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Benjamin Netanyahu has been a dominant force in Israeli politics for decades, but he could finally be doomed by corruption allegations and a coalescing opposition, says PAUL KNOTT.

MITCH BENN says there should be awkward questions for the people who’ve been making a living peddling so-called ‘polite racism’.

As Labour’s travails over anti-Semitism deepen, the Conservatives are showing themselves hopelessly tone deaf on diversity, reports JANE MERRICK.

Tony Blair has said he has “sympathy” for the MPs who established the Independent Group but insisted he will stay in the Labour Party.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

The Tory and Labour defectors have acted as extraordinary political catalysts, says Jane Merrick. They have raised the prospect of stopping Brexit altogether.

The Labour leadership’s support alone will not guarantee a People’s Vote - but it is a crucial step towards one, argues ANDREW ADONIS.

Jeremy Corbyn’s People’s Vote U-turn could be a gamechanger – but only if he changes the habits of a lifetime, says former Europe minister DENIS MACSHANE.

Labour’s deputy leader has said that the party is moving in the direction of calling for a second referendum.

Chuka Umunna said that the failure of the Labour Party to do something about anti-Semitism and bullying made his position as a member “untenable”.

MP Ian Austin has become the ninth MP to quit the Labour Party - but says he will not join the new Independent group in the Commons.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said the Labour leadership is ready to address issues which have led eight of the party’s MPs to switch to the new Independent Group in Parliament.

A Brexit-fuelled party split is unnecessary, say senior Labour figures, after Momentum set the whole drama to a pop hit.

After talk of a possible split in the Labour Party our readers discuss the merits of a new political party.

We are writing as active and committed members of the Labour Party because we feel our voice is being ignored by our own party.

MP Margaret Beckett said she has ‘never seen such chaos’ in government, in a scathing interview.

If Jeremy Corbyn helps Theresa May to deliver Brexit, voters will never forgive him, writes MATT KELLY.

I have been a Labour Party member in West Yorkshire for 18 months. I campaign to elect Labour councillors and MPs all across the country. Why am I not being represented?

A sizeable group of MPs could split from Labour due to their dissatisfaction over Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Chris Grayling has defended his controversial decision to grant a £14m contract to a ferry firm in the event of a no-deal Brexit despite it having no ships.

Brexit is going to blow a hole in the centre of politics. Could a new party fill it? JANE MERRICK analyses the prospects.

A year after the death of The Fall’s leader – and following his own Mastermind tribute – fan MIC WRIGHT ponders the politics of a proven contrarian.

JAMES BALL debunks the ‘Lexit’ argument that the EU prevents Britain from implementing left-wing policies.

Senior Labour Party figures have been forced to deny that the party’s position on Brexit has sparked an exodus of around 150,000 members.

A senior Labour backbencher called for a second referendum and warned the Labour party could split over Jeremy Corbyn’s “hedging” over Brexit.

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has said that the Labour Party must keep its commitment to offering a People’s Vote.

“They made a godawful mess, a mess of which only a handful seem to understand even the most basic of elements.”

Actor EDDIE MARSAN, who has become a leading online critic of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, on why the far-left misunderstand the working class, and are failing it over Brexit.

Steve Anglesey takes on the hi-vis, low-IQ ‘Liberty Defenders’.

Mitch Benn on why the real 2019 is going to be weirder than sci-fi’s vision of the future

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