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Members threaten to quit Arts Club after Michael Gove given free membership, Telegraph’s hypocrisy on Islamophobia exposed, and how the BBC’s Chris Morris is “trying” to make colleagues aware that public opinion on Brexit has shifted.

Life as a Brexit true believer would be so much easier, writes MITCH BENN, but self-righteousness helps no-one in the long run.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

While much of the country consists of the sort of constituency wherein, to quote the late great Alan B’stard, they’d elect a hatstand if you stuck the right colour rosette on it, hatstands is what we’ll get.

There is a radical – but feasible – way to avoid the disastrous Brexit heading our way, says JONATHAN CHAPLIN

Ex-UKIP aide GAWAIN TOWLER on the prospects for the new Brexit Party, set up with the blessing of his former boss, Nigel Farage

A shadow treasury minister has warned Labour could be punished for supporting Brexit in the same way the Lib Dems suffered huge defeats for supporting the Tories in coalition.

Few British politicians played a bigger role in the recent history of the Balkans than Lord Ashdown. Following his death in December, his friend DENIS MacSHANE pays tribute

MICHAEL WHITE looks at how public contempt for politicians is increasingly mutual towards the public.

A former Conservative MEP has defected to the Liberal Democrats in order to fight for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

RACHEL JOHNSON on her encounter with shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and receiving Christmas cards too early.

A second vote IS coming, says ZOE WILLIAMS. But the pro-European campaign must not repeat the many mistakes of the last one.

A new poll has found that 62% support a People’s Vote - but a majority of Leavers want politicians to decide Britain’s future.

A Lib Dem MP has faced fury from his own party after he vowed to vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal when it is put before the Commons.

So what now? What is the next hurdle for the prime minister to clear?

A “floating voter” took the unusual step of calling Nigel Farage’s radio show and asking for advice on which party to vote for to stop Brexit.

On the anniversary of Britain’s last great international own goal, BARNABY TOWNS finds that the damage this time around is more severe.

The People’s Vote March will bring together people from across the United Kingdom to fight for a final say on Brexit. Young Plaid Cymru activist CARMEN RIA SMITH explains why the Welsh are marching.

The Brexit vote illustrated justified anger in Yorkshire – but exiting the EU will only create more misery, CHEVAN ILANGARATNE argues, as he prepares to march for a people’s vote in London.

A businessman has refused to remove a giant “Bollocks to Brexit” poster from above his premises.

In part one of our exclusive extracts from his latest diaries, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL gives the inside story on the final days of the last Labour government and what led to a defeat from which the party has yet to recover.

As they struggle to make headway, the Liberal Democrats need to do more to promote the one issue they have always held the high ground about – Europe.

With the Liberal Democrat conference opening in Brighton this weekend, Layla Moran talks to Tim Walker about Brexit, Vince Cable’s proposals for the party - and those rumours she’s about to succeed him.

Labour leader flounders as zealots keep of agenda on left and right

Sir Vince Cable will quit as Liberal Democrat leader “once Brexit is resolved or stopped”.

The claim that the Lib Dems are “the only UK-wide party willing to stop Brexit” simply isn’t true says Green activist Nate Higgins.

Dominic Raab has sparked a new cabinet spat with Philip Hammond after questioning the worth of economic forecasts days after the chancellor warned of the grave consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

As conference season looms one party has the chance to seize the initiative, says JANE MERRICK, as she outlines why their annual gathering is vital for the Lib Dems

Among the doom and gloom predicted to hit the UK if it crashes out of the European Union there was some positivity in the Brexit secretary’s announcement.

A new poll has found that the Labour Party needs to oppose Brexit to stand a chance of beating the Conservatives in a snap election.

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