed two strong PMQs in a row and both kicked off with zingers – sadly not this week.

Britain’s departure from the EU has sparked enough anger at home. But, as Alastair Campbell writes, Brexit is giving our foreign friends sleepless nights as well.

By ignoring his members, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has become a party for the few, not the many, argues student activist Rosie McKenna

With Brexit negotiations due to come to a close this year, Michael White suggests that its time for the characters to step aside and the real politicians to step up

Jeremy Corbyn used all six of his questions at PMQs on Brexit for the second week running – but what is his real motivation?

Nigel Farage’s market value as a speaker would appear to be plummeting as rapidly as UKIP’s standing in the polls.

Jeremy Corbyn will commit a “serious evasion of duty” if he does not change course and back the UK retaining key aspects of the single market after Brexit, the former Labour leader Lord Kinnock has claimed.

Tory posturing gives Labour’s leader an opportunity... but will he take it, asks JANE MERRICK

In a speech to think tank Progress our editor-at-large lays into Jeremy Corbyn and the failures of the Labour Party

Labour’s position on illegal immigrants sums up the contradictions tying Labour in knots over Brexit, writes Graham Milne...

Jeremy Corbyn covered lots of topics – clips for social media in mind – but again failed to make anything really stick.

Prime Minister’s Questions was again consumed by the ongoing scandal over the treatment of the Windrush generation.

MICHAEL WHITE on gathering storms for vunerable May while Corbyn catches the mood

Labour sensed blood over the Windrush scandal and although sorry might be the hardest word it was the only option for the prime minister.

David Miliband’s latest Brexit intervention makes perfect sense – let’s hope people are listening.

Jeremy Corbyn having sacked Owen Smith, the leader of the opposition is now closer to the government on Brexit than to a majority of Labour MPs, and a vast majority of the members he claims to listen to.

It’s hard to keep up with all these claims of plots and counter-plots swirling around the political system, isn’t it?

In this week’s diary column, the Queen is not amused by Liam Fox and Mandrake’s hopes for a Brexit television drama look as though they may become a reality.

Jeremy Corbyn went on council funding ahead of the local elections – but didn’t quite land a knock out blow.

MICHAEL WHITE on the Kremlin, Rex Tillerson and spreadsheet Phil’s positive spin.

Jeremy Corbyn is meant to be a break from Labour’s recent past, but he risks making the same mistakes as Tony Blair and Ed Miliband, says ZOE WILLIAMS.



Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.


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